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    Surreal vibe at smoke cabin

    We check out an abandoned cabin off of Golden Gate Mine Road near Walker and Coleville CA. It was extremely smokey from the fires on the opposite side of the Sierras and there were thousands of grasshoppers or locust like bugs??? Not sure what there were but they were everywhere outside and I think they creep'd my daughter out. Anyways I thought it was a cool cabin in pretty good condition all things considered.
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    We went up there in January. Poked around, and went into one of the adits and the inclined shaft near the collapsed buildings.
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    Here's a video of an abandoned mining operation I've explored.
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    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I keep hearing about the forum,and decided it was time to join. I've been exploring Southern California deserts for about 40 years now, on and off. There's still a ton I haven't seen yet, but I guess the point is, I'm a desert rat at heart. I'm particularly interested in abandoned cemeteries, aircraft wrecks, and ghost towns. I also dabble with a metal detector and have found some neat stuff. As my wife puts it, I'm not interested in where people are, I'm interested in where they were. So, I'm here to learn what you know, share what I know, and help figure out what none of us know. Or at least try. =) z_z_zzyzx
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    Wings Over the Owyhees

    Thought I'd try another "Helicopter Video", but this time without music and more of an attempt to introduce the place we're flying over and give a sense of place. What are thoughts on using background music, or letting the engine noise be? I mute it down a bit this time because (to me) the endless turbine whine is annoying at full blast, but I know there's also folks out there that really dig that stuff. The first set of "Helicopter Videos" I did I put in background music, but they don't seem to be getting much traction... and I don't know if it is because the music is a poor choice or if the subject matter is just not as exciting/interesting as I thought it would be.
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    Here's a video of an abandoned house I found in Nevada.
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    Nice photos. That sure looks like a cool place to explore.
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    Here's a video of an abandoned cabin I explored
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    This was a pretty elaborate mine site we explored, tons of cool stuff was found. Its near "Simon" NV if you are curious. Not the easiest to get to in my opinion.
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    Took a little trip out to Ellsworth, found the old mine shaft and the little town. The lady at the bar in Gabbs said it was maintianed by the local natives. Got some cool footage and you can tell someone has set this up to be a sweet little camping spot.
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    Brett Powell

    Greece 2018

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    dig it

    2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    Down the I-95 or I-93 in Southern Idaho or Northwest Nevada has plenty of areas to explore. Anywhere along there would be a great place to meet up. chuck m
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    Music in Your Videos Tip

    You can use copyrighted music from popular songs as long as it's listed here (each song has specific rules): https://www.youtube.com/music_policies What happens is, if you choose to use it, you can't monetize off of it. For other music you can use, and still monetize (royalty free - but you have to mention)...I've gotten a couple songs from these 2 websites: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2 http://www.purple-planet.com/
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    Hi Tom, sorry but im now reading through the thread and the videos from the youtube channel were already posted by Bob. Thanks
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    Hi, Im new to the forums, I was watching a youtube channel and they brought up Nan Dixon and after a bit of googling i ended up here. I havent read the whole thread yet so i dont know if it has been brought up but the youtube channel has recent footage from around the camp, they also go to where Nans car was found and go into a nearby mine. If anyone wants ill fire a link up to the videos, apologies if it has already been brought up. Bivvla
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    New member

    Welcome to EF mel.
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    Still an interesting place to walk around.
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    Interesting. Spent a lot of time there for a few deer seasons, walked over those remnants many times, camped on them once, killed a few deer further down the meadow and into the tree line. That was a dozen years ago, though. Looks pretty much the same, maybe a little greener. Very nice.
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    Wow, almost all trace has vanished. You're entering that area where exploration is starting to meet archaeology!
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    Not so new ...

    Good evening. I've been watching the EWU channel since they started, yet today I've joined these boards. Love the out-of-the-way places, and their segments on missing people. Hoping to meet all of you soon! ~ Graze
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    dig it

    Wings Over the Owyhees

    Great video. There is a lot to explore in Owyhee County.
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    Liked all the photos and videos. Lots to see around there.
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    I did a little side detour up this road yesterday to scout the area out. Wow this road sure does go up in a hurry. Went all the way to the top to the where the pack station is. The side road that enters the wildlife area has a closed gate. Nice area but I'm glad I was just up there for a quick scout it was a crappy day with all the smoke everywhere.
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    Not so new ...

