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    Ghost Town Beginners Guide

    This is a beginners guide to Ghost Towns. What is a Ghost Town? There are many different definitions when it comes to what constitutes a ghost town, but one thing is for certain, ghost towns have nothing to do with paranormal activity. Ghost towns are towns which are a ghost of their former selves. But what exactly is a ghost town? A Ghost Town means different things to different people. For the sake of this site, I will classify ghost towns into three categories, full ghost towns, semi ghost towns, and tourist ghost towns. Full ghost towns are cities and towns which no longer have any residents. Many of these ghost towns are nothing more than foundations with a few scattered buildings if you are lucky. I personally prefer these types of ghost towns since they are completely deserted. Some full ghost towns include leadville in Nevada, Panamint City California, and Ballarat. Semi-Ghost towns are towns which have a few remaining residents, but the majority of the town is deserted. Goldfiield Nevada is an example of a semi-ghost town. Tourist Ghost towns include places like Virginia City Nevada, Rhyolite Nevada, and many other touristy types of places. If you are looking for a paranormal type of website, this isn't what I am talking about when discussing ghost towns. If we get enough paranormal type of people, we will be happy to open an explore category for you. Ghost Town Etiquette: Unfortunately we are losing the majority of ghost towns to vandals and thieves. If you wish to preserve the rich history of ghost towns, follow these rules. 1. Never destroy or take stuff from ghost towns. Leave it there so the next group of people can also get a chance to experience the rich history. 2. Only take photographs and leave only foot prints. 3. Make sure the town is deserted before attempting to enter any type of structure. 4. Never enter an abandoned mine! 5. Always take plenty off supplies and make sure you tell others where you are going. Most ghost towns are located in rural areas and you never know who or what you will run into out there. Remember, it only takes one to ruin it for the rest of us!
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