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    Welcome! Where abouts in Northern California?
  4. Mare Island is going to be similar to Fort Ord where the property ranges from new development to the old unsecured buildings you are looking for. There are lots of photos of the site on the web from urbex photographers. The physical security at the site probably changes with what ever redevelopment is going on at the time. You could plan a day to scope out the area and completely drive the complex to get an idea of what areas are more active and which ones are forgot about at the moment. Besides security patrols you would also want to watch out for transients that are living in the old unsecured buildings. Here is a link to the Fort Ord gallery to give you an idea... Fort Ord
  5. Jack Freer


    Welcome to the group!
  6. Does anyone have photos from inside any of the buildings at Mare Island? I understand its a military base and they still use some of the places on the island but i wanna know if any buildings are easier to get into without being hassled, would also love any kinds of photos from inside any of the buildings.
  7. Unikait


    My name is Kait and i just moved to Northern California from Minnesota. I have always had an interest in urban exploring but am always too nervous to go into buildings. Found my way here by the EWU Crew!
  8. I started watching you and Emmas videos on youtube a couple of days ago and it makes me want to go out and explore the way you guys do. Theres quite a few abandoned buildings in my town and im always too afraid to go in. Love your videos and keep up the awesome work, I aspire to adventure the way you guys do!Ā 

  9. Haunted places in Black Canyon City Arizona.

    1: Peoria high school (Peoria, Arizona)

    2: Rock Springs cafe.(Black Canyon City, Arizona)

    3: Lake pleasant.(Morris-town, Arizona)

    4: Desert Outside Anthem.(Phoenix, Arizona)

    5: Pioneer Living History Village(Phoenix, Arizona)

    6: Fletcher Heights HOA Greenbelt{ Peoria, Arizona)

    7: Las Casas Dorms - Arizona State University(Glendale, Arizona)

    8: Brass Armadillo Antiques Mall(Phoenix, Arizona)

    9: Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort(Phoenix, Arizona)

    10: Sahuaro Ranch Park(Glendale, Arizona)

    11: The Hermosa Inn (Paradise Valley, Arizona)

    12: Old Spaghetti Factory(Phoenix, Arizona)

    13: San Carlos Hotel( Phoenix, Arizona)

    14: Hotel Casa Loma( Tempe, Arizona)

    15: Trails( Tempe, Arizona)

    16:Casey Moore's Oyster House( Tempe, Arizona)

    17:Ghost City Inn( Jerome, Arizona)

    18:The Haunted Hamburger Restaurant - Jerome Palace(Jerome, Arizona)

    19:Mile High Grill and Inn - Clinkscale Building( Jerome,


    20: Hotel Connor (Jerome, Arizona)

  10. Took this lovely pictures and got a shadow. šŸ‘šŸ‘
















  11. Good luck.. as long as the gilded offices exist... those inhabiting them will continue to use their power to keep the status quo.....
  12. Me thinks self important shmucks need to experience more life outside their guilded offices ...
  13. Earlier
  14. Yeah, funny how we're just little people until one of these self-important shmucks experiences what we endure.
  15. That's the first I heard about that one. Thanks for the info. I always wonder what prompts some of these bills so I checked out the first hearing on that bill... Committee: Senate Natural Resources Meeting: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 4:00 PM   Appears Senator Hansen was blocked by an illegal gate and didn't like it. Other meeting info here... Meetings
  16. Interesting new law on the books about blocking access to RS2477 roads. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wI4vqsorYf6zPJWKPfVJtsiR4co4aJYb/view
  17. First time I was there was 1974. Much more of the lumber slides was there, as well as some ties on the mainline railroad and the spur to the bottom where they picked up lumber. Iā€™m surprised no one has made off with the flywheel yet.
  18. To the West of the old Jessup townsite are lots of open mines, toss the body over the barbed wire and I'd bet it'd be a long time before discovered... crap, now I'm on a list! (another one! šŸ˜‰
  19. This seems to be an area for deceased bodies. I read an unidentified body was found buried near jessup, and as far as I know still remains unidentified. A females body was also found dumped out in the area, don't know if the murder was solved, but they suspect she was killed and dumped by a trucker. Weird stuff out that way.
  20. Unfortunately it's not just vandals and blm that trash these sites, the modern day miners greatly contribute to the destruction of sites. I can name two historic towns completely destroyed by them. Rawhide and Candelaria. As far as giving directions or locations, it's a trust factor.
  21. wimc


    Welcome to EF.
  22. Nice photographs. I especially like your use of black & white.
  23. i get the opportunity to visit the park every few years. you've all probably heard of the place, but if not it's a ghost town that's also a montana state park. the park encourages you to explore anywhere that isn't locked up, even the old merry go round outside the schoolhouse has signs up to use at your own risk instead of keep off. old barbershop chair the schoolhouse and masonic lodge. the school was on the bottom floor and the lodge is on the top. both are fully furnished, though the lodge is the only building where they have plexiglass on the door to let you look in but not enter.
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