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  3. Critters

    While sitting on our 'porch' boondocking near Lovelock... a couple of these little guys came hauling across the ground. About 1.25" long or so, they really put those legs to use. One stopped at a clump of grass and seemed to be having a snack.
  4. Any idea what these are?

    How's that for a descriptive title ;-) The attached images show 'tiles' that are attached to the ground using simple landscaping 'nails'. I should have measured, but I think each square was about 10', they clip together. As this was near an active mine, I suspect they were used for some sort of arial survey. However they aren't permanently fixed to the ground, I'm wondering if these were temporary and nobody bothers picking them up.. in which case I would be cleaning up trash from BLM land by taking them! Figured I could use them for something.. for now left them be.
  5. Wow, the extent of remains is impressive. A lot of those walls appear to be dry-set and still standing... impressive!
  6. WFCO 8955PEC Power converter and 12v distribution panel. Removed from my 2013 trailer when I upgraded. Could be used as a 55watt 12v source from 120v power. Before I strip it for parts, thought I'd ask.
  7. Exploring an abandoned cabin

    I want to share a video I made with you all. This time I explore an abandoned cabin out by lucky boy.
  8. Last week
  9. New Guy

    Here's my favorate Cracker Bluegrass song on youtube:
  10. New Guy

    Ah ok gotcha. Nice, punk is pretty cool :-P Also I grew up with bluegrass although it's been a long time sense I've heard any of it. I also like folk and some contemporary. You've got lots of colors in your musical taste nice.
  11. New Guy

    Not much metal. Mostly punk, skate rock,soul, doowop, folk, bluegrass, blues, gospel, new waive and adult contemporary. With a touch of Ulster loyalist and Republican Music unassociated with the provos. Some examples are Propaghandi, The Bobby Fuller Four, Will McLean (Florida's Blackhat Troubadour), Karen Pell, Dead Kennedys, Sam Cooke, The Dubliners, Keith Law(AKA Kenny Prodgers and Michael English Bastard), The Bitter Orange Band, etc.
  12. New Guy

    Wow never would have guessed. Google is a pain to deal with :-P Also, really? What bands do you listen to? I like most sub-genre's of metal but I usually listen to the Christian bands. You'd be surprised at the variety if you look hard enough! I like thrash too, but also the heavier sub-genre's as well.
  13. New Guy

    I love christian metal but not many other sub genres of metal. Unless you count thrash metal. I love Satanic Surfers. Yet they are not really satanic. Just listen to the song Sunshiny Day.
  14. New Guy

    My Channel (before the google take over) was focused on reptile and amphibian husbandry. Which is where I got most of my subscribers. Although I deleted all those videos years ago just before my hiatus in the mass protest.
  15. New Guy

    Wow this is some great tips. Thank you, really! I have one channel up but it's just starting out and it's primarily centered around Christian metal and metal. But I love exploring so much so I just gotta open another one.
  16. New Guy

    If you have a smartphone and know how to use it you can upload all raw videos from said phone with possible pro quality and go live. However I have a flip phone and tend to use corel pro x9 software to edit raw videos before uplading.
  17. New Guy

    Then you'll have to create a google account too. Good thing is despite the google takeover everything in the process and use of a youtube channel is free. Except for optional purchases like promoting a video or renting/purchasing a movie or tv show. However, I stay away from renting/purchasing others work because of how the youtube copyright policies frequently change. As for promoting a video, $17 gets you an estimated 1000 views. https://www.youtube.com/my_video_ad?v=otMi1eEkmXE&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=permanent&utm_term=drop_down&utm_content=edit_menu&utm_campaign=yt_video_manager
  18. New Guy

    Sometimes I do try to follow a Lent diet, it just depends on the situation. Most of my diets change in variation depending on the type of Feast Day that I'm observing at the time. Other times I usually just follow a regular diet. And Ok thank you! I don't currently have an active exploring Youtube channel at the moment, but I do plan on it in the future God willing. Also, Explore just went live again just to let you know.
  19. New Guy

    Anyways away from religious politics, if you have a youtube channel that needs subs and support, please post it here.
  20. New Guy

    I eat a mild Kosher diet all the time the food is just too hard to resist in some cases. Then there is Lent on which I always try to keep non seafood/freshwater meat out of my house. Thus I always keep my fishing licence up to date and avoid hunting and trapping that time of the year.
  21. New Guy

    That is interesting. I typically don't eat a Kosher diet unless I feel the need to. Or unless I am observing Passover, sense I also follow the Messiah's teachings as well as the Torah to the best of my ability. I personally am not in any denomination either, however I do like to congregate with other believers when I am able to (This includes regular Christians as well as Messianic Jews when they're around). And yes there's only a small handful of mainstream holidays that I'll be celebrating as well, (like how you mentioned the 4th of July). However I do get together with other family on Christmas, but I don't celebrate it as the Messiah's birth anymore, sense Yahushua was born sometime in September. Which is called Sukkot. Tbh I didn't expect to be talking about this :3 However I am grateful that there are some other believers here besides me, although I typically can get along with non-religious folk as well. :-P But yeah I imagine you've had enough of my Jewish talk lol.
  22. New Guy

    The only way my family does not honor a holy feast day is that we stay home on Saint Padraig's Day to eat ham and cabbage. We are from the same stock as Dr Sylvester O'Halloran and my cousin is Kick Cavendish. So we try to avoid fighting with green orangemen and watch out where our members of the Knights of Columbus wear the red, white and blue. And as for the twelfth of july we just celebrate that on the 4th of july along side every other american citizen.
  23. New Guy

    Nice to meet you dery, that is very interesting. I myself was not raised up Jewish but was raised in a Pentecostal Christian household. It wasn't until fairly recently that I began to embrace the Jewishness of the Faith. Honoring the Holy Feast Days, the Shabbat (Sabbath) etc. I also have Celtic ancestors from Ireland. Thank you for the advice! I will be sure to take those precautions. I don't like to break into places or jump fences :3
  24. New Guy

    Just obey property laws by getting permission to go on posted property and obey the owner's conditions when the owner(s) give permission. That always works for me. Also, for obvious reasons, I never wear shorts or open sole footwear when when exploring. You don't want tetanus or to get tagged by a dangerous plant or animal such as a manchineel tree, snapping turtles or a cottonmouth water moccasin.
  25. New Guy

    Welcome to explore outdoor forums. I myself am nondenominational christian with roots in the campground movements with emphasis of Jesus' Jewish Reformation. Just like my Anglo-Celtic forefathers and the great Irish Gaelic Scholar Muhammad Al Hussaini who also emphasizes on the unity of all denominations and independents of the three Abrahamic Religions. I still need to brush up on my Yiddish and Hebrew.
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