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    Heritage Trek

    Take History on the Road

    Greetings, I have a passion for local history and road trips that I combined to create Heritage Trek. This project is a product of my frustration in not being able to find one online source of information and tools to conduct comprehensive tours of historic sites. This includes not only the high-profile sites but the lost and/or obscure sites in local communities, off the beaten path. Inevitably, conversations with locals (during our road trips) highlighted the history we were missing. This project integrates local knowledge into mobile apps that facilitate self-drive tours of historic sites. I believe our project will increase historical awareness that will promote site preservation and increase traffic within communities to enhance local economies. There are many historical gems that have gone relatively unnoticed by the public that deserve more attention. Please have a look at my Project Page; I would be interested in your feedback. Areas of personal interest include ghost towns and abandoned homesteads. Old homes come in all shapes, styles, and sizes and are stark reminders of pioneering families and the communities they built. Observing old homesteads create a window into the past: the wooden enclosure of a hand-dug water well, ornamental plants established decades ago to add beauty to a demanding, often brutal existence, unique building architecture, abandoned field machinery that once supported the farm, and broad, deep porches that entertained visitors and provided relaxing family time. As will all historic site and event locations, there is no substitute for being there. I am fascinated with how my perceptions of places changes when I become physically and emotionally connected to what occurred at historic sites. I created an Explore Forum, Abandoned Northwest Florida Homesteads photograph gallery, which provides examples of a few old homesteads. The gallery contains a photograph of the collapsed remains of a homestead in Westville, Florida that was the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of the “Little House” series) for almost a year. They moved from Minnesota to Holmes County, Florida, in 1891 thinking the weather would benefit her husband's health but were unable to bear the high humidity and moved to South Dakota in 1892. They were an early version of the “snowbirds” that now, seasonally frequent the Gulf Coast. I would have never known Mrs. Wilder lived in Florida, if I had not passed the historical marker commemorating this chapter in their lives. You never know what you might find, once you get off the main thoroughfares and explore rural communities. Thanks! Mike Rainer
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    My name is Kait and i just moved to Northern California from Minnesota. I have always had an interest in urban exploring but am always too nervous to go into buildings. Found my way here by the EWU Crew!
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    Mono Mills, California.

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    David A. Wright

    What the ...?

    I go away for a couple days and return to find that mayhem struck ... 🤡
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    Here is the google earth map of Rockland.
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    Those are all blanks. Over near the Project Shoal site, we found a ton of spent 7.62x51 brass with links. It was old - had a black patina - and the headstamp date was '84'. Those were not blanks, so someone was doing live-fire in the area (it's Navy land, but not closed off) with small arms, likely using an M60, given the marks on the brass. I gathered several hundred cases and tumbled them for about a day with stainless steel pins, Dawn dish soap, and Lemishine. The brass came out clean, but not super-shiny. I inspected every piece for incipient head failures, then reloaded a bunch of it with light duty 308 Winchester loads. The stuff shot well, but given it's history, I wouldn't use it in anything semiauto. Still, it made for sub-MOA rounds out of my 700SPS.
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    54200012.pdf here is Hugh Schamberger’s book on Wonder in pdf format.
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    Leonard Knight must have been very impressed when he saw a hot air balloon fly near his home in Vermont in 1971. When he later moved to Nebraska, he built his own balloon with the words, “God is Love” but never got it to fly. Finally in 1984, Leonard moved to a remote desert town in California called Niland and decided this would be the place to build his testimonial to God.
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    Abandoned mining camp in Nevada

    Here's an abandoned mining operation I explored called gold pen and bovard mining districts.
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    Unfortunately it's not just vandals and blm that trash these sites, the modern day miners greatly contribute to the destruction of sites. I can name two historic towns completely destroyed by them. Rawhide and Candelaria. As far as giving directions or locations, it's a trust factor.
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    New Explorer from Las Vegas

    Welcome everyone!
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    David A. Wright

    New from Nevada

    Hmmm ... radio silence ...
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    The schoolhouse ruins at Aurora, Nevada.

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was the school at Grantsville, great job on the video!
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    Might be worth a try..
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    Area 51 tunnel video

    Thanks so much we had a great time, can’t wait to go back dressed warmer and with some gear. We love your videos and appreciate what you guys do! And my husband says if you ever want to explore together we are down!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to EF!!
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    David A. Wright

    Ghosts By Air

    Very nice production! I enjoyed it very much. Nice and smooth video and flight. Looking forward to part 2.
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    Nan Dixon - My addiction.

