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  2. Quick Road Condition Question

    I was out there after winter and it was in decent shape, there was still snow on most of the road when I was there though.
  3. Has anyone been on the road from Imlay to Rabbit Hole recently? A friend is taking a group out there, and was just looking for some current road conditions. He and the rest are prepared and experienced, he's just trying to avoid backtracking, if possible. My recollection is that road is always in pretty good shape, but we had quite the exceptional winter, so it merits inquiry!
  4. Last week
  5. Welcome to explore forums jbd. We are a friendly bunch here on EF. Feel free to start posting when you please. Hope to see you around.
  6. Welcome to explore forums. We are a friendly bunch here on EF. Feel free to start posting at any time.
  7. Critters

    Another hyla cinerea.
  8. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Sounds like a plan, might be October before I get out that way again. Your latest tunnel/mine video, that is looking awesome. Must have been nice to get out of the heat too.
  9. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Next time you come up this way, let me know and we can meet up and find some places to explore.
  10. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Could spend all day there also, even stand in some areas and wonder (or day dream) what it was actually like. Hope you are able to go back someday and get more videos.
  11. Another visit to Rhyolite

    It really does, could easily be there almost all day just looking at everything. I rushed through it this trip but will take my time next time. First time I spent about 2-3 hours taking photos, this was about 1.5 hours doing mostly video. Need to find a better way to see the screen in bright light too, most of that was done blind.
  12. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Sure looked like the site has lots to see.
  13. Critters

    Very nice horned lizard shots!!! Welcome to the forum!!!
  14. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Thanks! Wish I had spent even more time there walking around but had to get on the road, maybe next year. I got to look at some things I missed my first visit and that was really the main thing.
  15. Another visit to Rhyolite

    That was an excellent video, really liked it alot. As I do most videos, only way for me to see what you see.
  16. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Nice video Brian!
  17. Yes, In my old, worn out original copy of Paher's Nevada ghost towns book, I annotated the historical photo that I found it in "bad shape". I made a quick attempt to find it, not having any topo map of the area. It is shown on the topo, which I found some years later after I purchses the Nevada set of National Geographic TOPO! software. Turns out I believe my friend and I drove right by it, before we turned around after we drove a mile or so from our camp at the cabin. You'll see our quick effort on the video when I get it up. After our attempt, we drove over Grantsville Summit and into Reese River Valley. Then we drove north and had breakfast in Austin.
  18. here are the two cabins from your 1984 picture in 2017...David did you check out the cemetery in 1984?
  19. Visted last year but missed seeing a few things. Now being there again, I keep seeing more and more things to look at for next time lol. This video is of the area I camped in and bits of Rhyolite. Was really fun camping there and will probably do it again.
  20. Comparing Chris' photo of this building at Grantsville, it's an interesting study in the deterioration in 33 years. Note two standing cabins at right, no longer there. 1984 2006
  21. No. It's always been on my list, but I've never travelled US50 between Eureka and Ely. Since modern strip mining has visited the region since the 1980s, that kind of ruined it for me. From the contrast in pictures I recall seeing of the region before 1980 and today, it kind has put a visit to the area lower on my priority list. Yeah, I've been waiting to render all three videos and put them online at once, instead of one at a time like I've done in the past. To render each video in Windows Media format, using Adobe video editing software, it takes around 12 hours to render and save a 35-45 minute video. One of these is over 50 minutes, which takes a few hours longer to render. What stalls me is that it's very frustrating to get very near the end of the process, then have my computer overheat and shut down instantly, loosing everything. It's only happened twice with all the videos I've put up here, but it's a deterrent ...
  22. Earlier
  23. I'm actually back from the trip now and did drive along that old railroad grade Tried to get some GoPro video but only got 2 minutes before the battery died, forgot to charge it after taking some time lapse sequences. Starting to edit stuff from the trip today.
  24. It looks like im going to be exploring the White Pine Mining District in a few weeks, have you explored that area before David?
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