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    It's hard to say for sure. I can't find any details about functionality and I don't have any IOS devices so can't really check it out. When is comes to security the devil is in the details.
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    Nice video, how do you like the Yuneec? I have been looking at them, seems like a great value for what you get.
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    Love drone footage, regardless which. Suppose it would be good for recon type of stuff.
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    The DJI has problems like that too. I was out a Aurora a while back and took some video footage, but the 4K quality of the Yuneec is awesome! I hope you will continue to use your quadcopter for your explores. Great job on the video. I have to get back out to Aurora.
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    Okay, so let's revisit this in light of a recent video. It is shameful and I have this terrible gut feeling that we now live in a day and age where people CAN NOT leave things alone. So it's gets to be the choice to claim it, as your own forever, or try to profit from it; to claim it and turn it in to some historical society; and then I'm blank for any other options because you know doggone well to leave it just means somebody else will grab it. But what is fascinating is that the stuff that has NO monetary value whatsoever still has a chance of telling a story. In the recent video posted, those boards laying among the sagebrush are a testimony to a situation lost in time, for the lack of better explanation. Yet shamefully, I can see some idiot grabbing that wood just for sake of a damn campfire...and that testimony of nature reclaiming the area is gone. So this situation is complex, regardless of value.
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    So far i like it...but for some reason it gets a little weird when flying it around Aurora.
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    I'm equally curious for some feedback on the Yuneec...picture clarity seems great!! Now that being said, in watching the video, I caught myself laughing how that sagebrush had no problem regaining the land where a building apparently stood!!
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    I think you only share with those you have in your own network, but I'm not sure. I very seldom use phone apps.
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    Appears to have no security at all, at least description implies that putting in a pin shares it with everyone. FB page exposes locations via 'pin of the week'. More social network than secure means of sharing locations with people you trust. Doesn't appear to be any way to join from here: http://www.colegibbon.com/pingaea/ Page is just screen shots. Perhaps only an iPhone app at this point? Seems to be the case, that's all this page has: http://www.pingaea.com/ Likely do well among those who like social networking, hope it doesn't end up making it easy for asshats to spoil exploring for the responsible folks.
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    Over on the South of Great Salt Lake there is a rock called "Black Rock", it took a split second and they were at the top. It's at least 30 feet high. I really need to learn to let loose sometimes.
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    I've always had some really good hearing, amazing it's still the way it is after loud stereos and race cars. Managed to get rid of the high pitched sounds 99.8% and can only really hear the sound of the video head. Could hear birds in the opening camping part. Problem now is, my editing program rendered it out to more than double the file size. Going to play with the settings and get the file size down later on.
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    Driving from Reno to Ohio would take up too much vacation time that I have better things to do with, lucky for me the new management has little interest in dragging me back there without reason. Previous directer felt it was important that I get 'face time' with people in the office, new management realizes it's not really necessary... I attend meetings remotely, works fine... One thing I've started doing that appears to limit theft, zip tie all the zippers. It keeps the random lookers out, only time I've ever had them cut was once (in last 5 or 6 trips) and that was a case where they inspected the luggage and left the official 'TSA inspected your bag.yadda yadda' things. The few times I've had things stolen were not official inspections.
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    Abandoned ranch. I don't have any history of this location. Lots of abandoned structures along road. I had a good trip. I need to get down there more often you just can't see it all in two days. I hope to get back down there again next month.
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    Rio Grande. near Madera canyon. Fun road. Lots of scenery. Some steep sections.
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    Windows inside bar. The other end of the bar building. The bar is in the best shape of all the buildings.
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    On the way out I took hwy 170 to Presidio. Rio Grande river. Ghost town of Contrabando. Bar. Needs some bottles on the bar. Town is right on the river.
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    After breaking camp I headed home. The road out was fun, more pinstripes. I decided to head up to the basin on the way out. The basin in much higher and cooler than the surrounding desert and attracts the most visitors. The cut is called the window, and has a hiking trail leading to it. There is a lodge, restraunt ,general store, and developed campground here.
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    The Xterra is great. I've have hit the hitch a few times, and nearly ripped off one of the rear mudflaps. I did install rocksliders last week, and have a full set of new skidplates. It was unnerving scraping the sides up, most have buffed out ok. I'm still looking for new tires. The stock ones have held up. I did spin them in a few places, but satisfied with them so far. I slept really good. Except for the crickets the night was quiet. Sunrise was wonderful. One of the lights was from this mountain. The other was from the high mountain in the distance.
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    Sunset. The basin area. Looking east of camp. Almost dark. Once the sun set there were several lights in the surrounding mountains. The lights went from bright to dim numerous times, and finally went out for good about an hour after the sun went down. There was a vehicle driving either down the Glenn Springs road or coming up the road to my camp and it's lights were way different than the lights in the mountains. I'm sure the mountain lights were man made, but who was making them and how did they get up there.
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