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    What's everyones take on giving out locations of abandoned mines and ghost towns? I just saw Bob's post about not giving out locations because of vandals. When I watch most of everyones videos and we almost always give the name of the mine or town. Which isn't giving out directions to the place but it also makes it pretty easy to google research and find it if you're really curious. But I'm just kind of wondering what are the things that we shouldn't give out so willingly? For instance, A while back when I first started, I posted a hike to some petroglyphs and I got a bunch "no-no" comments saying I shouldn't give out the location and all I did was do a google search of "petroglyphs in northern Nevada." And it was a really tough (5.5 hour) hike. So, to me, I feel like if you're willing to make that trek you should be granted access to see these things for yourself, if you're really curious. Also, here is my latest abandoned ghost town video I forgot to post if anyone is interested. But how do you feel about me putting the name in the title and the thumbnail??? Anyways, Thanks! and have a nice day guys!
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    Jessup NV

    I emailed the Sheriff (his address was on their website, so why not). He thanked me to calling them, sticking around and providing a statement. They are still waiting on the cause of death, probably been dead for a while and autopsy is in progress. They have identified and notified next of kin. I asked if he'd mind if I checked up again in a few weeks, I have no idea if they can tell me anything more about the cause of death and perhaps what the 'debris' was.. Can't hurt to ask.
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    I'll discuss privately if the other party isn't an assclown. Example, I'll tell Bob about what I find and where I go, and he does the same. I help him figure out land status when I can, and he clues me in to places that are worth going. Since this is really his income source, he has more time to dedicate to the recon portion of things. And if I have a suggestion on a place, I'll tell him if he hasn't already been there. Bob also isn't really a mine explorer per se. Whether he's smarter than me, has a different risk tolerance, or just found that his audience doesn't care as much for the innards of old mines is irrelevant to me. He does what he does, but there are places both of us can like and appreciate on different levels. Plus, he's proven himself to be an actual explorer, which is pretty rare. As far as artifacts go, that's a different story. I'm always torn about that, as folks can deduce from my past posts. Personally, I don't have space for stuff, so the decision is easy - leave it be.
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    Explore Etiquette: Giving Out Locations?

    if i know the person and they've shown that they're a decent human being then i'm more than happy to discuss locations privately, provided extra traffic won't cause the place any harm. but i rarely make locations public unless it's really well known.
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    Each spot is subjective. I've seen some backcountry cabins and cow camps become ruined because nobody knows about them or an old lock is left on. With nobody to come by and care for them the weather and animals take their toll on a place. These are generally all 5 plus mile hikes. Things that are easy to drive to are more in danger of being vandalized or looted. If there is something worth taking don't disclose the location. If it is something that is at risk from being vandalized by NF or BLM (aka bat bars or torn down) like a mine or an old structure built without a permit don't disclose the location.
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    If it's a place that's preserved pretty well or just not traveled to a lot, I'm not giving a location. If it's a spot that gets a massive amount of foot traffic, no point in keeping it a secret.
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    Jessup NV

    If nothing turns up in local papers in a few weeks, I might give the sergeant a ring and see if he can tell me the end of the story.
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