    Good evening. From your livestream that just ended, you were talking about Nan Dixon. You were in Lovelock, I believe, and you were going to make another video correct? Her story and disappearance, always stuck out for me. The local police were noted to be corrupted, so their incompetence is now believed to be a cover-up. I've found a number of videos about her disappearance, including one that's an interview with her grandson. It's quite sad, as Nan's disappearance broke the family apart. Many believing her brother being part of it, due to his criminal background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASjOGRgEKWk The Charley Project has a page - http://charleyproject.org/case/nan-cecile-dixon So does, The Doe Network - http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/2836dfnv.html Despite the evidence found, which pointed to a kidnapping and murder, the (corrupted) police closed it as a "suicide". Though reopened in 2007, there's no traction. It's interesting to note, that her disappearance is one of my "mysteries" surrounding Nevada I-80. Also known as, "The Highway of Death". https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/08/strange-disappearances-on-the-highway-of-death/ Just makes my blood boil. ~ Graze
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    What horror movies are made of, cool place.
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    Shame I didn't get more pics at the time... it was just a short visit.
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    Just wondering what lengths some of us have gone to check out or try to find that long forgotten place? Maybe it was to rope down a vertical shaft of a mine? Ever go someplace and have a run in with not so friendly people? A vehicle or equipment failure that made getting out a challenge? Or maybe it was just really really out there and took a lot of effort to reach and or find. Recently I got back from a trip with my daughter and we found a place that was just way out there. Several hours out on the highway. An hour up a mountain road. Over an another hour on a mandatory 4x4 trail. Then a pack into the back country about 8 miles several of which had no visible trail to a place I wasn't even 100% sure was there. And the hike out back out we took the longer way which was around 10 miles and hit elevations over 10K. My little one is 9 years old and she did that 10 mile stretch back to the truck in one day. Including the drive up and down we spent 5 days on our adventure. I did find what I was looking for... after starting to get a bit worried I might not near the end. I'll share the trip after I try to do some follow up on something personal I found.
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    fire that guy that kept walking in front of your camera 😉 and.. why... oh why didn't someone play that piano!!! Or the harp.. even if it sounded crappy...
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    Intro Cleveland

    Lived in Canton for 15 years. Anything left of geaga lake? I recall the old military ammo dumps along a highway to the east of Cleveland if I recall... pretty sure that's all closed off. Welcome to EF!
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    Just my preference: I’m not a big fan of video of walking around between ruins, aiming the camera this way and that (although I’ve done plenty of that in my early days). The dense growth, plus the music, gives the video an almost “Deliverance” feel to it in the first three minutes. Was that a noose hanging in the screened window of the porch? Yes, it was. Maybe to lasso bears? 😋 Nice cabin. Must be a pain to rodent proof. Nice camp shower. A cold run nekkid back across the road can be exhilarating! 😁
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    David A. Wright

    Ruger Security-9

    Thank you for your input. Yes, after reading Hogue’s website I found it is a sleeve, so I concluded it has no bearing on magazine capacity. I don’t know why Ruger supplies only the 10-round magazine with the Hogue grip, as per their catalog they don’t show a 15-round w/Hogue. Ruger’s MSRP for the Hogue is $20 more than the stock gun. I brought this up because it took me by surprise, it might help someone else in the market who finds this thread. Part of my selection was consistantly good reviews in the gun magazines and websites. And my experience with my reliable and rugged 1977 built Ruger 10/22 rifle. I’m no marksman nor looking for the ultimate gun. Just wanted a little more sidearm when out hunting or exloring, for those times I might encounter a kitty cat that doesn’t purr in your lap, or I happen to piss off a badger.
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    David A. Wright

    The Monoville Ghost Town

    Did you have any close encounters with rattlers in Rattlesnake Gulch? 😋 Part 1: * Nice ambiance with snowfall. * You have smooth motion while walking. If your camera doesn’t have a built in stabilizer, that is a real talent. Herky-jerky motion tends to kick in my problems with vertigo; a common trait of so many online videos and one why I seldom watch. That and your video has little swinging around side to side, what you do have is slow and deliberate, another good thing. * My opinion on the video being largely comprised of your long walk. If you are simply trying to give your viewer a feeling as if he/she is walking with you, then disregard. However, I would have cut down the long periods of walking into smaller bites; only including sections where you are zooming or focusing on the rock outcroppings, etcetera. If you wish to include walking, keep them brief, maybe 10-20 seconds. * Finally, the abrupt cutoff of video and audio at the end could be faded out, then a fade in to a statement to the effect of “Stay Tuned to Part 2” would end your video. As well, titles and fade in of audio at the beginning would enhance your video as well. Part 2: * Cutting down the walk would eliminate the need for part 2. * A little claustophobic and tedious in the dense willow growth. * In my opinion, the only thing of interest was the approach of your vehicles. Otherwise a fun subject and good video. With some editing tweaks can be a fine one.
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    Intro from Oklahoma

