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  2. We were out that way in May, checking out some old mines up 447, just past Wadsworth (if you check my YT channel from that period, you'll see the Fallout Shelter Mine - you may know of it already). We stopped at Olinghouse on the way out, saw that trailer w/ patio, and some of the collapsed works just a bit up the road. The road was basically a series of small streams at the time, but we made it as far as the main fenced off building. There was a dog around, and a light on, but we never saw a human. We never did make it past there and up to the older mine workings, since we both had a long drive home. I'd like to get back into the area though. I'm content to go overland from the north and avoid the road, but that would take some serious planning. I *wish* I was located in Reno. You hear that loud flushing-sucking sound? That's California. Nggh...
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  4. Hey everyone, so this is my first explore post, I'm probably going to be slow sharing since I'm planning on waiting until my YouTube videos come out. but I just wanted to give an update on Olinghouse Nevada. I was out there about a month ago with my friend. As some of you may know there is many rumors about the Olinghouse area being guarded by an "old man with a gun chasing people of the property". Well I took a few trips out there because I really wanted to get some cool footage. I didn't go into all of the structures because it seemed like the floors weren't sturdy enough to hold my weight. My friend went in them but she only weighs about 115 lbs. The mine has been purchased and is currently active. We went on a Sunday after the first ground freeze because that's usually when mining operations stop for the winter. There was still a lot of activity of a small ATV vehicle going back and forth to the miners headquarters building, so we tried to stay hidden as possible. I looked at the Olinghouse Facebook page just a few days ago and it said people tried to get permission to go out there but were denied, so I'm glad I got what I did without being seen. The place is still in really good shape. Its hard to tell the age of some of the buildings, most of them have probably been frankensteined over the years since its been a home to squatters, meth-labbers, and the occasional mine enthusiast. If you plan on exploring the area, I suggest at least with 4 wheel drive and drive past the headqaurters building and do a little 4wheeling to the back ranch house and you can stay hidden easier from back there. There is also a road that seems to lead to some interesting thing that I can see from the Sat pics, but I will definitely need an ATV to get there. anyways. Here is the video if you'd like to check it out. See you out there! Backwoods Beast
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  6. I am surprised that Charlie Manson’s recent death never came up on this board nor other Death Valley themed forums. I guess then again, only old farts like me are old enough to remember his terrible actions. Manson and his “family” hid out in Death Valley country after their murderous sprees at an old ranch named Barker Ranch, plus the nearby Meyers Ranch. Barker was a popular spot for 4x4 explorers until the main building burned down a few years ago. I’ve been there many times, though it wasn’t because of any facination about Manson. Here’s a link about the ranch. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barker_Ranch
  7. Be wary of using the cloud

    I guess my entry way should be so high it is in the “clouds”, eh?
  8. Interesting channel there. I have subscribed to your channel there, hoping for a subscribe back! Thanks! Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNqMXvNR5nRn2Q45Dh3FzA
  9. What's the big cable going into the shaft? Air line for pneumatic tools?
  10. Be wary of using the cloud

    You just have to make the cost of entry higher than your neighbors.. don't be a low hanging fruit....
  11. Your video proves to me that a drone is a nice tool for exploring ghost towns. Whenever I have visited Aurora in the past - as well as many other sites - I have been frustrated in exploring locations around the perimeter of the townsite. Using historical photos, I can see homes, but have been thwarted by dense sage growth and difficulty seeing remains under the thick cover. A drone would also be nice to spot from the air street grids and alignments, or to see where roads and trails go off to without committing myself to the potential of getting into a jam.
  12. Nice video. I love the Great Basin autumn blue skies and high clouds. Haven’t been to Aurora since 2000. Used to be one of my favorite haunts back in the 1970s and 1980s when I lived in June Lake.
  13. Be wary of using the cloud

    Build a 10 foot wall to protect yourself, thieves will build an 11 foot ladder.
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  15. EWO videos

    I've been burned out on just the work and myself part.. can't imagine adding kids into the mix ;-)... Maybe he's been back, and saw a bajillion notifications.. and then ran away ;-)
  16. Be wary of using the cloud

    Part of the problem is that the term 'cloud' means nothing to consumers. 'Cloud' services are just another name for shared hosting on a grand scale. As far as the specific example of card readers.. I can shed some light on that (it's what I've been doing for 2 decades now). PCI compliant card readers do not ever put your information 'in the cloud'. Anything with a chip reader will be PCI compliant. If you see a reader attached/built into a keyboard or a monitor.. those are NOT likely very secure.. I use cash whenever I see one of those being used. Card readers are injected with a set of keys for public key encryption, one for the device and the other for the server that the device interacts directly with. Even the point of sale system doesn't have access to the data on your card beyond name and whether or not the transaction was processed (and some systems don't even provide name). A point of sale transaction with one of these devices looks roughly like this: POS System -> sends request to card terminal (the thing you interact with), includes amount and often an invoice or reference number. Card terminal connects to remote card processor server via public key encryption, submits for processing and receives a response that includes whether is was approved/denied as well as a token to identify the transaction with the processor POS system receives token and status from card terminal, and marks the sale paid without ever having access to your card number/mag stripe data. Step 2 is the only point where your personal information enters into the picture (unless you give the business personal info, that's on you ;-). The interaction is protected by extremely strong encryption. The only known attack at this point is a man in the middle attack, which would require being able to write a new key to the card terminal AND write a new key to the card processors system without being detected. Because this is the only attack vector, it's monitored very carefully. That's not to say some new/novel attack might be found, however typically these are known by researchers way before criminals find out. Criminal attacks on card systems have always been fairly simple, because the targets have been very easy. PCI certifications/compliance is going to make that a lot harder, time will tell if it's enough. The most recent data breaches have all been personal information, not CC numbers.. I think the criminals are moving toward more ID theft, because that's relatively easy compared to credit cards.
  17. EWO videos

    I have a hunch he is experiencing burn out and staying under the radar due to his activity involving the demand and drain juggling his Internet work, travel and family. I know, I’ve been there.
  18. Be wary of using the cloud

    I assume there are those common things like card readers that send and retrieve data to the cloud, now that it has become an industry standard, so I know there is no way to be truley cloud free. But I don’t seek it out and use it. If I desire a reasonably secure way to deliver data to some one, I drop a USB thumb drive in the mailbox.
  19. Be wary of using the cloud

    Excellent policy, you're miles ahead of most folks..
  20. EWO videos

    Yeah, seriously hope he and his are fine. It's a weird feeling when someone abruptly goes silent.
  21. Be wary of using the cloud

    The only clouds I like enhance sunsets and those that bring rain or snow. Otherwise, man made clouds I don’t trust nor do I use them.
  22. EWO videos

    Thanks for the update.. Yikes, a few times? Hope everything settles down....
  23. EWO videos

    I know he's still alive. Or, at least part of his family (wife) is, which is good. Yes, I'm 'stalking', but only to make sure some horrid fate didn't befall him. I'm sure he's OK now that I think of it. He moved his family a few times in recent months, and I'm sure that was very disruptive. Hopefully he'll be back, soon
  24. EWO videos

    Maybe he just got tired of our shenanigans ;-)
  25. Be wary of using the cloud

    The reason they get away with it is that consumers (both business and regular folks) keep buying.
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