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    Star Mine in Burke, Idaho

    One of my latest passions... wandering around this old ghost town and photographing the Hecla Star Mine in Burke, Shoshone County, Idaho.
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    David A. Wright

    Ruger Security-9

    A week ago, after a year of research, shopping and drooling on store counters, I bought a Ruger Security-9 handgun. A 9mm semi-auto, 4” barrel. https://ruger.com/products/security9/specSheets/3819.html My gun is equipped with the optional Hogue grip (shown in photo), which I didn’t realize when I bought the gun. I paid $329 at a local gun shop here in Winnemucca, or $30 less than the Security-9 without the Hogue grip at the Reno Cabela’s. Not sure why, but when purchased with the Hogue grip, Ruger supplies two 10-round magazines instead of the 15-round magazines. I could not find anything to indicate that a 15-round magazine is incompatable with the Hogue grip. The gun store owner also had no answer. But Ruger’s website doesn’t state that the 15-round magazine is incompatable; Hogue’s website doesn’t state any incompatability, so my logic is that my plan to purchase a couple 15-round magazines in the future. This feature was one of the reasons for my purchase, so I was a bit let down. But the Hogue grip is quite comfotable. This gun is my first 9mm handgun. A primary reason I went with a 9mm is relatively inexpensive ammo costs. Walmart here in town sells Federal for 16 cents per round; Remington for a penny more. I spent the afternoon and evening after purchase getting familiar with the gun and reading the manual. I also found a Bulldog brand universal hip holster (clip + belt loop) made for semi auto pistols with 4” barrels at the local True Value, as the gun store didn’t have any model specific holsters or universals that fit in stock. The day following my purchase I went to the local shooting range, crowded even with the breezy and cold conditions with occasional snow showers and blowing snow from off Winnemucca Mountain. My buddy, who recently repaired his Thompson “Typewriter” 45-caliber semi-auto, and I took the 400-yard range. He fired far, I set up a heavy gauge cardboard fruit box weighted with a paving stone at about 200 feet. I had marked the box with rings and a center crosshair. I shot a hundred rounds at the box, both standing and sitting at the table with the gun resting on a sandbag. I got used to my gun’s characteristics and sights, putting 44 out of 100 rounds through the box; plus clearing the immediate area around the box of snow, mud and dirt by near misses. By that time, my buddy’s Thompson broke again, both of us were cold, my wrists were sore (gun recoil, arthritis and cold) and a couple vehicles were waiting for their turns. So we packed up our guns, picked up our brass and left. In the morning before practice, I registered my gun with Ruger and downloaded a .pdf of their current catalog. I noticed the availability of the Hogue grip and 10-round magazine, but didn’t realize my gun was so equipped until I loaded the first magazine and could only get 10 rounds and it hit me that I had a Hogue model. I guess I’m getting less observant as I’m getting older. I am predominately right handed. I have to shoot long guns left handed. Pistols I tend to be ambidextrous. My .22 mag revolver I can shoot left handed, but is more comfortable right. My new Ruger feels supremely comfortable left handed, though it is a right handed gun. My left hand is more steady aiming as well.
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    Blair NV

    I recently explored Blair Nevada here's the photos !!!
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    New from Idaho

    Joined from a YouTube drop by EWU Crew. I live in Idaho and love to explore places. My family is from here, some of them helped found Idaho and parts of Oregon. I created an account here awhile ago but got busy and wasn't sure if I posted an intro or not but anyways HELLLOOO FROM IDAHO 😁😁😁 I love being outside. Exploring, fishing, shooting, metal detecting, wandering whatever. I am also the founder of Women Anglers of Idaho. I also dabble in preservation of dead things and taxidermy so everytime I go out there is something to do! I don't know what all you guys want or need to know. Hope that covers it!
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    On March 10th, Youtube decided to demonetize my entire channel. Not a huge deal, my channel has taken a real beating since a certain copycat moron recruited a bunch of haters, by making false accusations against me (it's still ongoing). Still, I am at just about at 60k subscribers, and it pisses me off. I can live without the $100USD a month I was getting, however it did help fund my fuel costs for my next trip. I got the "We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies." story. More specifically: "Reused content In most cases, you can’t reupload someone else's content unless you get permission first. Remember: It's not enough to credit the content owner or state that "no copyright infringement is intended." Learn more about copyright and fair use Here are some types of content that are subject to copyright: Audiovisual works like TV shows and movies Sound recordings and musical compositions Visual and written works, including paintings, posters, articles and books Dramatic works such as plays and musicals Video games and computer software" The only guess I have, I had one video on my channel I didn't own, a popular Area 51 documentary by National Geographic WHICH NATGEO HAD MONETIZED. And the video had been on my channel for 3 years. Bob put me on to a video that might have helped get it reinstated, instead of waiting 30 days to apply again, but it required a lot of bitching and moaning to Youtube. If you are lucky they might listen. Frankly I really don't have the time for it. At this point all I can do is reapply in April, and hope that I have cleansed my channel of that video, they will allow monetization again. I have no idea what else it might be, all my videos are 100% my content, with only royalty free music.
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    New to the forum

