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  2. Critters

    With the greatest of ease.. Provides some safety I'd imagine, probably insects/bugs land on it to provide dinner as well.
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  4. Critters

    Wow, climbs right up the needles. Cool lizard!
  5. Critters

    I was out in Smith Valley south of Yerington, visiting Pine Grove and saw this guy.. I've never seen a lizard that prefers hanging out on a plant like this. He scurried up the side and seemed most comfortable hanging out there. Interesting pattern as well:
  6. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    In that case, I think we have a location.. @David A. Wright back yard!
  7. What was your most difficult or challenging explore?

    Plenty of those in my past. 1968, wintertime. Late afternoon. Riding my motorcycle, a 1965 Yamaha YDS-3 250cc road bike on the truck trail to Big Bear Lake from my home on the desert slope. A couple feet of snow. Spun the rear tire on thick ice. Spun the chain off the front sprocket, which whipped around and snapped off a cast lug on the primary case, leaving a nasty tennis ball size hole and rearranging the transmission cogs and seized up the innards. Spent the night huddled against a pine tree in the snow. No gloves, a windbreaker, tennis shoes. Early next morning heard a vehicle approaching. It was my neighbor, he knew I was up there and didn’t come home the night before. Spent the rest of the day alternating between hot showers and parking in front of my Franklin stove thawing frostbite on my fingers and toes. I’ve been frostbit numerous times since. Getting frostbite doesn’t hurt, but thawing frostbite is misery ...
  8. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    I’m getting old. My travelling days were the 1980s through about 2005. Even then I travelled with 1-3 max. Now my time is divided between a disabled wife and parents in their 90s. I might be able to guide to some nearby places, and be home by dark.
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  10. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    Indeed.. 'plan it and they will.. maybe..come..' is likely the best bet. I think many of us have a 'lone desert explorer' nature.. not that we're antisocial or anything but it's just a lot easier to plan something that fits your schedule.. let others know if you want company.. I've been planning motorcycle off road exploration trips for a while now.. I'll often publish what/where/when...but most people aren't into getting up before dawn to drive 2 hours to a staging area.. and then hit the trails at sunrise... ;-)
  11. I've posted before in this forum about our road trip through Highway 50 and all the places we had to get our passport stamped to prove we survived "The Loneliest Road in America." Well, we mailed it in and a couple months later, we got our certificates in the mail!
  12. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    I think the main trick is to just "show up and do", and if others arrive and join in, great. Otherwise, have a cool explore on one's own. It's probably easier for two teams to get together than multiple, and a lot of that will be because naturally we all have different work/life schedules.
  13. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    I think the main problem wold be herding the cats... aka us ;-). I've mentioned similar ideas in the past, without too much traction. However I'm also not the kind of person who likes leading the crazy train as it were. I'd probably be up for a multi-day 'event'.. as long as there's a place to park my trailer.. I'm good.
  14. Generally the cameras show well in winter unless winds pack snow on the lenses, or there is heavy fog. Cameras get turned occasionally. Sometimes there is a view in the thumbnail, but nothing shows indicating the camera is offline.
  15. 2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    Down the I-95 or I-93 in Southern Idaho or Northwest Nevada has plenty of areas to explore. Anywhere along there would be a great place to meet up. chuck m
  16. Just wondering what lengths some of us have gone to check out or try to find that long forgotten place? Maybe it was to rope down a vertical shaft of a mine? Ever go someplace and have a run in with not so friendly people? A vehicle or equipment failure that made getting out a challenge? Or maybe it was just really really out there and took a lot of effort to reach and or find. Recently I got back from a trip with my daughter and we found a place that was just way out there. Several hours out on the highway. An hour up a mountain road. Over an another hour on a mandatory 4x4 trail. Then a pack into the back country about 8 miles several of which had no visible trail to a place I wasn't even 100% sure was there. And the hike out back out we took the longer way which was around 10 miles and hit elevations over 10K. My little one is 9 years old and she did that 10 mile stretch back to the truck in one day. Including the drive up and down we spent 5 days on our adventure. I did find what I was looking for... after starting to get a bit worried I might not near the end. I'll share the trip after I try to do some follow up on something personal I found.
  17. I wonder, who here would be interested (and able) in a western US collaborative? I've seen some of the recent EWU uploads and Bob & Emma have gone to some huge properties for exploration where it is clearly impractical for the two of them to cover all the bases. I'm think right now of the former Air Force base that got turned into a "Club Fed" prison with the bomb shelter and admin buildings and housing and so on, but there have been others. DesertDog goes to some mines that have multiple levels requiring re-visits, and Backwoods Beast has gone to some big ol' ghost town and mining spreads and have to choose sections to explore. These are just the handful of examples that float to the top of my memory right at the moment. I'm wondering if a good central location such as northern Nevada would be a good place to meet up and take on a whole area project-- section off a ghost town or something and we all explore bits of it, and then maybe work with each other, mix up the groups a bit, etc. Judging by what I've seen, someplace like Ely, Reno, or Carson City might be a decent place to meet up. I might also check and see if Silver City, Idaho, can be opened up for exploration but most of it is privately owned (although there is a supposedly haunted hotel to add spice) and might take some negotiating. It's also cheating for me since Silver City, Idaho is pretty much my backyard, heh. Logistics would make this a next-year project; I doubt I could throw something together in time this year especially since I am traveling and doing military duty through pretty much all of July. But that gives time to plot and plan. Also, I may have totally missed the mark on where a "good central location" would be. I'd also say that if anyone wants to make the trip, it doesn't have to 100% be a western desert thing-- if folks like RnK or Urbex Dane or others from the East wanted to make the trek I'd welcome them too. Any thoughts?
  18. It shows on the map about where that camera is. Thanks for that link with all those peak cameras. Wonder if we can see anything out of them in the winter. Always good to know where to get live conditions of different places. Thanks.
  19. If you go to the Nevada Seismological Lab webcams at: http://www.alertwildfire.org/tahoe/firecams.html Click the TV Hill cam, whick generally looks south. Sometimes they turn it other directions. I don’t know for certain whick peak the camera is on, but figure it in the Lucky Boy area of the Wassuk. The current view takes in the Aurora area, part of Mono Basin, the Sierra Nevada and the northern White Mountains.
  20. Old Mining Town

    I love to take friends to this place to explore!
  21. Also btw if you want to go high in elevation but can't go to mount grant then Cory peak is the 2nd highest peak in mineral county
  22. You need permission to go to mount grant. They never completely open it.
  23. Speaking of Mount Grant. Any idea if it's open? I've read articles that say you have to get a key or someone on the base to unlock it, then other articles that say it's being completely opened up.. It's one of the places I'd like to get to, just to check it out.. also would be interesting to see how my carburated moto runs at that elevation .....
  24. Yup. A coordinate check confirmed I was within the same topo quadrant. I recognized highest point in the state in the background.
  25. Abandoned Summer Camp and Ranch (SAME DAY ADVENTURE)

    39.475332, -119.980359
  26. Haven’t checked my coordinates yet, but your reply confirmed my hunch ...
  27. If you want coordinates to abandoned places around that area let me know.
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