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  2. How Many Miles Are On Your Explore Rig?

    Prayers for you dig it!
  3. Since my July post, I have put 54 miles on the Frontier. My health is keeping me home. But as soon as I pass these 2 kidney stones I will be back out. I hope. dig it
  4. Looks Like Fuel Prices Are On The Rise Again

    $3.399 for regular at Costco last week when I filled up -- 29.126 gallons to top off my 41 gallon tank.
  5. How Many Miles Are On Your Explore Rig?

    My 96 Suburban has a bit over 161k. Runs great, looks a bit beat!
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  8. Spam Spam and more Spam....unggh

    I try to stay on top of it, but I'm just one dude. I don't have the luxury of sitting on the board and nuking the stuff as it shows. We really need Bob to implement some controls (I can't), but he's sorta MIA making a living. :/
  9. Spam Spam and more Spam....unggh

    We sre now being choked with spam. (documentmanagement2018@gmail.com ) BUY REGISTERED AND UNREGISTERED, PASSPORTS, DRIVERS LICENSE, VISA, ID CARDS, IELTS, NEBOSH, ESOL,TOEFL, TOEIC,CERTIFICATES, WITHOUT EXAMS, PTE,GRE,GMAT, SCHOOL DEGREES, etm This crap is being shoved into every nook and cranny.
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  11. I saw a bear Monday morning. I saw this guy Monday, just before 1900.
  12. Very helpful, nvexpeditions! Thanks for the recommendations!
  13. Abandoned Goat Herders Home

    https://youtu.be/ix9OSrS_7Ik Abandoned Goat Herders Home is filmed in Spain. I was taking picture's of a goat herder with his 60 goats (they were so cute and friendly) and he pointed me to a abandoned house that was once owned by a old man that died, whom himself was a goat herder. What a place, it had a wonderful view, old and with charm. Home you enjoy exploring it with me.
  14. More Abandoned Places and Volunteer Cabins in Alpine CA.

    Back to the cabin that was rusted closed in the above vid and is now no longer. Few bears on this trip.... like 8, LOL.
  15. Logan garrettson I’m new on YouTube I have about 47 subscribers if you sub to me I will sub back to you let’s help each other grow on my account it’s a picture of me wearing a white guy Harvey hat With a mask on and one headset please sub to me and I will sub back to you let’s rise up together
  16. Went back to the abandoned blood house! Come check it out and don't forget to subscribe!
  17. The Brownsville General Hospital opened in 1914 but wasn't completed until 1916, and closed in 1965. The hospital was always at full capacity and thus, an addition was made to create a third level over the central section of the building and raised the hospital’s capacity to 100 beds. Due to the capacity, the hospital was then relocated. Shortly after the closing of the hospital, The Horner Nursing Home/Golden Age Nursing Home was made/built in 1929 and closed in 1985 due to reports of horrible conditions and treatment. *Please take note of the sentences shown at the bottom of the video during scenes.* Location: Brownsville, PA Urban Exploration Paranormal Investigations ParaUrbex
  18. I found this old 1900s haunted abandoned house in the MIDDLE of a new subdivision development. Construction workers tell me their equipment dies every time it goes near to tear it down! Subscribe!
  19. I need major help!

    Looks like state 'trust' land is held in 'trust' to exclude the public. https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/trespass-program Another crock of government bullshit.
  20. YouTube Videos

    Hello I am new to this forum. I have a few questions and some things I would like to say. I really like to explore abandoned buildings. I have dystonia on my neck and legs which effects my talking and my walking besides that Would anyone like to see my videos? For now I am learning how to edit videos. I am confident enough to make videos but am not confident for my speech.
  21. New to the exploring community! Southern Louisiana

    I know there are a couple of forts here and there, notably Fort Jackson in Plaquemines Parish...but AFAIK, it's a state park so I don't know if you'd consider that 'exploring.' The only place I've managed to make it to (outside of New Orleans) is the old Rosalie Plantation Sugar Mill, south of Alexandria and about 80 miles north of Lafayette.
  22. New from South East US

    Welcome to EF. There are usually places to explore just about anywhere.
  23. New from South East US

    Hey everyone.. Ran across this as well as different youtube videos about exploring abandoned places. It's something I have always had an interest in but never pursued unless you count paranormal investigations, etc.. After seeing the EWU channel I realize I should have done some exploring when I lived in the Vegas area a few years ago since there are plenty of places in the desert.
  24. Welcome to the forum! Can't help with Louisiana....
  25. From Orange County California

    Marsupial eviction.
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