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  3. Went to emergency room

    Today, feel more alive than dead. Looking forward to the GI doctor appt.
  4. Hey I had your back, all I was saying is that some of us know that there is some type of cyber slandering going on against you. And I was just trying to tell that person to get out of here if that's all he wanted to post about. I'm sure a majority of the people on this forum were following you and Christian when you were going back and forth against each other and it seems as though some overly-protective fans have taken it upon themselves to continue the nonsense outside of youtube.
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  7. Went to emergency room

    Hopefully they can figure it out, in my experience the medical industry has more idiots than it should...
  8. Went to emergency room

    Monday (Feb 12th) left house at 2:30 am went back to the hospital ER once again in excruciating pain, same location in the abdomen area. Unlike before, they didn't give me enough pain medicine to combat the pain, they wrote a prescription for oxycodone, take one table every four hours, had two of them, not at the same time, spread it over five hours when I got home, this took care of what they didn't do. Feb 28th to see a GI doctor. Haven't felt so good weeks before and feeling not so great continues this evening.
  9. Concrete City Ghost Hunt

    A friend and I have been talking for a while about doing a ghost hunt. So we finally went out and did our first one. I had explored here almost a year earlier to the day. My friend, JPVideos, has also been here prior and had a paranormal experience. So we figured this would be a good place to stat our new series.
  10. Coyote's Second Video

    Nicely done did you use video stabilization ??
  11. That's awesome. I recognize some of the places you're showing. Very cool stuff!
  12. Driving along Highway 49 was definitely one of the highlights of our road trip. I loved riding with the window down to breathe the fresh mountain air and listen to the Yuba River crashing by! One destination that Neek, Sar and I really wanted to check out along this stretch of road was Downieville, which has a very interesting history.
  13. Abandoned Hospital in Northern California

    Great video again, Backwoods Beast! Really liked how you gave the history of the place. You definitely captured the strangeness of the place, even without the basement footage.
  14. I explore abandoned places in the Nevada desert my channel is proper explorations https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl7a-ulGSxSm7s88uSnPjQw
  15. Abandoned Hospital in Northern California