    Hey everyone, new to the Forum. Living in Las Vegas with my husband and 17 year old son. We love to get out and explore the desert, find ghost town, mines, and random stuff. We drive a wrangler and like to test her out on the weekends. We recently came across EWU videos and have been binge watching. If anyone knows of great hidden gems we need to check out let me know! I’m excited to find new places! People really don’t realize how much cool history is out here!
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    It has been my experience, without exception, no matter how remote, no matter if you can see 50 miles without any sign of a vehicle or person, is to start to take a leak and within seconds someone comes along ... 🤢
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    Good answer! When I see posts like the above, the poster having joined likely just to do so, then the hair on my back also raises. Except because the request - blunt with no apparent humbleness - is probably for instant gratification without willingness to do their own research. And, these young Millenials just seem to have no respect for helping maintain places explored, but only want to exploit them with the least amount of time and energy for their latest You Tube video.
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    New Reno member

    Hey all, new member here. Just learned about this forum the other day from John (Backwoodsbeast). I recently got out of the Air Force and I’m excited to use my new found freedom to explore my new home of Reno.
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    Hello Everyone! This place is well known and pretty popular but check out the first 2 minutes of drone footage if you have the time. Still working on my editing skills but getting better!😁
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    In my experience getting people together like this is mainly about somebody stepping and making a location and date. You decide on that and people have something to work with as to weather they can make it or not. Not everybody makes it. Some because it simply doesn't work for them too far etc. Others maybe because they're not interested enough. But the people that do show are usually the ones that are pretty game to meet new people and new experiences.
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    Business as usual, flying drones and going into tunnels.
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    Johnny Nuggets

    Ghosts By Air

    For some folks of like minds enjoyment. (Volume 1 Nevada) I will have a second edition coming out later in 2019 with some more Nevada sites.
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    Abandoned pickup truck and a Log Cabin

    I found an abandoned 1980s Ford F150 and a Log Cabin in Nevada.
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    David A. Wright

    Area 51 tunnel video

    Thank you for your candor, Kimmikwood. And thank you for your ethics in the desert.
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    Hello everyone. I found this site after watching EWU on YouTube for the past few years. I'm a 911 dispatcher, and I play with maps all day when we aren't busy. I have been exploring since I was a kid. My dad would take me out to find arrowheads and other native american artifacts. I was hoping to meet some others from around my area (central Alabama) to explore with. It's getting hard for me to find places that are public. I would love to explore Parker Island. It's located right outside of Ft. Toulouse. The only way to it is by boat. To my understanding, it is privately owned.
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    The abandoned yerington drive in theater

    I explored this abandoned theater outside of yerington, usually I do not give out locations although everyone knows where this is located already.
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    Area 51 tunnel video

    Located in Nevada and yes, it has a name I've been there a couple of times now, camped out each time and only ventured in about 30 feet into the tunnels before the hair on the back of my neck tells me to GTFO. I'm not in the habit of giving out locations, sorry, seen quite a few places get destroyed once word gets out and big groups of people start going. It's happened locally and it sucks.
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    Wasn't Bob's video today about what happens if you cross the line? Guess this answers that if you cross in 8 miles deep.
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    Abandoned cabin photos

    I couldn't seem to find any info on this abandoned mining operation. Although here's the photos !!!
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    Space aliens are considered essential workers ... 👽
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    Couple days ago on our way back home we took a side trip to check out this old mining camp. Pretty cool, more stuff on the grounds then I expected, cabin was built pretty well but has been stripped bare and has no glass which is really unfortunate. Back in 2015 there was a manhunt for a suspected kidnapper and murder that evaded law enforcement for weeks. He met his end at the hands of sheriffs deputies not too far from this location. I believe there is a good chance that he may of used the mines in the area to keep cool in the summer and hide over the 80+ miles he traveled. There were probably dozens of places he used to hide. Would make an interesting series. Not sure how to go about researching some of the stuff more.
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    Heritage Trek

