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    That sure is an awesome looking place. Great video.
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    haha, yeah, Mercury is pretty far away from Area 51, and I have been to Mercury, entered at the first set of fences and had to go through in order to turn around, even though it said to not enter. They literally give you no place to turn around, but I didn't see any security in the area. I heard a story about some nuclear waste that has recently been delivered to the location. It wasn't supposed to have been moved there and was done secretly. I am not sure if the story is true, but the timing and the situation is suspect. Not sure what he was holding in his hand, but at this point it sounds like a cover up. I am not one for conspiracies, but there is definitely more to the story. I wonder who this guy was, has his name been released yet? Anyone have any more details on the story? I was going to mercury to research some underground tunnels, but couldn't even get close enough to see much of the town. We have drifted so far away from our founding principles, not even sure if I recognize this country anymore.
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    Awesome vid. Its amazing how they built solid building and just left them there to rot and decay into ruins.
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    In Search of the Next Mojave Phone Booth

    Cool find Jack, I will have to go back and follow the telephone lines and find more of them! There was a decent road that followed the telephone lines, but I didn't even think to follow them for more!
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    Missing 411 Book Series

    I was listening to part of a podcast with him about missing hunters and I thought the perspective they were trying to put out there was quite illogical. Basically they were trying to suggest that it was weird that hunters were going missing of all people because they of all people would be the most likely prepared, have the more survival skills and tools then others etc. Why where there more hunters turning up missing around certain areas, why did this happen when there are storms??? I'm sitting there going of course hunters are more likely to go missing and not be found compared to hikers or a lot of other types of outdoor activity. Hikers typically stay on or around trails where hunters go where the game is, which is often not on or near trails and often in horrible terrain. More likely to fall and get hurt, less likely to be found. Hunting is in the fall and winter typically, if a storm rolls though and it SNOWS then of course they are more likely to die and much less likely to be found. Around more animals that would potentially scavange their dead body, etc. etc. Area to search would be larger where if somebody went fishing you could concentrate on waterways like streams and lake. Hikers you concentrate on trails. Somebody hunting? All over potentially. All it takes is to fall in a bad spot. You don't even need to be hurt too bad just bad enough that your mobility is screwed. Not some big mystery in most cases.
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    HEVC/H.265 import issues in Adobe PP.

    You might want to try installing the k-lite codec pack: https://www.codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_mega.htm Install the Mega version. I've found that improves odds of importing various video formats into PP. For editing purposes I often use ffmpeg to re-encode into a format that PP can use, it can take a lot of HD space.
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