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  2. I was browsing old threads I started and found this one, which I forgot about. The photos are of the Trona Railway. Trona is an old industrial town in the northern Mojave Desert, southwest of Death Valley and northeast of Ridgecrest, California. Trona’s economy is based on borax, its history goes back to the late 1800s. The Trona Railway was built in the early 1900s, after Southern Pacific built its “Jawbone Branch” between Mojave and Lone Pine (pictured earlier). The Trona Railway branched off the SP at Searles, running northerly for about 32 miles and terminating at the industrial complex at Trona. There are miles of spurs and sidings within the plants, but over the past few decades many have fallen out of use as operations have modernized and portions of the plants abandoned and demolished. I lived in Trona between 1987 and 1992. I worked at the borax refinery between 1987 and 2004. When I went to work there, the Kerr-McGee Corporation owned and operated the plants. They stayed until they sold out in late 1992. A consortium called North American Chemical Company bought out KM’s interests and ushered in an era of major downsizing and modernization. I don’t recall the year, but before 2000, NACC’s interests were bought out by IMC Global. Since they owned large potash producing properties in Utah, and the prouction of potash in Trona was of a complex process with the oldest production equipment, IMC chose to shut down and demolish a large section of one of the central plants in Trona. I took a buy out and left in 2004, just as IMC sold out their interests to a corporation from India. Below are some photos of the Trona Railway. Over the years, the Trona Railway took pride in its equipment. The company was early to switch from steam to diesel, and operated the last of the diesels made by Baldwin. When I went to work there, these two Baldwins, sitting and idling in front of the railroad shops, were still in daily operation. There were several other Baldwins sitting on sidings around the shop, but they were slowly being canibalized to keep these two running. However, their capacity was too low to run the mainline all the way to Searles - at an elevation 1,700 feet higher than Trona, other than short trains. So the company contracted the SP to bring in the big coal trains (there were three large, coal fired power plants to produce power and steam for the plants plus for export into the Edison system), and take out borax. During NACC’s reign, efforts were made to get SP out of the picture. SP basically had a tight squeeze and monopoly on the companies operating at Trona and took financial advantage of it. So NACC and IMC were making efforts to buy SP’s line to Mojave. In addition, the company was eying the possibility to expand operations to Owens Lake. SP still owned the right of way to Lone Pine at the north end of that lake, but it was mothballed after the 1982 tunnel fire at Searles and dwindling mineral and timber operations. Rails were still in place to an old, abandoned chemical plant south of Lone Pine on the shore of Owens Lake. So NACC purchased a fleet of used SD-45s (I think that was their designation), and I think they bought eight or ten of them. They were refurbished over the next few years at the company shops. As they came online, SP equipment started to be seen far less on the mainline and in the plants. SP never budged in allowing the Trona Railway to share trackage rights or buy the line to Mojave or north to Lone Pine. But by the mid 1990s, Union Pacific bought out the SP, and scrapped the “Jawbone” north of Searles during 1998-2000. Environmental issues and concerns killed off interest in expanding mining to Owens Lake. In the bottom photo, the main plant complex can be seen in the background. In that photo and the one above, Telescope Peak, 11,049 feet high, is in the Panamint Range. Death Valley is at its eastern foot. In the top photo, a nothbound train is at the northern end of the West End Plant, four miles south of the main Trona complex. The old 20-mule team borax wagons used to run through the country in the background. In the plants during the early years of my tenure at Trona, there used to be around 20 of these GE dinky locomotives running all over the complex, doing various switching duties. These were operated by trained plant employees and not operated on the mainline, except to access the main railroad shops and piloted by TR engineers underal FRA rules (in plant operations fell under OSHA rules). As spurs were abandoned and eliminated, dinkies were pulled up to Searles and sat on an old shoo-fly for several years until sold (the shoo fly was built over the summit at Searles during SP construction in 1907 while the tunnel was being created; during the 1982 tunnel fire, it was bladed of brush and rails relaid to get trains rolling again as the fire burned for more than six months). When this photo was taken, this dinky was the last in operation and in daily use, staging cars of borax and derivatives in the back of a automated packaging plant.
  3. I visited and photographed the Nolan House today. I must admit, I was a little disappointed on the interior, which was unremarkable, as I had envisioned. Essentially, it's just a big, falling apart house. The outside is beautiful, and I hate that vandals have broken the windows and scratched graffiti on the walls. The floors and stairs were surprisingly sturdy, and all of the doors were wide open. There were no "No Tresspassing" or "Private Property" signs. I went by myself and felt absolutely no "creepy" or "haunted" vibes. The views from the upstairs broken windows overlooking a green grassy field on a gorgeous spring day was astounding. Honestly, if this were my house, I wouldn't invest in its restoration, as it would cost more than it's worth. The outside, undoubtedly, is gorgeous, but the inside is really no big deal.
