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  2. does anyone know how to delete your forum account
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  4. Thanks Everyone Brian- I may have to take you up on that I get out west often and enjoy the adventures new places and people. bob- I to enjoy them also, convient way of seeing others adventures and getting as much info as possible before venturing into new places. I always try to be prepared as possible from research to food and survival items and tools, can never be to careful.
  5. Well that certainly was a good priority use of tax dollars. Of all the stuff that needs to be done out here they spent time and money on that place?
  6. We can definitely try to get this forum moving again ... I enjoy forums.
  7. If anyone wants some free used oil analysis kits (which includes the lab work), let me know. I have a whole bunch left over. It's a great way to see how well your oil is holding up at different intervals.
  8. Ah, memories of travelling US66 from Victorville to OKC, then north to Ponca City to visit cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Ponca my father’s home town. In the 1950s and 1960s travelling the highway in our 1953 Nash (car behind me in my avitar) or 1956 Chrysler. Last time I was in Ponca was 1974, before I40 came along.
  9. I have the local Pennzoil shop do my changes. I’ve run conventional in my truck since new. I run synthetic in my Subaru Outback since new. Service interval on the Tacoma is 3,000 miles. But I often extend it to 5,000 miles. The oil is still clear honey colored at 3,000 miles. So I assume the engine is clean with no impurity build up internally. The truck neither leaks or burns oil. Some years Indon’t put 3,000 miles on the truck, so I have it done at the one year mark due to likely condensation contamination. Service interval on the Outback is 5,000 due to synthetic oil use. I have it changed at that point. The oil is rather discolored by then. It also looses some oil somewhere. The car is frustrating to check oil; the dipstick can have oil on one side and dry on the other. Replacing and pulling the dipstick multiple times results in wildly inconsistant readings. The shop owner says that is a common Subaru trait, his wife’s Legacy is the same. Since I still get an employee discount, I use Carquest blue box air filters, made by Baldwin, on both vehicles. By the way, my local Advance Auto reverted back to Carquest. The manager says that Advance is selling small stores in low volume markets.
  10. Nice guy from Oroville, him and his son are getting into off roading... Craigslist isn't always a bunch of scammers 😉
  11. Hello and Welcome to EF.
  12. Always love a good view. Area does look interesting.
  13. Welcome to the mad house! This isn't the type of forum you can post and expect an immediate reply, sometimes it's like the pony express.... you might wait days.. If you ever decide to come though Nevada on 50... we can probably turn a one day trip through Nevada into a week of exploring.... lots of places to go, things to do...
  14. Rotella has a very good reputation. First I heard of it was for motorcycles, Rotella T5 and T6 meet JASO-MA and MA2 spec for wet clutch use. I spent some time reviewing comments and used oil analysis on the BITOG forums and found it was pretty much universally liked there... except by people trying to sell other products (mostly amsoil). It's cheap enough to chance often. I've been using Pennzoil platinum in my Chrysler vehicles, as they say it must meet MS6395 spec (I think that's the number, something like that 😉 and Pennzoil has that covered so at least until warranty is up I'll use that. You are correct though. The main benefits of synthetic oil are increased change intervals, and to a much lesser (I think?) extent fuel mileage. If you are operating primarily on dusty off road, I'd think conventional (unless manufacturer specs synth, some are doing that now) and somewhat short change intervals and frequent air filter cleaning/replacement. and as far as air filters, I would strongly recommend against K&N or any re-usable types. K&N flow more air by filtering less, this isn't as much of an issue on a race engine that you rebuild often... for your car I'd stick with quality paper filters. I'm a fan of purolator and Napa/wix...
  15. Sad to hear we need a good place we can all connect and exchange info to trustworthy people. We have very little abandoned stuff in Oklahoma normally venture outside of the state. There’s not much blm land either, New Mexico is my closest with plenty there. Think there’s something like 2% private land here compared to the 35%+ in New Mexico etc. i travel to California on i40 now and then and I want to start seeing more off the path stuff when out that way. You guys do a great job filming have been in watching marathon since I found it.
  16. Welcome Josh, This forum isn't very active, and I have to admit, I am not very active on this site either. I try to check in daily, but usually it's pretty slow. Do you guys have a lot of abandoned stuff in Oklahoma? I don't think you have much, if any, BLM public land there?
  17. Hey everyone lucky enough to have found the forum. Do we still have a lot of active members here? Have been exploring since I was a teen, now I get to enjoy with the wife and kids. Travel for work also, so get to see lots of country side. Currently reside in Oklahoma. Always willing to learn new things and see new places. We always respect the area meaning no trash brought in, typically pack out trash left by the inconsiderate and always leave water and/or snack behind in those useable shelters. Last exploration was Route 66 from OK west lots of old cool towns and things that way, but on that route so many people destroy everything. Would love to find some of these extremely off the path places in this area. Colorado was another awesome place with lots of history.
  18. Stumbled upon your videos on YouTube and found this forum from your description, love the content. Always sad to see some cool history destroyed. Vandals make me sick, I’ve always tried to clean up some of trash and leave useable goods behind. Been exploring since a teenager starting to get the kids and wife involved. Travel a lot for work so get to see some interesting country side
  19. Yeah, I think your friend is 100% correct, and if you change the oil regularly, even conventional oil is probably good enough. I am going to start running the Amazon oil (currently running mobile one extended service oil). What made you decide to use Rotella? I have never looked into that brand before.
  20. For some reason I was watching a YouTube video today and remembered your post when I heard this part:
  21. I didn't realize I had my name as nope. So I was kinda confused by the comment.
  22. Sorry Dave, was just using the first name you had posted, didn't mean I didn't like the video, the video was great.
  23. One of these would work nice for onboard air: https://www.extremeoutback.com/product/91/ExtremeFlow+Belt+Drive+Compressor+SERPENTINE+BELT++Part%23+006-001.html I think they stopped making installation parts, so it's a do-it-yourself kinda thing. 8.0CFM at 100psi, you can run air tools on that no problem 😉
  24. CO2 tank is the way to go, lots of capacity. You can get a hose and regulator then just go to your local welding supply place or airgas and get a bottle. Come time to fill it, just exchange out the bottle. The brand I have is The Source off-road air, there's also Power Tank and probably others.
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