    Would you mind giving out the location ?
  16. You audio-analyzed my video? Keep in mind, there were B-1's flying all afternoon in close proximity, including when I got boomed. I could clearly hear them as well, it was dead quiet that day. Also the aircraft dropping flares probably wasn't supersonic, unless it went shortly after. I emphatically state I never used the sonic boom you claim I stole from that video. It was a different video I stole it from. /s There is another video you should audio-analyze. It's got gunfire AND explosions! Why don't you tell us who sent you on this mission? EDITED TO ADD: I might have said the aircraft was at altitude, because I didn't see it. I was at 6000 ft. surrounded by 7000 ft. hills, other than to the south. It easily could have been north or west of me. I didn't see the C-17's until they were almost right on top of me. Oh... wait... you claim I faked them too.
  17. You want to clarify that? Sure, I add some mood music to the beginning and end of my video's. A couple of my video's are absolutely click-bait. And I do get a bit upset when people make false claims or outright made-up nonsense in their video's or comments. That's the drama? Perhaps.
  18. Thanks for the screenshot, Kristin. I got pissed off and deleted that before I could document it. All this nonsense is being collected. My reply, again, is in the screenshot.
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  20. This is a "haunted" hospital. It is said that there is a ghost that roams up and down the halls. There is also a basement where it is said there is a little girl ghost that has been heard laughing. It's really weird because we went into the basement and filmed... BUT THE CAMERA STOPPED WORKING.... Not a huge believer in ghosts but I thought that was a little strange. It really is disappointing because the basement was kinda neat... but maybe the ghost of Elle didn't want to be seen....
  21. One million soldiers, spread across the world’s largest military maneuver area of 18,000 square miles in the Mojave Desert of California and Arizona for two years between 1942 and 1944 training for desert warfare in preparation of the WWII invasion of North Africa. I spent several days in January exploring the historic sites of the Desert Training Center / California-Arizona Maneuver Area in the Mojave Desert. I based out of Blythe and Needles, California and visited Camp Coxcomb, Camp Iron Mountain, Rice Army Airfield, Essex Army Airfield and Camp Ibis. Before venturing out to the camps and airfields I spent several hours touring the General Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, California. I was a little too ambitious with my trip planning and scheduled two site visits per day. It would have been better to only schedule one site visit per day as I didn’t have the time to capture a lot of the minute details and relics at the sites. Here are the photos from my trip… Desert Training Center Gallery Some good reference websites are the... Military Museum DTC/CAMA Desert Training Center General Patton Memorial Museum I have been researching the Desert Training Center for a while and all the documents, reports and maps that I found useful are here... DTC / CAMA Research Information Enjoy the photos and information!
  22. Folks - Ask yourself, "In the greater scheme of things, does any of this matter?" We are talking about YT, a medium that grants nearly unrestricted access to anyone with a Google account to watch, create, and share media. With that in mind, there is no quality control, no independent verification, and no restriction on artistic license. If Area 51 Rider took liberties with his video, that's between him and the people who watch his videos. It's an entertainment platform, and he's trying to create an entertaining product. It's one thing to deceive people where those people are relying on your information for critical decisions. It's another to make an entertaining video for the sake of itself. No intelligent person is going to rely on YouTube for making a life-altering decision, and certainly his videos aren't offered up for those purposes anyway. I'm going to leave the posts intact, since Backwoods Beast made what I think are appropriate responses to KSole's accusations. And if KSole thinks the veracity of an entertainment video is important, then I think he/she is free to offer up that consideration. The forum will decide whether "it matters" or not. And a note about 'deception' in YT content - it happens ALL THE TIME. I should know this, because I DO IT ALL THE TIME. How? Why? I obfuscate the names and locations of mines, ghost towns, and artifacts to protect them from greater vandalism. In cases where I visit a mine that is well off the beaten path, I change the name. Sometimes I change the commodity extracted. Other times I will blatantly alter camera shots or clip sequence to better protect the site from identification. I don't want it ruined and I don't want BLM to seal it up. So yes, I lie and obfuscate and mislead ALL the time. Whether that's acceptable to a viewer, I don't care. Be happy you're seeing a place you'd probably never get to, even if you did know it's name, and leave a 'Like', Lol.
  23. California Highway 49 is named after the 49ers who came to this state in their search for gold in 1849. Driving past the little towns along the highway in Sierra County was a pretty amazing experience!
  24. Abandoned Commune Farm in Boise

    Looks pretty cool! I've been to Boise many, many years ago, but I've never been to Garden City. Thanks for sharing that!
  25. Abandoned Commune Farm in Boise

    I pass that area at least once a month. they were there 4 months ago. dig it
  26. No that is your opinion. It does not "confirm" anything. Anyways, maybe you should actually post some content instead of just creating a profile on our forum just to troll one of our members. We all know about area 51 rider and his drama. I again ask you to please not bring that kind of negativity to this site. Thank you, John And this thread is for sharing youtube channels, not complaining about other members
  27. Beast, if you do not hear the same audio in the video I linked, I'm sorry. All I can suggest is to listen again. You can easily distinguish the pop-bang-roar of the audio in both videos. Additionally, you can also hear the whine of the ship in Rider's video, so it's confirmed to be the same. If you still do not hear identical audio, then listen to what Rider says, "at altitude". Jets at altitude would not sound like a jet flying past at only a few hundred feet. There is a difference between jet engine noise and a a sonic boom. The audio has both = sonic boom + jet was low to the ground. Rider unfortunately contradicted himself, though I give him credit for adding the camera glitch in editing. It's pretty believable. Anyhow, I tried to be respectful to both Rider and this community, showing examples of Rider's trend toward deception, confronting him on it and warning you of it, but I get cussed out and blocked by him and reported by you. Reported for what? I was whining? I don't think you realize the difference between whining and warning. Nice group of people you have here.
  28. I listened and watched both videos and I don't hear the same thing. This person is actually on this forum already. I would appreciate it if you would not bring that drama from YouTube onto this forum. This is my last place of sanctity on the internet where I get to read posts and post to a group of really great good hearted explorers. I unfollowed 2 of my favorite explorers over this issue and would really like to not be bothered with your opinions. If you want to whine about something go do it on YouTube but we are all adults. Let us make our own opinions. Thanks, John I've also reported this post.
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