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    New Mexico Explorer

    I am new to the forum. Honestly, I had no idea it existed until recently. I live in central New Mexico and explore every chance I get. I am also a truck driver, and that sometimes affords me the opportunity to explore well beyond The Land of Enchantment.
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    new member Politicize from PA

    Welcome to EF! There are a lot of interesting things out your way, not as much in the way of older stuff... the climate out there tends to rot wood that's not taken care of.. .. and not much public land.. Urban exploration for sure.
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    That place looks creepy. Did you try to go inside?
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    Hayden, Arizona - Old Mining Town

    Old mining town of Hayden sees its last days http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2017/04/24/old-mining-town-hayden-sees-its-last-days/100765600/ And a video...
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    From Orange County California

    Thanks for the add
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    New from South East US

    Hey everyone.. Ran across this as well as different youtube videos about exploring abandoned places. It's something I have always had an interest in but never pursued unless you count paranormal investigations, etc.. After seeing the EWU channel I realize I should have done some exploring when I lived in the Vegas area a few years ago since there are plenty of places in the desert.
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    Hi, I'm Laura and I'm new to exploring! I've been looking for places to explore in southern Louisiana and I would love to share experiences with others in the Baton Rouge, Thibodaux, Houma, or Gonzales areas. Any recommendations or tips on how to find an ideal place?
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    Please Welcome Our Newest Member Gypsy

    Albuquerque here. I am new to the forum, but have travelled quite a bit in New Mexico and found many interesting sites.
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    I need major help!

    Looks like state 'trust' land is held in 'trust' to exclude the public. https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/trespass-program Another crock of government bullshit.
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    BLM Land Access, Mining Claims, Etc.

    No, that's not the real reason. If it was, the water would be closed to fishing more likely than not. Especially since it holds a species of trout originally native to California, vs an imported/hatchery species (or hybrid). If nothing else, it's good to live in a state like Montana or Idaho where the locals will protest the USFS or BLM at every turn. Compare that to California, where the vast majority of sheep see the Feds as their great 'Mommy in Washington' and cheer their completely asinine actions at every turn.
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    BLM Land Access, Mining Claims, Etc.

    That's really interesting (saw your recent vid last night as well). If the cabin is part of a lease and the leaseholder wants to keep it secure, that's fine. I'm not even sure how you are finding these cabins, and I did give it some thought, so I suspect that not many other people are finding them, or likely to find them. If you have to hike 5+ miles in, the types of people that will find them are not the types of people that would likely vandalize them. However, there is always an exception to the rule. The cabin at Meiss Meadow is locked, yet the ones in Bear Trap and Jelmini are not. I can't understand what significant difference there is between them, but that's the reality. There's actually one off Highway 4 (you may have been to it, I've only seen it from the aerial images) that seems odd. But looking at historical imagery going back a few years, the roof has changed a little, suggesting some sort of use or maintenance. There are probably more out there no one knows about, long forgotten, rotting away. Look at it this way - you know where these places are, you've documented the environment and the conditions, and there is now at least some sort of record of the place. Otherwise, they all eventually disappear from our collective knowledge, forever.
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    My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC14AKqWBORgS0nT40wzynpA?view_as=subscriber. I got the "exploring bug" when I was a child when my father would take us exploring abandoned places years ago before it was popular. I have missed it very much over the years and recently decided to return to it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the few explores I have done so far and am looking forward to many more. My channel occasionally has other content, but it's mostly for exploration. Check it out and subscribe! Thank you in advance!
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    BLM Land Access, Mining Claims, Etc.

    Thanks for the info. I am new to exploring, wanting to get into it more .
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    Looks like it is a newer style system that the whole top system is replaceable and the top looks brand new. Gauge gets damaged instead of trying to do the repairs out in the field they just bolt a new one on and take the old one? I'm guessing you happened upon during a service time or upgrade and the electronics just were not there yet. The other tin square to the North is a small game guzzler. That is the style and size that NV often uses and you can tell it is not a full structure because the shadow profile is not that tall. In all the different small game guzzlers I have seen in NV and CA I have never once seen one that is electronically monitored or measured. The small game guzzlers are installed in groups or as "bridge" sources between other natural sources. They just would not be that important idividually to monitor electronically. A big game guzzler for sheep I could see maybe being monitored that way. The stuff in the gully could just be trash or an old guzzler and when they replaced they located it higher up where it would be easier to install and service.
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    I bet that the solar-powered system got stolen. Solved :-)
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    Hi. Here's my channel. I explore crazy places that most wouldn't want to. Subscribe and come exploring! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCU7ad5U4EOQW5NSk_6V9MqA
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    Brick lined, impressive. I agree on the rebar. Not a place to camp and stumble around half asleep in the wee hours to take a leak ...
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    Enjoyed your pics. I would like to take a drive over there. I live in Wellington, NV. Is Highland City near to the campground?
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    Frito's World

    Discovered blood in abandoned house!

    Thanks for the advice. I agree with you. This was my first exploration video. I'm still learning. I wanted to share to see the feedback. My future videos have slowed down 🤓
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    BLM Land Access, Mining Claims, Etc.

    What *is* private and what *is* public/BLM is a matter of public record, available at the relevant county recorder's office. I mean, it's not like there's a conspiracy to secretly alter parcel/APN information in the various county offices. Finding the information might be a challenge, since the PLSS is such an arcane and difficult system to work with at times, but the information is there. It's more a question of how much time you want to put into the research.
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    Harley Kuehl

    BLM Land Access, Mining Claims, Etc.

    Well this has turned interesting as my last visit in April dealt with BLM in Eastern Washington. Decided to give the new knees a work out and did some hiking to get a good view on a couple of photos. Needless to say, no signs posted, but i got investigated within minutes! I had little problem explaining the situation when they saw a camera hanging around the neck, instead of a gun hanging from the shoulder! But I'm also in the vote, I'd love to go to the County Sheriff's office, but I'm not convinced I would be treated fairly with the information I'd be seeking....what IS private, and what IS BLM.... In the meantime, the visit was great...however, I never do get all the items crossed off the list! Both shots are taken east of Sprague Washington; you can BARELY make out Steptoe Butte in the distance....Ma Nature wasn't exactly stellar...what else is new...
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    Abandoned Mine California

    The 1963 Ford F-100 has a smaller hood and grill but the style of its other truck parts are quite similar to the Dodge military trucks back then.
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    An Old Arizona Silver Mine

    Very cool find, Ernie. Thanks for sharing!