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    Mojave Mines and Cabins

    Daughter and I try to sneak out and explore places out in the Mojave to or from visiting family in Vegas and this last time was no exception. Had actually intended to go to a different part of the preserve that I believe less known but the park service had road closed stuff up even though I pretty sure it was fine. I know Bob and crew have been to some of the buildings here. The big cabin had people there so we didn't get to check it out. Checked out the Evening Star mine remains and what we could peak at though the bat bars... disappointing to see so many of those. But we did find a couple mines that did not have them. We were unfortunately short on time and memory on my phone and didn't really get to go though some of the buildings in the detail I would of liked. First lazy attempt using photoshop for the thumbnail so let me know what you think. I tried to make the intro edited interesting. This one my daughter wanted on her channel, there is also another place from the Mojave on her channel and a NIKE missile site if you want to check those out.
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    Spam Spam and more Spam....unggh

    dang, and I was hoping to get a green card... or a fake ID that said I'm 20 😉
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