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  2. 2002 Toyota Tacoma Door Handle Replacement

    I hate digging into doors... less so now that I have a set of trim tools and a bunch of different body hardware on hand.... still a pain in the backside for sure.. Good to hear of your success!
  3. Last week
  4. I'm mad at myself.

    I am no fan of ARs but I have ran them for 3 gun, I did a 3 gun comp once with an SKS lol. I have not done any competitions in almost three years, except for the occasional LR/ELR/PRS type. Since I dropped my sponsors and an unpredictable work schedule its hard sometimes to find time to compete. This Saturday I'll be out in Dixie hunting yotes in the morning and exploring our the rest of the day.
  5. I'm mad at myself.

    That makes sense. Properly built/setup/maintained and they are a work horse. All of the gunsmiths that I shot with had perfectly working AR's .. then there were people who couldn't keep anything running smoothly...
  6. I'm mad at myself.

    So after screwing around with AR-pattern rifles for the last....12 years, I've learned a few things. First is that quality varies massively among brands, and sometimes even within a brand. I've seen oversized and undersized gas ports on barrels and gas blocks, misthreaded castle nuts, improperly drilled hammer and trigger holes, poorly broached magazine wells, and the list goes on. Then, you've got the Lego Kids that put together an AR of various parts, don't own any precision measuring tools, and expect it to Just Work. I think about 80% of the functional failures I see are due to people just slapping in 'cool' parts improperly. I've built (as in installed barrels, pinned gas blocks, and milled lowers) a number of AR rifles and one AR pistol. I haven't had any failures yet, but I also took the time to check all my dimensions and to match parts properly. I have one in 300AAC sitting in the rack that's never been fired, so soon enough we'll see if I can keep up the streak. I will be out that way sometime in early April. I need to take the renewal course for my NV CCW and hand the WCSO bureaucratic papers and negotiable papers.
  7. Hey! Socal urbex

    Well Susan, at least you tried messing with the d!$# things. I have enough patience to garden whenever possible. Yet my addiction to being outdoors is another story. So imagine how long I'd survive with an i phone.
  8. 2002 Toyota Tacoma Door Handle Replacement

    Still going strong.
  9. I'm mad at myself.

    I like a hard working 'tractor'.. the AR's always struck me as dainty little prima-donna's.. if you keep up on maintenance and keep them adjusted I'm sure they're very reliable. I just remember too many AR's holding up the firing line at competitions... My FAL has never let me down, thousands of rounds... and I clean it..meh.. whenever I feel like it ;-) Just keeps on shooting, like a farm implement.. If I lived in CA I'd probably have to cull my collection a bit.... Let me know if your coming out here and want to get some shooting done!
  10. I'm mad at myself.

    That is one rifle I do not own, and wish I did. With all the stupid laws in California, I won't bother now. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever even fired a FAL. Though I did own one of its predecessors - an FN49 in 8mmx57JS. Recently, a friend of mine scored a '49 in 30-06, which was my Holy Grail for many years. Beautiful rifle in all regards.
  11. Exploring an Abandoned farmland with tons of abandoned places, like the dance hall, cabins, kitchen. This place had it all and to top it off, the view was incredible (at the end) where we could see everything on top of the mountain. I hope everyone enjoys the episode and will appreciate the Sub for support! Take care explorers! Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNqMXvNR5nRn2Q45Dh3FzA Subscribe to us from Texas for all of our Explorations, updates, and extras. We would appreciate the support! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HED-w6b4MtQ Any comments and feedback are greatly welcomed. Thanks for reading!
  12. OWR&N (Oregon Washington Rail & Navigation) played into a lot of those towns growing and developing...and whereas roads will go up and over hills, railroads had to be more conservative and go around to get to their destination. The result was pretty interesting how destinations were accomplished when all this was being built. Union Pacific ended up buying most if not all of OWR&N, and I will never forget watching those trains as a kid in Whitman County. Here's a shot btw of that Elberton Bridge during busier times...
  13. I'm mad at myself.

    AR bro comments from @desertdog reminded me... Years ago I was doing a lot of competitive shooting, seemed everyone brought .223 AR's to 3-gun matches... not me... .308 FAL with an 18" barrel.. that's my close quarters firearm of choice. They'd have stages setup where you have to engage targets at close range, the muzzle blast often shredded the cardboard IDPA targets..... hilarious stuff. Had one I was supposed to put 2 in, first shot tore the target in half and both parts fell on the ground, so I put one more in each half causing them to launch 10' further down range. Needless to say, I always shot last ;-) do you FAL bro? ;-)
  14. I'm mad at myself.

