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    Ed, I saw the Eclipse with family about 70 miles South of Nashville. I just bought a one time use film camera and attached half a pair of lenses from one of the Eclipse Glasses we had to the camera's lense with tape. I can't wait to see how they come out.
  3. As a strict afterthought, I tried to film the eclipse from Northern California today. I had already planned on viewing it with my oldest kid, but I decided to make a camera filter to capture the event. After fighting like hell with autofocus and autoexposure settings, I got about 35 minutes of usable footage and shoved that down into a 1:30-ish time lapse. While the final product is far from polished or professional, it was an interesting experiment. Filter media can be had cheap, many cameras are capable (though the iPhone totally let me down) of doing this, and a few simple tools opens up a whole new dimension to capturing things on 'film'. This is definitely something I will tinker with more in the future (likely for lunar eclipses, they being more common). The best part of the morning was El Kiddo saying "Wow dad, this is actually more interesting and exciting than I thought it would be!". It would have been awesome if I'd made it to Oregon and screwed around with coronal photography. But then I'd have been way more prepared.
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  6. Sounds like the worst kind of new waiver- so called "pop punkers". If you ask any punker they would tell you the same. As well as telling you that they aren't punkers but posers.
  7. While I was in Bruno's in Gerlach the other day this truck parked in front. It is a Burning Man truck and most likely belongs to the Burning Man Department of Public Works. I noticed a few unique accessories inside the truck. Like the red handcuffs hanging from the rear view-mirror. The naked Barbie doll on the dash placed in her ready position. Also on the dash just to the right of the keys and to the left of the AC vents is a custom switch label of WHOR'N . The driver, who walked directly to the bar, was a tall slender female wearing only old dirty Carhartt overalls with the legs rolled up to her knees and tall lace up work boots that were only tied half way up. These workers have been on the playa for the past week busily building Black Rock City for the Burning Man event coming up. I suspect the after-work parties are interesting.
  8. Pardon my French. However, I wish them newaivers at Arctic Man and Burning Man would stick to the cities to huff the magic dragon.
  9. http://www.businessinsider.com/burning-man-camp-vandalized-2016-9 There was another altercation where burners trashed a bunch of tents/equipment at a camp that didn't 'share' enough..
  10. Another thing I am starting to hate is all the BM vandalism I am seeing all over the state. Seems they leave their symbol all over many of the abandoned places and ghost towns I have been to.
  11. Class War? I did not hear about this, but honestly I don't follow the event itself very closely any more. Ever a bunch of drunk, drugged, unruly "frat boys" (and their assorted females) from the event tried to run me and my oldest out of Trego a few years ago, I've wanted nothing to do with that area during that time of the year. God Bless Eugene Stoner.
  12. I suspect it's going to die under the weight of their own hypocrisy, last year there were several 'class war' incidents... I'm hoping for all out riots this year.
  13. That's an interesting point (land choice), but I'm not sure it is accurate. On one hand, BMORG goes through hoops (or so we are led to believe) to get their permit, maintain the permit, and to close out the permit. Those 'hoops' equate to oversight, fees, government intrusion, bureaucratic administration, overhead, etc. On the other hand, if BMORG had a large enough chunk of land for the event, they could likely avoid at least some scrutiny and intrusion, and worry less about competing interests (though those have all more or less faded away now - La Résitance has been broken). I think they use the playa now because access is rather simple (good roads) for both patrons and vendors/suppliers, it's flat, generally stable, not prone to flash flooding, and is not used by any competing interests that have *money*, i.e. larger cattle ranchers, etc. It's not about trashing their property vs. other property, it's more about what is easiest for them. Plus the playa allows room to grow, although the event seems to have hit a ceiling wherein it simply can't get any bigger without major changes. All that said, I'd throw Larry and Maid Moron and friends in front of a Panzer IV and do single-tread donuts on them. I have no love for them, their false philosophy, their organization, or their rabidly obsequious followers.
  14. I think there general counsels primary job is as a lobbyist, so they can trash public land for this party when they already own places they could hold it.... why trash their property when they can abuse public land?
