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  2. I took a few more minutes to look at the pictures, above. The blue stalactites are COOL!!! I'm guessing they are some sort of copper carbonate? Either way, they're really neat looking,
  3. I never went to Mexico friend .. the abandoned mine that I visit is called La Mexicana .. but it is in Argentina .. someday I have thought to go to Mexico to climb the Peak of Orizaba ..
  4. Last week
  5. Looking at the design, that building had some history behind it...not your typical cracker box building!
  6. Gee Flaco, I noticed you've gone all the way to Mexico. Ever been to Panzacola, San Marcos or San Agustin? I've been to all three. Never been to the Argentine. Yet my interest in Billy Brown and want of seeing his grave always nags at me to go.
  7. thanks for the support mate (: if it's all in Spanish then I'll add subtitles ... a hug from Southamerica
  8. I just subbed to your channel, but haven't had a chance to watch - is everything in Spanish?(I noticed titles are, at least). If so, I'll have to brush up - I stopped speaking the language after grandma and grandpa passed away. :/
  9. EXPLORING WITH FLACO Hello friends! I am from Argentina .. I have been exploring for many years but this year I started uploading my adventures to youtube .. my channel is still small .. but I hope you like my explorations .. I like to explore all types of land .. from urban and rural exploration .. mountaineering .. exploration of caves .. abandoned mines .. of all .. Here I leave my link: www.youtube.com/exploringwithflaco A hug to all comrades!
  10. I've Subbed to everyone on this thread so far! I've got some catching up to do!!!
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  12. The Sound of Silence

  13. The Sound of Silence

    The Sounds of Silence. Yes, I’m old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel…but in all honesty, I think I was more perplexed by other songs in their library, but I digress. For the amount of reading I’ve done on this website, it’s been interesting to concur that our eyes do most of the work. Not that it’s criminal or anything…maybe surprising would be closer to the proper description. All of us have been in locations in our endeavors that we’ve feasted our eyes first and foremost. Maybe the nose might be second place, as we take in the aromas of the environment we’re currently visiting. I’m just in firm belief that the ears don’t get equal opportunity, and it’s a bloody shame given the right circumstances. As you folks do your tour de jour of abandoned buildings, am I wrong in believing that the only time the ears come into play, is when the other senses have been disturbed?….maybe a creak of the door?…maybe a rustle of material from a rat or a raccoon under the floorboards? The point I want to get to, it’s phenomenal how, where, when, and why we play upon our different senses. Whether it be traveling with the work crew, and somebody just has to cut the cheese….and our poor noses suffer for the split second before the windows are rolled down. Or how many of you got to feast your eyes on the recent eclipse? Now I’m not a parent, and I’ve been blue collar all of my life….my sense of touch is most disgusting! Taste….well now, I’m a food person that used to be compared to packing sand down a rathole….no end in sight…. But in reality, maybe I’m glad for having spent years in the quiet of Eastern Washington. Doves with their coo carrying on for a LONG ways….but I would not be fair if I didn’t also mention living on the beach, with the tide coming in under the house….the noise of the foghorns carrying on what seems like forever. In closing, I smile knowing silence…it’s made me aware when my life is too noisy!
  14. Anyone have any suggestions for video editing software for doing this for a beginner on a $200 budget? I now have a replica rifle with ramrod in working condition to go with my Second Seminole War attire and I want to make a skirmish reenactment without going the danger, trouble and effort in enlisting. Thanks In Advance, Samuel Dery
  15. Pic of Cat 1 Nate's Depression-Tropical Storm Margin force winds while I headed east and out of danger.
  16. Coyote's Second Video

    Very nice place and surroundings, cabin looks quite cozy, more so if cleaned up.
  17. Maybe I'll get a drone after all

    Wonder about the right to wound them pesky 10'+ trees too. Plus, if we don't disable or kill said pest organisms, can we do such as trim said trees if they are protected w/o approval of such action such as a DIY control burn for LL pines.
  18. Harley, just be glad it isn't anywhere on par with the Long Island Express of '38.
  19. Well, I made and posted my second video, "Cabin in the Woods". I think it shows a lot of improvement over the first video-- certainly more dynamic, and not just me yammering while swinging the camera around. Still, there's room for improvement. Any creative feedback would be welcome, and thank you in advance!
  20. TS Nate COU Link

    Quick mover...Saturday morning news says landfall tonight, and making a presence in the northeast Sunday night/Monday...just in time to wreck the fall foliage... go figure!
  21. Haunted Decaying Slaughterhouse

    There was actually a horror movie filmed there in the early 2000's. I saw a trailer for it, but I think they filmed there because of the stigma of the place being haunted. I did enjoy this explore though. I wish the barn wasn't set on fire in 2013. It was just a stone foundation and burned up collapsed roof. To many picker bushes to bother trying to get inside it though. We could see through a "window" there was nothing in there. Thanks for checking out the video!
  22. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at1.shtml?cone#contents
  23. Old house photo

    That house looks more like a dogtrot mansion to me Bill. Whoever lived there was well off if so.
  24. Old house photo

    How time passed, and someone forgot they started this. Without a decent camera, no idea when.
  25. Haunted Decaying Slaughterhouse

    Lots to see, would be better without the garbage. Liked the video nonetheless. Could not imagine what it would look like without any kind of human inference (unnatural decay, trash).
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