    No thankfully it didn't have any location references. They just said they were in Fallon.
  15. I'm mad at myself.

    Hopefully they learn a lesson..... There are asshats in every group, often they will never learn.. sometimes they do. Hopefully this will be the latter case. Did the video they posted have location references? Hopefully they didn't just give everyone the location.
  16. Very cool man. I've always wanted to check out the Washoe Club.
  17. I have been dormant for far to long. Months in fact. It felt great to get back out and rummage around a derelict building. It might have been 9 degrees out, but I was still having a blast.
  18. I heard about Elberton from a couple of townfolk in the nearby small town of Garfield, WA. It wasn't until this past summer that I finally got a chance to explore and find the once thriving town, now not so much. Only a handful of structures remain from what once was a 200 acre, 500 person town in a draw along the Oregon-Washington Railroad (no longer used). The town was evidently started by a man named C.D. Wilbur and named after his son Elbert. Due to several catastrophic events (a fire and the great depression to follow), the town began a rapid decline and is now down to about 15 full-time residents. Whitman County bought the townsite and made a park there with hiking trail and other paths through the ruins in 1970. The most prominant reminders of what once was are the in-tact Church (United Brethren, I believe) and the perennial gardens from homesteads past that continue to grow in the Spring. Below are a few pictures of what you see there now.
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  20. Check out 57butler (Kathy's) youtube site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc50a4mOKMbnD6GBtmHSvOw
  21. What are some really nice spots in Pennsylvania area [ delco ] to take some nice photos of would be really sweet thanks guys
  22. I know your travels are mostly southern NV but do you know any good cordinates for northern NV that you recomend

  23. Walking up C Street in Virginia City, Neek, Sar and I decided to explore one last saloon in town. Like the other saloons, this place has a history going back to the 19th century. It also, like some other saloons, has reports of paranormal activity. But there’s something about the Washoe Club that demands a closer look, which is exactly what we gave it!
  24. Photography

    Hey! I recognize that boat!
  25. Hey! Socal urbex

    Hi, I'm Susan. I just wrote a long intro and then bumped a button on my phone and poor it was gone. Such is Life. I've been exploring old ghost towns, cabins, middle of nowhere finds sinve I was a child. My Dad instilled it in my genes. I'm leaving March 1st on the Adventure of my lifetime to wander and explore for a year. I've spent the last three years exploring Eastern OR. Luckily that my back yard, so every weekend and many evenings have brought something new. I had the opportunity to retire early, in Dec., so 2018 is a whole new life of opportunity. I turn 60 the end of this month, so hopefully I have a lot of time left to enjoy my retirement doing what I love most. Nice to meet you all. I look forward to participating in the forum. My Life motto is "On a Quest..." Onward. Tally hi! Susan
  26. I'm mad at myself.

    I spend a lot of time with competitive long range shooters, all of them slowly pulling me into their trade. They are all professionals, disciplined, dedicated, and they're not shooting gongs at 1.5 miles. They're shooting bulls and 10's at that distance, sub MOA, and never satisfied. It's a beautiful thing. From what you've said, and what I've seen in their YT feed, these guys are the kind of people I stay away from. You know, the "Buh...do you even 'AR', Bro? Bro?? BRO!!? AR!! DO YOU OR DON'T YOU? <insert grunt here>" They're a superset of the same morons that "long range hunt" - taking 800 yard pokes at elk and mule deer, and wounding - but rarely killing - the poor bastards. I am convinced there is an extra-special place in Hell for them.
  27. Hey! Socal urbex

    Welcome to EF.
  28. I'm mad at myself.

    These bozos would be the first to scream first ammendment rights if the area was closed to shooting or if gun laws became stricter. It is people like them that only add fuel to the anti gun fight. I am happy to hear that company higher ups will take action. They ought to demote these guys to brass and trash pickup detail at public lands and reduce their pay to minimum wage. The company could use that in good will advertising and maybe help change public perception while getting a tax break. Good on you for being responsible and taking the initiative for taking action for their irresonsibility.
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