  15. Alabama Archaeological Society meet at Alabamy's first state capital.
  16. So I went and looked up their general counsel. He claims the following practice areas. Note this does not mean he is an expert or that he holds certifications in these areas of law. It's self-reported, and generally indicates focus areas of a practice: Administrative Law Contracts Election, Campaign & Political Environmental Law Government Government Contracts Insurance Zoning, Planning & Land Use Most of the above are sensible areas when dealing with an event and organization like this. Obviously the bold entry piqued my curiosity. His bio states: "Raymond says, “Burning Man represents the extreme culmination of what is possible when people work together.”" (https://burningman.org/network/about-us/people/year-round-staff/) Personally, I would say a thermonuclear weapon represents the 'extreme culmination of what is possible when people work together', but what do I know.
  17. And that's just the stated income from ONE of the many organizations they run. If you read their 990's for a few years you'll see that they funnel money in/out/around all of these organizations skimming off money, funneling it to friends (certainly getting kickbacks)..etc. They've been the exact thing most participants claim to abhor for at least the last decade, very likely much longer. They are using money laundering techniques to try and hide their hypocrisy. It doesn't work of course, but confusing enough that most of the participants can't follow ;-)
  18. Wow, that's insane, they are making big bucks off the event. Beautiful photos Jack!
  19. Here are sections of their 2015 return. But this in just for the one Burning Man Project 501(c)(3)... But it costs them a lot to put the event on. Here are just some of the top expenses which doesn't include fees to BLM and county governments...
  20. I believe 6 of the BM founders are making low 7 figure incomes and have been for many years.
  21. Yeah, they bought the Fly Geyser and immediately closed it off to any public access. I wanted to go out there and get a video and was greeted by a large "No Trespassing" sign. Wow, they look like they have a pretty massive organization.
  22. I recently became curious about Burning Man as a corporation after discovering that there are Burning Man employees that live in Gerlach year-round. I thought what is there to do when the event isn’t going on in the month of August. I did some checking and here is what I learned… Burning Man Project 501(c)(3) - Parent organization Black Rock City LLC Black Rock City Properties LLC Gerlach Holdings LLC Decommodification LLC Black Rock Arts Foundation 501c3 The 2015 IRS 990 for Burning Man Project shows a net asset/fund balance of $10.6 million. Burning Man Project is the main nonprofit organization 501(c)(3), and that organization bought the 53 parcels making up the 3,658 acres around Fly Geyser. Black Rock City LLC is a company that handles arts and other events. Black Rock City Properties LLC is the real estate holding company and has 14 properties. Gerlach Holdings LLC is the real estate rental company and has 4 parcels. Decommodification LLC handles trademark license management. And yet another nonprofit org 501(c)(3) called Black Rock Arts Foundation that handles even more arts and other events. New affiliate DISTRIKT 501c3 is an Art Grant organization.
  23. The first photo shows what the playa looked like in May 2017. Almost a full lake which many thought would not dry out in time. The second photo is from August 2017 and it has dried out and the building of Black Rock City has begun.
  24. I enjoy going to places that are way outside the norm and most people believe it impossible to visit them. Like nuclear tests sites, electronic warfare ranges and even nuclear power plants that came close to a nuclear melt down. But I am just kind of odd in that respect. Project Faultless Project Shoal Warfare Complex Rancho Seco
  25. Love to explore Mount St Helens surroundings. Wish I had my own 4x4, could explore even more, lots more to see off the beaten path.
  26. Willow Creek.jpg

    lol I have a friend in Cheyenne when I visit him I'll have to visit here!
  27. avourite place or building that you've explored?

    Bodie, California has been one of my favorites. But that was back in the 1970s and 1980s, when more buildings were open and available. I generall went in autumn, especially after the first snow, when there are few tourists. My favorite memories were in the winter of 1983/1984, when the snow was so deep only the schoolhouse cupolla, a few random telephone poles, and part of the Standard Mill poked up out of the snow. I lived in nearby June Lake then, riding my snowmobile up from where I parked my truck down near Mono Lake. Around 1997, my wife and I were attending a friends of Bodie dinner. After dark, we were on a tour of the Standard when the curator of the small museum in Beatty, Nevada and a friend had an asthma attack. Her vehicle and medicines were locked in her truck over a half mile away. I knew the park ranger and aksed for permission to go get my truck, pick her up and bring her to her truck in the parking lot. I got permission. It was great fun to see Bodie at night from behind the wheel, similar to the view of residents in the last days the town was active. Stupid me left my still and video cameras with my wife at the mill, so I was not able to record the event. Bodie is really neat to photograph after dark, but is not available then to the general public.
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