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Star City Ghost Town Nevada

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    • Gracias.  I won't be out there, if at all, until late June.  And at that rate, it may wait.  I have recon to do for our group trip in September - mostly figuring out the condition of various roads and figuring out what's accessible and what's not.  This weekend would have been nice, except I'm in training all day Saturday. 
      That's exactly why Tunnel Dog One exists - to see what you can't see, and go where you can't (or don't want) to go!
      I'm still waiting for several roads to re-open in Alpine County so I can hit some sites up there.  It's killing me!
    • BTW; if anyone wants to make a run to Nightingale and vicinity this weekend..  I've got a 3 day and no plans!
    • It would just be a day trip for us (or me).  The roads are dry as a bone currently, I don't recall any standing water anywhere.
      There's some pretty heavy rutting on some of the roads, and the main road through the valley has a lot of 'stealth' washouts.  Nothing really major, but you have to be careful as they are really hard to spot (thus stealth).. I found myself hauling along at 45MPH and having to scrub speed off quickly to gently negotiate the hazard.   Also several sand sections and one section where you're driving on what amounts to a dry creek bed.. most of the difficult stuff is short.
      If you look at sat imagery around here 39.976453, -119.135486 you can see the the road follows a wash with a bunch of crossovers.
      I don't think there's anything very difficult.  I wouldn't take my RAM, however that's mostly because I have a Jeep.  I've beat up the air dam under the bumper on the RAM already.. not ready to lose it entirely ;-)
      Current Track_ 19 DEC 2016 12_45.gpx
    • Are you guys camping out there or just heading out for the day. In one of your photos I believe their is a good tunnel, but it's slowly being closed off by the erosion around the tunnel. I gotta get out there and see that tunnel before access is gone. I tried to get out there a few months ago, but it was far too muddy to even get out of the vehicle. 
    • I couldn't see down into the vertical shaft from the sides where I could easily stand, might be filled in.
      If I recall correctly their is a very large area fenced off with t-stakes and barbed wire.  The large fenced area encompassed the vertical shaft and the large horizontal shaft.  I think there may be t-stakes close enough to use, but perhaps not positioned well.
      I might be out there this weekend, either in Jeep with wife or on momo with other riders. (or BOTH)..   I'll reconnoiter that situation a bit better, if you haven't already done by then.
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    • By Bob
      I remember reading in Nevada Magazine about the history of Steven's Camp, Nevada. I searched online and could only find a completely different story by the Block Rock Explorers Society, but the story was nothing like the story I had read in Nevada Magazine. With some searching, I was able to find the real history that I read about in Nevada Magazine about the property being owned by a somewhat famous Country Music star who went by the name Tennessee Ernie Ford. 
      Here is a link to that article for anyone interested in reading it
      Seems the first link about Steven's Camp makes the claim that, "It was built primarily as a rescue cabin on BLM land without BLM permission by winter hunters, primarily for winter hunters who might get stranded in the Nevada snows. It has been maintained so well by people who take advantage of its existence that the BLM has given its blessing. Even still no one officially maintains it." You can read that article here. 
      Unfortunately the first link that comes up when searching for Steven's Camp Nevada is the link with the false information. Let's see if we can get this post to show up first when someone searches for it. 
    • By OldSoul
      My husband and I stumbled across this cemetery on a drive through the log truck trails near our home about six months ago and intended to return. We went back this weekend and the property has been fenced and posted "No Trespassing". I am going to attempt to get permission to roam around. We spoke to somebody else who was in the area and they informed us that there is an entire ghost town out there and that some of the grave sites date back to the 1800's. So, cross your fingers in hopes that I will be able to find the owners of the property and that they will allow us to explore. 

    • By Bob
      CABIN CREEK, Colo. --
      If you enjoy solitude, an entire town in Colorado that's about 45 minutes from Denver could be yours for $350,000. The town, Cabin Creek, is located just outside of Byers, Colorado in rural Adams County.
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