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Metropolis Nevada Monument

33 images in Metropolis Nevada Ghost Town 2012

Metropolis Nevada Monument

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Here is the monument erected in memory of the once thriving agricultural town of Metropolis.

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Metropolis Nevada Ghost Town 2012

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  • Recent Comments

    • Purple/Magenta flower
      By Trina540

      Thank you :) The 6D is my first DSLR, Bob and I both got one about 2 months ago. Before I had used a point and shoot camera.

    • Purple/Magenta flower
      By dery

      Nice skills.  I am nowhere near this with my t5i,  How long have you used Canon EOS Rebels?  

    • AZtrip&ZoologyMar7-17,2015_004.JPG
      By El Polvo

      Beautiful mission, I love this one although my fav is Tumacácori. Great shots!! 

    • Dead Fox at Jessup Ghost Town
      By David A. Wright

      Reminds me of a time quite a few years ago, when a buddy and I were travelling through Tule Canyon, NV (SW of Gold Point), each in our individule trucks.  We stopped at the old Rachford stage station building so he could see it.  He opened the door for his dog, a large breed, and without warning and in a split second, he bolted off like lightning and within a few yards of the door attacked something in the sage.  A thick dust cloud inveloped the dog and whatever he was attacking, but it became clear that he had another animal by the neck and was shaking it for all it was worth.  By the time the guy was able to stop his dog, we found that he found a red fox and attacked it.  The fox obviously had a broken neck - he/she could not move its body, but would occasionally move its head slightly, obviously struggling.  Had to put it out of its misery.  It was springtime.  I hope it wasn't a female with a litter of pups waiting for her nearby.