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    Here's a video of an abandoned house I found in Nevada.
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    Nan Dixon - My addiction.

    Good evening. From your livestream that just ended, you were talking about Nan Dixon. You were in Lovelock, I believe, and you were going to make another video correct? Her story and disappearance, always stuck out for me. The local police were noted to be corrupted, so their incompetence is now believed to be a cover-up. I've found a number of videos about her disappearance, including one that's an interview with her grandson. It's quite sad, as Nan's disappearance broke the family apart. Many believing her brother being part of it, due to his criminal background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASjOGRgEKWk The Charley Project has a page - http://charleyproject.org/case/nan-cecile-dixon So does, The Doe Network - http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/2836dfnv.html Despite the evidence found, which pointed to a kidnapping and murder, the (corrupted) police closed it as a "suicide". Though reopened in 2007, there's no traction. It's interesting to note, that her disappearance is one of my "mysteries" surrounding Nevada I-80. Also known as, "The Highway of Death". https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/08/strange-disappearances-on-the-highway-of-death/ Just makes my blood boil. ~ Graze
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    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I keep hearing about the forum,and decided it was time to join. I've been exploring Southern California deserts for about 40 years now, on and off. There's still a ton I haven't seen yet, but I guess the point is, I'm a desert rat at heart. I'm particularly interested in abandoned cemeteries, aircraft wrecks, and ghost towns. I also dabble with a metal detector and have found some neat stuff. As my wife puts it, I'm not interested in where people are, I'm interested in where they were. So, I'm here to learn what you know, share what I know, and help figure out what none of us know. Or at least try. =) z_z_zzyzx
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    Hi Exploreforums, I hope everyone is good and well! Now, we are trying to get active again and came back with a brand new episode! Today we are exploring a crazy, cool abandoned college or school we found (also found that it was a church once). There was a freaking beehive literally above my head in one of the rooms and tons of stuff still leftover. This was a beautiful place indeed and would go back! We appreciate any support you give us by Subscribing, following, etc. Thank you all and follow us along for the next episode! Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNqMXvNR5nRn2Q45Dh3FzA Subscribe to us from Texas for all of our Explorations, updates, and extras. We would appreciate the support! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYStq1BMysE Any comments and feedback are greatly welcomed. Thanks for reading!
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    Any idea what these are?

    How's that for a descriptive title ;-) The attached images show 'tiles' that are attached to the ground using simple landscaping 'nails'. I should have measured, but I think each square was about 10', they clip together. As this was near an active mine, I suspect they were used for some sort of arial survey. However they aren't permanently fixed to the ground, I'm wondering if these were temporary and nobody bothers picking them up.. in which case I would be cleaning up trash from BLM land by taking them! Figured I could use them for something.. for now left them be.
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