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  1. Yesterday
  2. Loved the video! Was like watching a horror movie with me sitting here yelling..."Don't go in that hole! Don't you watch scary movies? If you go in you won't come out!" LOL!
  3. Last week
  4. Best move we ever made. Loving life in the big trees Hoping to share some more photos here of Burke and the Star Mine, as soon as Bob figures out what is going on with uploads, LOL!
  5. Good down this ways. How’s the big breakout excape doing, much much better?
  6. Thank you! I posted a new video yesterday, and I’m workin on one now that should be up in a few days!
  7. Something wrong with photo uploading again? Keep getting an error that it exceeds limits when it is well under?
  8. Business as usual, flying drones and going into tunnels.
  9. Earlier
  10. Settling in to Idaho, and had a bit of a setback with my muscle disability. It will never be reversed or fixed, but I am staying stable. Also, writing books. I have three coming out so far through Fonthill Media, Arcadia Publishing and The History Press First book hits the shelves at the end of this month. It's about the King Solomon Mine in Kern County, CA.
  11. It is an amazing place! It is also home to what has been nicknamed Shit Creek. People literally built their outhouses to hang over the creek! And... little known fact, this is where the famous Screen Goddess Lana Turner was born
  12. Awesome, looks like a fun place to explore!
  13. Nice to see you back Cindy, we missed you too! Where have ya been?
  14. Y-Bar Cafe in Grand View ... 🍔🍽️☕ Mmmmm Good!
  15. One of my latest passions... wandering around this old ghost town and photographing the Hecla Star Mine in Burke, Shoshone County, Idaho.
  16. Welcome! I am also in Idaho, up north in Post Falls
  17. Welcome Newbies! And Bob, try as you might, you will never "kill" this place, LOL! It might go quiet, be we all find our way back here. I've missed you guys!!!
  18. I need to know if any of the family knew the Dale family. Bill Dale, Tim Dale, Warren Dale or Judy Dale..if so, it's important you email me. For a fact, she did NOT killer herself!
  19. Welcome to EF Housemartin!!!
  20. This trip I'd like to stay within about 30min or so detour from hwy 50. Unfortunately I don't have 4wd, it's an old Dodge Caravan. It's cooler than it sounds because I've converted it to a stealth camper 😁. I was considering checking out Gold Hill which looks to be really close to civilization, maybe too close. I'm definitely open to suggestions.
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