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    Couple days ago on our way back home we took a side trip to check out this old mining camp. Pretty cool, more stuff on the grounds then I expected, cabin was built pretty well but has been stripped bare and has no glass which is really unfortunate. Back in 2015 there was a manhunt for a suspected kidnapper and murder that evaded law enforcement for weeks. He met his end at the hands of sheriffs deputies not too far from this location. I believe there is a good chance that he may of used the mines in the area to keep cool in the summer and hide over the 80+ miles he traveled. There were probably dozens of places he used to hide. Would make an interesting series. Not sure how to go about researching some of the stuff more.
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    Wonder what the story is with all the spent blanks and links are? Something filmed there at one time?
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    The gated mine at Hercules is easy to enter. I know this from personal experience. When you make a door, you make a way in for everyone. When you fail to secure that door, it might as well not exist in the first place.
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    This forum is dead.

    That sounds brutal. When I was a kid we lived in Topanga (close to Malibu) and a fire in the 90's burned pretty much up to a couple 100 feet from our home, friends burned to the ground (fortunately it was a POS anyways), two people up the road where it started were killed. We were able to sneak back in though a back service road at night to get back to the animals and help defend our area. On the off road way back in I could see flames in the distance, then looking at a familiar set of rocks next to the flames and realizing the flames were probably 150-200 feet tall. Unbelievably hellish looking scene that was both frighting but amazing. I remember the next day after it swept though and many things were still burning one of the guys that lived up the side street had just gotten back to find his home in ruins but it was his dogs that didn't make it. The neighbor had tried to save them but it was too late. He actually heard them trapped before before the fire got them completely. These huge fires over the last year make that one seem like nothing. I thought that was a huge devastating fire at the time, I think it was only 18K acres. We had what? Millions of acres and hundreds of people killed from fires in the last 18 months alone? Can't even imagine coming back to that or having to help search for dozens of charred remains. By the way the hill on the backside of the house we were did not burn that year. At the time it was so thick I as a little kid couldn't climb though the brush. Back then the last time it had burned I think was 60 or 70 years prior. It's still hasn't.
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    This forum is dead.

    Was a pretty bad year for fires, Carr Fire, Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire. The winds that blew up the fire coming through the Feather River Canyon are crazy at times. Highway 70 through there is one of the nicest drives around however, you gotta dodge boulders or mudslides once in a while. Coming back from an overnight snow camp trip at Butt Valley Reservoir one year, the wind and rain were really bad. Came around one corner actually just a bit before Pulga and there was a Volkswagen Bug sized slide blocking the east bound lane with a tree still standing lol. They closed the road like 10 minutes later. We've had brushes with fire here and there, 10 years ago a couple wiped out some houses bottom of town. Every time one sparked up, always had in the back of my mind, this could be the one. Finally happened and I was actually coming back from an Arizona house hunting trip. My scanner app went off as I was driving right as Pulga was being evacuated and I was still south of Kingman AZ. By the time I was done there, the fire had made its way into Paradise and all I could do was listen for the next 11 hours my town being destroyed. Really had no clue how bad it was till that night finally being able to see the news. Spent 2 days at a friend's work building before heading into Chico to stay with the step mom (wish I had stayed at my friend's work place lmao) Figured I'd be in town again within a week, actually took 5 weeks. Glad I didn't have to experience what others had to do trying to evacuate. A good friend of mine watched a guy burn to death while sitting in his car. The old guy said a few minutes before he wasn't going anywhere. My friend has holes in his shirt from the burning embers while trying to escape on foot through places. Another good friend went home and saved his dog and cat then headed over to another friend's place to save a couple of dogs. When he was telling me this, he said, "You don't know it but you helped save those dogs." We had gone on a trip to the Rubicon earlier in the year and I gave him a long length of paracord to tie down a tarp on his truck. He used that same paracord to make leashes for the dogs since he wasn't going to spend time looking for their regular ones. Got those animals into his truck and tried to escape but it was gridlock. His truck was 5 cars away from where that burned out school bus was. Pulled up off the road and started walking out on foot with 3 dogs and a cat. Finally someone asked if he needed a ride and he jumped into the back of a pickup with other people getting out. I could go on and on of stories of escape I've heard from friends so I'll just stop here lol.
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    Wonder, Churchill County, Nevada.

    We looked a couple of years ago. We found what MAY have been wood remnants from coffins, but nothing else. We hiked extensively and found basically nothing of the graves.
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    Great video!! No offence but I think your daughter steals the show there. Lol fun video to watch
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    This forum is dead.

    Wow Ed, deep apreciation for what you did and went through as well as the victoms over there. CA has always had wild fires but not that Ive ever heard of to this magnitude.
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    54200012.pdf here is Hugh Schamberger’s book on Wonder in pdf format.
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