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    Anna Jacobsen

    Abandoned Sugar Cane Alcohol Factory

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    Hi, I'm Laura and I'm new to exploring! I've been looking for places to explore in southern Louisiana and I would love to share experiences with others in the Baton Rouge, Thibodaux, Houma, or Gonzales areas. Any recommendations or tips on how to find an ideal place?
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    Back to the cabin that was rusted closed in the above vid and is now no longer. Few bears on this trip.... like 8, LOL.
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    I need major help!

    Looks like state 'trust' land is held in 'trust' to exclude the public. https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/trespass-program Another crock of government bullshit.
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    Anna Jacobsen

    The Three Huts

    https://youtu.be/PtkQmpa-7X0 We found 3 huts of the same design next to each other at a old Russian camp just north of Berlin. The first two cabins were ok but the last was falling down and the place was just too far gone to explore it too much. The first one had photo's of what we think are old Russian singers and film stars on the wall. I couldn't name one. Hope you enjoy
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    Just thought I would point out: Today, Sept. 21st, is the 40th anniversary of Nan Dixon's disappearance. Somebody needs to remember her.
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    Anna Jacobsen

    Exploring an Old School - A.D. 1721

    An imposing building: known as the Amtshaus, it was once the castle of Flecken Zechlin. It is a listed building. Closed as a school in 1986 and since then has been empty and deserted. Exploring a Old School - A.D. 1721, was filmed in a small village in Germany called Flecken Zechlin. We stopped for the night to sleep in the car at the edge of a lake. We saw the shadow of the building in the night, not knowing what it was. When we woke up we saw it and it was abandoned, what luck. At first we thought it was abandoned hotel only to find out later it was a school dating back to 1721. It was built on top of a castle from 1237 after a fire. We were told that a man had brought it and plan's to fix it up, but that was 2 years ago and no one had seen him since. https://youtu.be/IRzalN7ZGd4
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    My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC14AKqWBORgS0nT40wzynpA?view_as=subscriber. I got the "exploring bug" when I was a child when my father would take us exploring abandoned places years ago before it was popular. I have missed it very much over the years and recently decided to return to it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the few explores I have done so far and am looking forward to many more. My channel occasionally has other content, but it's mostly for exploration. Check it out and subscribe! Thank you in advance!
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    Hi guys. Anna here of Explore 101 Urbex. I'am a explorer in Denmark and have been doing it for over 2 years now and posting my explore's on my channel in youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMcj_GGMNU-SWbhyd0Z_LyA
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    Yeah, we get some super-weirdo stuff rolling through here as well, as Winnemucca is basically the eastern gateway to the Black Rock. This 1964 Ford Falcon van is owned by a very quiet, shy, semi-reclusive man who is a friend of my wife and I. He doesn't look much over 50, but is nearly 65 years old and two years ago retired from nearly 40 years working for the local school district. He mostly rides his bicycle, but has this van which I think is actually his alter-ego. He also has a late model Suburu Outback, which he occasionally drives. He generally keeps both his van and car impeccibly clean. The van is mechanically stock, except for headers and the pipes; running its stock small 6-cylinder Ford engine and three-on-the-tree transmission. It is festooned with all sorts of surfer culter icons inside and out. The wood on the body is real and includes bamboo. The dash has scale models of 60's hippy icons, toys and models and a large collection of hula girl dolls. He has the required wood surf boards, which often ride atop the van, but here are gone since it's parked at a local shop, where it gets maintained and some custom work done on it. The custom and antique vehicle hobby are still alive and well up in my neck of the woods. These two were parked 7/23/11 in front of a custom body shop. The '55 Chevrolet is owned by a carpet and floor shop owner. It is driven daily, but never appears to touch dirt. One for you Mopar fans out there. When I was in high school in the Mojave Desert, I had a friend with one of these. I am not sure of the exact nature of this particular car pictured here, but that of my friend (if memory is correct - we're talking 1969/1970 here :? ) was a '68 Coronet 440 Magnum. His was balanced, blueprinted, and had a shift kit in the automatic transmission. His car was a dark color (charcoal gray?), had buckets and console. The body was stock, I believe he had some sort of modest aftermarket wheels. Another friend had a '68 Charger with the 440 Magnum, but not as nicely equipped (bench and column mounted auto shifter). The two were always racing, although the Coronet would always win. Pulling doubles, Nevada style. The RFD TV bus parked on a quiet side street around the corner from a motel last July 28th. Probably here to cover the big livestock auction. Spotted this interesting old Willys, sitting fit but forlorne in the way out back yard of a Winnemucca used car dealership last winter. Though I've seen these early Willys many times before, what first came to my mind today was how TINY it is, especially compared to the latest intineration, such as a 2012 JK 4-door Wrangler. Frank decided on a dark, moonless night, to run into town for a six-pack. Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith, who lived a couple miles away, her teacup poodle sliped out the doggy door while her back was turned ... So, I happened to notice that most of the employees and many of the customers had their noses pressed to the front windows and doors of the store one day. Looking outside, I see this efeminate, skinny, middle aged looking man dressed in black tights, high heels, a leopard skin print tank top, what appeared to be an entire lace curtain wrapped around his neck like a scarf, Billy Idol spiked bleached white hair and a day sleeping mask on his forehead was in the parking lot with two Winnemucca city cops confronting him. I had to make a delivery and I drove carefully by and heard this he/she/it using extreamely foul language spewing at the cops about his rights in a way that would make Rush Limbaugh blush. Upon returning, I found the cops still standing, but he was sitting on the sidewalk, with his blindfold pulled down, doing the shaka-dee with a big grin. Exiting the delivery truck, he was still spewing racial epithets and foul language. Oh, and by the way, a look at Winnemucca's newest Dodge Charger squad car. There's two of them now; joining a few new vehicles, including a Yukon, a BMW police bike; slowly replacing aging left over Crown Vics and a H-D police bike.