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    Home Security System?

    Thanks guys, some good info here. I am thinking of a two part plan, one with cameras where I can check in from anywhere in live view to see what is happening at home and a second security system with door / window sensors, motion sensors, etc ... when any sensor is tripped it's sent to my cell phone where I can quickly check in on the live cameras to make sure everything looks okay. I am leaning towards the SimpliSafe model as they have back up batteries in the units for power outages and if the internet is out, they will send the alerts through local cell phone towers. Seems SimpliSafe has had some issues in the past, but after reading up on it, it seems they have fixed the issue. I also like how they have a smoke detector, freeze detector, broken glass detector, and carbon monoxide detector. Mainly interested in the smoke detector as it might be super useful to prevent a fire at home. I like the idea of being able to see what is happening in my house whenever, especially if any sensors are triggered. Of course a good gun safe is part of the plan. We have some crazy stalkers YouTube stalkers (one is a registered sex offender out of the central valley in California). He served time and barely makes sense when he contacts us after creating multiple accounts on all the social media platforms ... so now we gotta take even more measures to protect our home when we are gone, and even while we are home.
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    David A. Wright

    Home Security System?

    I’ve seen the Ring in action. Really nice resolution. Pretty impressive nighttime view, even with low lighting. Even full screen on an iPad it is sharp and clear. Battery life in the outside unit is fine for day to day use, but for long periods away I think would be a problem. Unless there is a unit that can be wired into standard home doorbell wiring. The two batteries are rechargable and look like AA batteries but about double their size. Sound through the outside speaker might arouse the curiosity of a cat sleeping on the porch, but certainly isn’t going to make Mr. Geek sound like an angry super hero and scare off intruders like the commercial implies. It appears to me that the Ring could be easily defeated by a savy intruder. The unit easily pops off its base for battery replacement and can be left facedown or the batteries popped out. Or the lens covered with a piece of duct tape. The view is wide angle, but not that wide, and has a sharp cutoff at the edges. Someone thin could likely slide in and defeat it. I’d think a multi-faceted approach would be best. Not just relying on just a video doorbell. With all the media about porch pirates, any criminal worth his stripes already knows how to get around that.
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