    Take History on the Road

    Greetings, I have a passion for local history and road trips that I combined to create Heritage Trek. This project is a product of my frustration in not being able to find one online source of information and tools to conduct comprehensive tours of historic sites. This includes not only the high-profile sites but the lost and/or obscure sites in local communities, off the beaten path. Inevitably, conversations with locals (during our road trips) highlighted the history we were missing. This project integrates local knowledge into mobile apps that facilitate self-drive tours of historic sites. I believe our project will increase historical awareness that will promote site preservation and increase traffic within communities to enhance local economies. There are many historical gems that have gone relatively unnoticed by the public that deserve more attention. Please have a look at my Project Page; I would be interested in your feedback. Areas of personal interest include ghost towns and abandoned homesteads. Old homes come in all shapes, styles, and sizes and are stark reminders of pioneering families and the communities they built. Observing old homesteads create a window into the past: the wooden enclosure of a hand-dug water well, ornamental plants established decades ago to add beauty to a demanding, often brutal existence, unique building architecture, abandoned field machinery that once supported the farm, and broad, deep porches that entertained visitors and provided relaxing family time. As will all historic site and event locations, there is no substitute for being there. I am fascinated with how my perceptions of places changes when I become physically and emotionally connected to what occurred at historic sites. I created an Explore Forum, Abandoned Northwest Florida Homesteads photograph gallery, which provides examples of a few old homesteads. The gallery contains a photograph of the collapsed remains of a homestead in Westville, Florida that was the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of the “Little House” series) for almost a year. They moved from Minnesota to Holmes County, Florida, in 1891 thinking the weather would benefit her husband's health but were unable to bear the high humidity and moved to South Dakota in 1892. They were an early version of the “snowbirds” that now, seasonally frequent the Gulf Coast. I would have never known Mrs. Wilder lived in Florida, if I had not passed the historical marker commemorating this chapter in their lives. You never know what you might find, once you get off the main thoroughfares and explore rural communities. Thanks! Mike Rainer
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    Here's a video of Bass Camp I uploaded yesterday
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    Our next stop on our little desert road trip took us to Indio. One place that Neek, Sar and I were really curious to visit was Shields Date Garden. I had never been to this place before even though I love dates; as a child my parents took me to another place that sells dates in Cabazon, Hadley Fruit Orchards (more on that in a later episode). But I had seen the place before on a Huell Howser TV show on public television, so I was very excited to experience the place!
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    Indeed.. 'plan it and they will.. maybe..come..' is likely the best bet. I think many of us have a 'lone desert explorer' nature.. not that we're antisocial or anything but it's just a lot easier to plan something that fits your schedule.. let others know if you want company.. I've been planning motorcycle off road exploration trips for a while now.. I'll often publish what/where/when...but most people aren't into getting up before dawn to drive 2 hours to a staging area.. and then hit the trails at sunrise... ;-)
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    2019 Western Desert Collab Project?

    I think the main trick is to just "show up and do", and if others arrive and join in, great. Otherwise, have a cool explore on one's own. It's probably easier for two teams to get together than multiple, and a lot of that will be because naturally we all have different work/life schedules.
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    Area 51 tunnel video

    You're best bet is to hang around here, participate in threads... let folks here get to know you better.
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    Abandoned Mill near Blair NV

    I probably should carry a personal locator beacon, I'll definitely have to look into buying one.
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    Mojave Mines and Cabins

    I would of gone down the road if my daughter had not been with me or had she not seen the huge sign. Problem was she see's this giant stop sign with a plastic jersey barrier in the middle of the road and in her mind assumes that there must be some danger or we will get ticketed (her grandmother got a ticket recently for being in a burnt area). I was 95% sure the closure was because or rain... which had been at least several days or more prior so it would not be over the road anymore. And if it was you just turn around. And that's usually what signs they have up: When flooded Turn Around Dont Drown. I tried to explain that the government was shutdown, the workers are furloughed, and wouldn't be here to give tickets and also why the closure was most likely not removed and still there. But she's only 10 and didn't quite get or trust what I was saying and there always was the chance the signs were legitimate and there was some sort of washout 10 or 15 miles up... which would of sucked. So I altered course to an area I had a good idea of how to get to and had a chance of enough reception for the map to work. There are not as many alternate routes down there as you'd think. Trying to cross the train tracks that run down the middle of the area for example. There are not very many places to cross the tracks and fewer places to fit under... assuming your vehicle has the right combination of ground clearance to not get high centered on the ruts that have been dug and low enough overall height to fit under. Those stupid bat bars.... couple things about those that piss me off. The second and third mines that had bars on them looked to be some of the more stable mines I've seen. The amount of money and time spent to do all this. And it's not just the tunnel mines but all sorts of inclines, vertical shafts, and vents. Some of the "structures" they placed over a few vertical shafts are massive steel monsters that are 25'x 25' or bigger. They spend who knows how much on this junk but won't spend a dime to maintain the wildlife guzzlers but what's worse is they won't let volunteers spend their own money and labor to fix many of them either. I personally feel the bat bars are a different type of vandalism. Went to another mine camp today that was on BLM. The cabin needs some help that it hasn't gotten in a long time but BLM had made a trail and a sign that directed you to where the mine was. The mine entrance stepped into a winze with a timbered floor with some partial failing support timbers above. There was a big sign that said danger but otherwise you were free to go up to it and access the risk yourself. With the little one again so I didn't go in this one but nice to come across one that had not been infected with the safety police mentality.
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    Here's a video of an abandoned town I explored.
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