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  2. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Oh well Probably take me a while but soon as I can build a track around my new place in AZ, I'll be posting video.
  3. A week or so ago I was looking on Okefenokee NWR's website in prep for my trip this summer and apparently the refuge is open and taking camping permits. Despite the shutdown.
  4. Last week
  5. David A. Wright

    This forum is dead.

    Unfortunately, no.
  6. El Polvo

    This forum is dead.

    Thats a pretty cool train. Awesome fun
  7. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Sounds like 15" gauge track or bigger, if you have any pics or video, would like to see it
  8. David A. Wright

    This forum is dead.

    My friend’s train is considerably larger. Similar to a mine railroad, rather industrial looking. Open locomotive, you sit in it, compared to on it. His rolling stock consists of a couple flat cars with benches.
  9. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Sounds like a fun place The steam engine runs on 7.5" gauge track, burns coal and can haul about 6 cars with 3-4 people in each. This video was at a place here in Paradise. I have the track now, or what's left of it. The previous owner passed away and his family donated the track to a club. The old shop in the video is all that was left standing after the fire.
  10. David A. Wright

    This forum is dead.

    A friend of mine in Bishop, California, has a rideable railroad running around his property. Complete with armstrong turntable, engine house, trestles over the canal (fed by Bishop Creek) and automatic gate with lights on his driveway crossing. I don’t recall all the particulars, but estimate it is a baby gauge and is powered by battery.
  11. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Someplace between Benson and Tucson where I can find a decent house with 2+ acres to play on. My dad built a 1/8th scale steam engine and he always had the idea of running a railroad track around a house so that's what I'm going to do. Some of the track I had gotten last year burned and melted in the fire.
  12. Bob

    This forum is dead.

    Sorry to hear about your parents, sounds like you have been through a lot. What Part of Arizona are you moving too?
  13. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    lol born and raised in California. Lived in Southern California till 1990 then moved up to Paradise. Been visiting friends in Arizona for the last 15 years at least a couple times a year. Been wanting to move there for the last 3-4 years but stayed here to help my dad out. Now that both parents are gone (F*** cancer) I'm getting out of this State.
  14. Bob

    This forum is dead.

    Are you originally from Arizona, or are you fleeing California?
  15. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Well Bob, if you make your way back here any time, let me know. I'll probably be headed to Arizona for good sometime in March though.
  16. proper explorations

    Abandoned cabin photos

    This in the mountains near the town of Mina.
  17. This snow makes me want to move again!! 🤣🤣

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    2. Bob


      My kids like snow too, but I am a snow bird. I hate the snow. 

    3. SteveHazard


      I'll say the shoveling part definitely sucks. 

    4. David A. Wright

      David A. Wright

      It rained here. But, we’ve had snow cover since Thanksgiving and with the coming rainstorm it will be nice to see the ground again.

  18. Looks familiar, but I can't place the location.
  19. Bob

    This forum is dead.

    My grandfather retired after spending some 30+ years working for pg&e, and I have an uncle who is about to retire too. Not that it matters of course. I haven't been following the story as we have been on the road, but have seen a news story about pg&e filing for bankruptcy. The whole situation is such a mess. I hope the people of Paradise can rebuild their community. It was always such a nice place to visit.
  20. That sure is an awesome looking ghost town I'll definitely have to check that place out.
  21. I couldn't seem to find any info on this abandoned mining operation. Although here's the photos !!!
  22. MB64

    This forum is dead.

    Funny you should say something about plates and such. I've heard of some friends finding mugs or some plates, some have been pulled out ok and others turn to dust when disturbed. One friend had pennies in his coffee mug which all melted together and the mug turned to dust when he picked it up. Saw a set of plates still standing in the rack of a burned out dishwasher at another friend's place. Picked out some little figurine and a half burned digital camera at my aunt's place.
  23. desertdog

    This forum is dead.

    The second point of origin still holds my curiosity. I am genuinely glad to hear that signs of life are showing up in what's left of Paradise. It may not be much from the sound of it, but something is better than nothing. Our unit leader has family still living in Chico and Paradise, and one or two even work for PG&E. They rolled up to say hello one afternoon while we were taking a break for food/water. You can tell they're totally conflicted inside, between having a decent paying job and knowing that somewhere in the chain of command, that same company may have cost him his home and nearly 100 lives. She used to spend summers up there, and even drove by some prior family homes during the search. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it was for her, but she's tough (at least on the outside). What I went through was nothing compared to what scene evacuees had to deal with during the fire. The videos alone are horrifying, and I never felt the heat or smelled the fresh smoke. And then there's all the contamination from household chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, tires, oil, synthetics, and whatever else burned or melted. I knew it was bad when, before having lunch, I was wiping my face down with Clorox disinfectant wipes, alcohol, and anything else that would lift the dirt and oils off my face. At a number of the houses, we would often find nice dishes and glassware, something obviously loved and cared about by the owners. For some reason, we almost universally would pick stuff up, place it aside (usually on a foundation or a place no one could walk, and then keep digging. I've heard at least one story of survivors going back to the crater that used to be home, and finding those things. In that case, the plates and dishes belonged to her grandmother and were dear to her. In the middle of all that chaos and destruction, I was constantly looking for that 'one thing' to set aside which might help a survivor or relative realize that not *everything* was gone. No one told us to, no one reminded me to; just some odd, natural instinct. I want to see the town get back on its feet, but I suspect the Feds have other plans. They filed noticed of the possibility, which could happen by the end of the month. Not sure how I feel about that, honestly. I always see crews working on stuff, in very populated areas, and in remote areas. I'll be interested, as a shareholder, to see how everything shakes out.
  24. I’ve passed that theater many times through the decades. Brings back memories, sad to watch it slowly disolve.
  25. Yeah the theater is in pretty bad condition now, sucks people have to go destroy things like this.
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