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    Couple days ago on our way back home we took a side trip to check out this old mining camp. Pretty cool, more stuff on the grounds then I expected, cabin was built pretty well but has been stripped bare and has no glass which is really unfortunate. Back in 2015 there was a manhunt for a suspected kidnapper and murder that evaded law enforcement for weeks. He met his end at the hands of sheriffs deputies not too far from this location. I believe there is a good chance that he may of used the mines in the area to keep cool in the summer and hide over the 80+ miles he traveled. There were probably dozens of places he used to hide. Would make an interesting series. Not sure how to go about researching some of the stuff more.
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    Genuinely sorry to hear that you're still not in, but glad your home survived. I was on a SAR team doing search and recovery up until they called off the search efforts. Very strange walking down a cul-de-sac of 10 homes, 9 of them piles of ash, and one of them still standing. Even asking the Fire guys, they said for many surviving homes there was no particular reason they should have survived. Been watching vids of escapes, seeing homes on fire that I later ended up searching and tearing apart with various Fire crews. When we had our forward CP at Tall Pines, there was an older Toyota Minivan at the corner of Clark and Village with a big orange cone on top. That was our outbound marker to make the turn onto Village for debrief and decon (another unpleasant process). For a month we tried to figure out the deal with that van, to no avail. Watching a video Friday night, a guy who evacuated from the KMart once Clark Road was clear drove right past it on 11/8. Van was there, w/out the cone. So in typical SAR fashion, someone turned an abandoned car into a CP marker for those not familiar with the area. I don't know how many SAR teams I saw that picked up old burned tools (pry bars, breaker bars, even chunks of steel pipe) to use in the search. SAR teams aren't equipped for that sort of thing by default, and though our unit trains for USAR, we focus on shoring and building stabilization so we can go in and get survivors out. Some nights we slept in tents (15-20 in a tent), other nights in the mobile sleeper bunk trailers. I hate those trailers, now. Next time I'll sleep in one of the Sheriff's rigs or in my own tent. Everything was fine until they activated FEMA. Staffed by decent people, but organizationally they are a total clusterfuck. And throwing people into leadership roles that have zero clue how to handle any sort of search led to a lot of duplicated effort. What a mess for the people that live there. I'm pretty sure they'll be finding remains for months to come as the ash washes/blows away and the bone bits remain. Fucking horrible sight. Bones found right next to front doors. Folks tried to run out to their cars and took their first, and last, breath of super-heated air, fried their lungs, and died in minutes, writhing in agony. I'm convinced, given the location and position of a few finds, some folks saw the horror coming, knew they couldn't get out, and decided to punch out with a .38 or .357. I don't blame them one bit. I've washed uniforms and gear countless times now, and I'll never get the stench out. It's a mix of a wood burning stove, burned tires, sorrow, and despair. Fuck.
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    I was looking at Schamberger's book last night. He has one image, of a small headstone. The verbiage alludes there is little left. That was in the late 60s to 1971, when the book was published. So it may be very difficult to find anything.
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    David A. Wright

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    Wow. So very sad. With the simplistic finger pointing and statement that the fire was California’s fault, I think some need to be in their shoes and yours for an attitude adjustment and a reality check.
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