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  5. Shame I didn't get more pics at the time... it was just a short visit.
  6. as you can see they dont let you any where close to where you were aloud to drive up to lol
  7. KTVU did another piece last night. The motorhome situation seems to be an area wide one. Each municipality is trying to address it. Some with compassion, some with agression.
  8. Lived there for a while. Couple of places I never got around to visiting: https://www.reddit.com/r/AbandonedPorn/comments/6on73i/abandoned_concrete_round_house_logan_ohio_usa/ Centralia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centralia,_Pennsylvania
  9. Technically I'm a 5th generation Californian... only lived in Canton for 15 years or so 😉 pics from 2009, yack..hard to believe that was 10 years ago.
  10. LA's "stupid" solution was to put up no parking signs only in the areas that they parked prohibiting vehicles above 7' tall from parking between the hours or 2am and 6am. So now instead of being parked in the industrial areas or areas where they were they didn't really bother people as much they now go park in neighborhoods or in front of elementary schools, etc during those hours.
  11. I believe they leave them standing hoping that someone will come along to buy the buildings. There were several purchased by a church in Green. The justification for building new was always that it would cost more to fix the current buildings, yet somehow they are usable for a church school with no substantial rehab.
  12. Hey Bob! Redwood City is very far from Pacifica but thks. In Halfmoon Bay State Beach-Francis Beach I parked there overnight so I could dumped n used their power. Ran the heater all night. Pets not allowed for 65 bucks 2pm to register then at 12pm packed n leave. Expensive but worth it coz my dogs were happy. I am moving around Pacifica area. Thanks everyone!
  13. Nope! N thats not a screen name, my real name.
  14. I love you are from canton and you know exactly what im talking about !!! yes its such a cool looking building !!!
  15. your from Canton !!! so you know of molly stark in lousville !!! abandoned hospital !!! nothing left of geaga lake just alot of land really i wish there was stuff left !!! but im planning on going out to chippewa lake which is in ohio that still has everything pretty much there !!! its an older style amusement park it should be a cool explore
  16. ha ha ha i know ruining my shots and you would be surprised but cleveland has probably 15 schools like this with everything left inside they closed them down because its to much for them to update there plans are to eventually to demolish them but they have sat for sometime !!! and I dont know why i didnt think about playing the piano thats a good idea !!!
  17. Hell or high water, I’m heading out Sunday morning to find some range time with my new Glock. Hopefully the grip extensions will be here by then. No idea where I’ll go, probably somewhere out around Lovelock-ish, or closer. At worst, I’ll head north up 447 to a spot (Bob knows) and rip off some rounds into a big dirt hill. Course im spending all day Saturday in the Bay Area training SAR n00bs. So I should be just tired enough to not care about my shooting, but not so tired that I want to sleep all day.
  18. Welcome Tom, nice to have you here.
  19. Yeah, the rain sucks, I got work to do but it won't stop raining!
  20. Welcome to EF!! I watched the vid you posted . . It was great!
  21. fire that guy that kept walking in front of your camera 😉 and.. why... oh why didn't someone play that piano!!! Or the harp.. even if it sounded crappy...
  22. Lived in Canton for 15 years. Anything left of geaga lake? I recall the old military ammo dumps along a highway to the east of Cleveland if I recall... pretty sure that's all closed off. Welcome to EF!
  23. Visited Molly Stark 10 years ago, has potential.. would make on heck of a fun haunted house!
  24. There is a place an hour away from my house called Molly Stark Sanatorium. This was a tuberculosis hospital that was built in 1929 and It closed about 20 years ago. Honestly it looks like something out of shutter island. After the place sat abandoned for about 15 years the people that owned it gave it to the city and the city made the grounds around it into park. This place was so cool looking and rumored to be haunted they gated the whole building off and put barbwire around the whole fence. Also its surrounded by a neighborhood all around it and the sheriff department is a block away. Because kids try to get in there so much even with all of that the sheriffs just sit in the parking lot all day and when there not there the moment you pull up it reminded me of area 51 because they will just sit there and watch you till you leave. I needed to get in there because no one had any photos or videos in there really since it closed. we tried during the day not a chance. What we did was went during the day every day untill we seen someone cut the fence we waited untill july 4th weekend because we knew no one would be looking for someone breaking in during the holiday parked our car a mile down the road walked in from the woods at midnight snuck through the hole we saw earlier and some how managed to find a board that was hanging and we got in through a small crack. that place was like fort knox still to this day i think we are the only ones that took video and photos in there lol
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