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Other images in Metropolis Nevada Ghost Town 2012

Metropolis Nevada Monument

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Here is the monument erected in memory of the once thriving agricultural town of Metropolis.

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    • Great photos, what an interesting place!
    • I was there May 30 1998. There was an old man at one place who hunted for gold with a metal detector. In another place there was a man and woman who were Brother and sister. She was a nurse who left her job to care for him. He was dying of cancer and I suppose that was where he wanted to be. I had walked between 30 and 40 miles all night before I found that place when the sun came up. He made me coffee and they gave me a ride in to Lovelock where I hired a tow truck for a day to help me find and retrieve my car. We left Lovelock at 8:30 AM and got back about 4PM. I got my car repaired and spent the night in Reno. This is a much more involved story so this is the short version.
    • Interesting story.  My family is Mixed Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Non Denominational(me and my cousin Kim Davis).  Yet none of my family or any of our local congregations like cursing people.  And when we do, odds in succeeding are low.  
    • Yuppers, we made it there Saturday :-) But we didn't get too close to the church.
      Sam, it's a Catholic church and actually some old folklore surrounds it. It goes: A priest was attacked by 3 members and "cursed" the town indicating that the church will be the only thing standing someday. It's still in use and was pretty well lit up that night.
    • If so, I'd love to see the church on your youtube channel Kathy.  Any Idea what religion it is?  From the architecture, it looks like some type of orthodox church.  
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