    Welcome to the mad house! This isn't the type of forum you can post and expect an immediate reply, sometimes it's like the pony express.... you might wait days.. If you ever decide to come though Nevada on 50... we can probably turn a one day trip through Nevada into a week of exploring.... lots of places to go, things to do...
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    Blair NV

    Yeah the walls of all the buildings are in great condition which is weird because all the roofs are gone and the hotel room floor is completely gone yet the walls are in perfect condition. Thank you for the history on this place.
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    A week or so ago I was looking on Okefenokee NWR's website in prep for my trip this summer and apparently the refuge is open and taking camping permits. Despite the shutdown.
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    It's adjacent to Dixie Valley. USN trains there, as do Marines. When we were there a couple of years ago, we had a nice overflight by a UH-60 on the deck. Pretty awesome stuff.
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    Exploring in the middle of nowhere

    Cool old cabin!! You mentioned the chicken wire on the side of the building. It looks like they either had or were planning on adding stucko to the side of the cabin. Great vid!
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    General videography suggestions

    Thought a thread to collect notes/thoughts on how to best document travels/explorations might be useful. When I first started learning about videography, I had 2 things drilled into my head.. HANDS OFF THE ZOOM and panning requires a pause. I know we can't plan all of our shots, however IF you're going to edit the footage anyway.. The core idea is all camera movement (including zoom) should be from one thing to another. Constant movement makes it very difficult to make out any details, and nobody likes zooming in/out... zoom should be slow/smooth with a defined start and end point. For example when approaching a building I'd recommend something like: Establishing shot, get the entire building if possible if not a SLOW pan from left->right (unless you read from right->left). As you approach the building entrance (if you're going inside), video your approach..slowly and with the camera held as steady as possible (tons of tips on how to do that online), it should look like a smooth roll into the building. It takes practice to get your walking 'bounce' out of the shot however once learned it's pretty easy IMO. Once inside, perhaps a slow pan from left-right to 'set the stage'. Now comes the hard part, documenting details. If there's something interesting to be seen.. then pause on it. If you're going for the 'live' look, leave the camera rolling but pointed in one direction as you explore around (perhaps the last interesting thing).. don't look through the viewfinder rather use your eyes to find interesting things while you hold the camera steady *then* move the camera view to the interesting item you found and pause there.... rinse and repeat. This is just my opinion. Personally I find that most interesting things at explore sites don't move so I rely on still images that carry more information and take less space. However I'm not trying to monetize youtube videos either...so ;-)
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    Wings Over the Owyhees

    Thought I'd try another "Helicopter Video", but this time without music and more of an attempt to introduce the place we're flying over and give a sense of place. What are thoughts on using background music, or letting the engine noise be? I mute it down a bit this time because (to me) the endless turbine whine is annoying at full blast, but I know there's also folks out there that really dig that stuff. The first set of "Helicopter Videos" I did I put in background music, but they don't seem to be getting much traction... and I don't know if it is because the music is a poor choice or if the subject matter is just not as exciting/interesting as I thought it would be.
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    Old Ranch - Angeles NF

    It's possible it may of been used in that capacity some at some time. I did find out that there were animals like bison and deer and the name on the water tower would be suggestive of it possibly being a film ranch... even though that wasn't the actually name of the place. The other house that was there.
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    Star Mine in Burke, Idaho

    Something wrong with photo uploading again? Keep getting an error that it exceeds limits when it is well under?
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    Visited Molly Stark 10 years ago, has potential.. would make on heck of a fun haunted house!
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    New from PA

    Hello and Welcome to EF.
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    It would be interesting to see what you would find along that pole line. There was another phone booth in Lanfair but that was also removed. The Mojave Phone Booth was on the line north of Danby. 1944 Bell Telephone Magazine - Building the West’s New Telephone Route
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    OK cool. So they're using blanks in training or are those from some type of simunation ammo of some sort? You can definitely see the expanded crimps that wouldn't be standard ball or anything that was fired.
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    Wonder, Churchill County, Nevada.

    I have some photos and video of Hercules..coming soon.
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    Exploring an abandoned cabin

    Usually when I see rock buildings they tend to be either Pantry's or dynamite storage, although I've never seen a rock building as tall and as close to a cabin as this one was, so the rock room might have been a bed room like you say. As I can't seem to think of anything else it would be used for.
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    David A. Wright

    Blew my Jeep Engine

    I got tired of the front ones getting ripped off years ago, lost one, removed the other and tossed it; and run rears only.
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    Music in Your Videos Tip

    You can use copyrighted music from popular songs as long as it's listed here (each song has specific rules): https://www.youtube.com/music_policies What happens is, if you choose to use it, you can't monetize off of it. For other music you can use, and still monetize (royalty free - but you have to mention)...I've gotten a couple songs from these 2 websites: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2 http://www.purple-planet.com/
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