    Welcome to EF.
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    Nan Dixon - My addiction.

    Good evening. From your livestream that just ended, you were talking about Nan Dixon. You were in Lovelock, I believe, and you were going to make another video correct? Her story and disappearance, always stuck out for me. The local police were noted to be corrupted, so their incompetence is now believed to be a cover-up. I've found a number of videos about her disappearance, including one that's an interview with her grandson. It's quite sad, as Nan's disappearance broke the family apart. Many believing her brother being part of it, due to his criminal background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASjOGRgEKWk The Charley Project has a page - http://charleyproject.org/case/nan-cecile-dixon So does, The Doe Network - http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/2836dfnv.html Despite the evidence found, which pointed to a kidnapping and murder, the (corrupted) police closed it as a "suicide". Though reopened in 2007, there's no traction. It's interesting to note, that her disappearance is one of my "mysteries" surrounding Nevada I-80. Also known as, "The Highway of Death". https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/08/strange-disappearances-on-the-highway-of-death/ Just makes my blood boil. ~ Graze
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    Any idea what these are?

    How's that for a descriptive title ;-) The attached images show 'tiles' that are attached to the ground using simple landscaping 'nails'. I should have measured, but I think each square was about 10', they clip together. As this was near an active mine, I suspect they were used for some sort of arial survey. However they aren't permanently fixed to the ground, I'm wondering if these were temporary and nobody bothers picking them up.. in which case I would be cleaning up trash from BLM land by taking them! Figured I could use them for something.. for now left them be.
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    Frito's World

    Discovered blood in abandoned house!

    I was freaked when I saw blood in this abandoned house! I tried to book it quick! I wasn't sure who might pop up behind us. Jars of what looked like old blood in them! Check out video from Frito's World
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    Interesting. I was looking at maps of this area just last night to go up there to explore something a bit farther back. A lot farther maybe.
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    Frito's World

    Abandoned house in woods

    Check out this spooky abandoned house I stubbled upon deep in woods! Where did these people go! Vanished! I think it was haunted. Heard strange noises! Watch "Abandoned house at 3am heard something on the roof." on YouTube https://youtu.be/WFbn_s8b6KE
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    Frito's World

    Abandoned house in woods

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    Here's a video of Bass Camp I uploaded yesterday
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    Nice! I’ll have too check my maps, as I’m a bit stumped as to where it is (some backgrounds seem to indicate west of Walker, but with so many wildfires in the past two decades I’d think the entire area has burned out by now). Looks like great ghost towning weather.
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    Hello everyone on Explore Forums, I'm a teen who loves abandoned places, roads,etc. There's been a road in Illinois that's interested me for quite a while now, and that is Joliet Road. Apparently, this road was closed in 1998 because Vulcan Materials had dug too far under the bridge, and iDOT deemed it unsafe. I'd really like to see some pictures of what it looked like before its closure in 1998 or what it looks like now in 2018.
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    Neat spot. I was under the impression that the mines in Garfield Flats were all under private ownership, but this one sure looks abandoned in the least. As far as the shaft you show at 1:57, I'd go in. But first I'd lower the camera and see if it went anywhere at the bottom, and the o2 meter to make sure it had good air. If not, I won't bother (made that mistake once...what a drag). If it goes, I'd rappel in and take a look. Any good spots nearby for anchor points?
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    Seems like there's alot left behind compared to other places in Nevada. That sure is a cool ghost town. Great video.
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    I'd be up for something like this. Only concern I have is that some folks have various comfort levels if what they're willing to get into. I'd really like to head south and visit Bob, though. He finds some great places.
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    2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    Would love to do something like this.
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    I think the main trick is to just "show up and do", and if others arrive and join in, great. Otherwise, have a cool explore on one's own. It's probably easier for two teams to get together than multiple, and a lot of that will be because naturally we all have different work/life schedules.
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    From the album Old Mining Town

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    proper explorations

    How to keep viewers

    I'm kinda new to this forum so sorry if I'm doing this wrong I'm asking you all if you got any tips or something to keep viewers on your channel one of my videos is currently at 56k views I put end screens on the video But is there any thing else I can do to get viewers to stay on my channel ??? Any help will be much appreciated
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    Please collect all the decent brass from those places before they get closed. Then flat-rate ship it to me. Bonus - if you find 50 BMG brass, I'll make you a bottle opener!!