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    I explored this abandoned theater outside of yerington, usually I do not give out locations although everyone knows where this is located already.
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    Space aliens are considered essential workers ... 👽
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    David A. Wright

    This forum is dead.

    I recall Reno news announcing the day previous to the outbreak of the Camp Fire that PG&E planned to shut off power to that region included in the high wind warning. Reason given was so that PG&E wouldn’t be blamed for any fire like they were for earlier fires. Early that morning before fire news came out the Reno news was still making the announcement that PG&E was still planning to shut off power around 8AM or when wind speeds exceeded a set speed. Since then I heard nothing about PG&E until the news started reporting downed and arcing lines and/or some kind of test sparking the Camp Fire. I found that rather odd.
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    Hercules, Churchill County, Nevada.

    Those are all blanks. Over near the Project Shoal site, we found a ton of spent 7.62x51 brass with links. It was old - had a black patina - and the headstamp date was '84'. Those were not blanks, so someone was doing live-fire in the area (it's Navy land, but not closed off) with small arms, likely using an M60, given the marks on the brass. I gathered several hundred cases and tumbled them for about a day with stainless steel pins, Dawn dish soap, and Lemishine. The brass came out clean, but not super-shiny. I inspected every piece for incipient head failures, then reloaded a bunch of it with light duty 308 Winchester loads. The stuff shot well, but given it's history, I wouldn't use it in anything semiauto. Still, it made for sub-MOA rounds out of my 700SPS.
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    El Polvo

    The abandoned yerington drive in theater

    Used to go to the drive ins a lot since i was a little guy up. Cheap way to find entertainment, load up the brats & ol lady and off we’d go. The whole famn damily would go. One of the ones we went to had a “pup n taco” fast food next to it. I guess most are closed now. I dont know of any still open. Great photos
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    Yep, it was a planned outage day due to the extreme fire risk but they never cut power. Bet they wish they did now.
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    🤔Wondering what is up with area 51, especially security, during this government shut down. 🕵️‍♀️Got the idea from watching EWU's video posted 2018 January. 🤯Possibly trigger some other areas & explores during this time. 👀Being disabled i can't go places physically, so I look forward to seeing some unique footage upon government re-start from ya'all! 🤑I hope you don't post it during & give vandals & copy-cats the access. ✌️ PEACE💜LOVE 💜BLESSINGS 👼 THESE YOUTUBER'S DISAPPEARED AFTER BEING HELD UP AT AREA 51
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    I believe only "non-essential" federal employees are laid off during shutdown. I am sure Area 51 is fully staffed. 🙂
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    Since the first week it was said to be a sparking/downed power line. The initial call out for the fire department it mentioned downed lines. PG&E knew about the problems since they were already on scene then shortly after the fire was called in. There was also talk about some old technology for line tests that does throw sparks which those transmission lines still use. They may get split up or go bankrupt, not sure yet.
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    Couple days ago on our way back home we took a side trip to check out this old mining camp. Pretty cool, more stuff on the grounds then I expected, cabin was built pretty well but has been stripped bare and has no glass which is really unfortunate. Back in 2015 there was a manhunt for a suspected kidnapper and murder that evaded law enforcement for weeks. He met his end at the hands of sheriffs deputies not too far from this location. I believe there is a good chance that he may of used the mines in the area to keep cool in the summer and hide over the 80+ miles he traveled. There were probably dozens of places he used to hide. Would make an interesting series. Not sure how to go about researching some of the stuff more.
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    Thank you for letting me know what all this skating stuff was called. I was sure not to say much in the video because I know nothing about skating. Thank you for watching.
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    Somebody’s been skating half pipes in there!!! Lol great vid!!
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    El Polvo

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    Glad youre ok too. I heard PG&E may be going bankrupt again after this because the cause was traced to a power line test? I’m not sure if either is truth or just flying rumors
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    Thanks Bob, it'll be back ( I hope ) They're cutting trees left and right in areas so main evac routes don't get blocked again from falling trees plus keeping power lines a bit safer. They had been clearing around power lines since the Cherokee fire. PG&E base camp on Skyway at the old golf course was maybe a 10th in size, now it's like a small town. If you know the address of the vacation house, pm me and I can go drive by. Ok, one more quick story of escape. A retired cop I know stayed at his place long as he could with his wife. He had a hose going around his house much as he could trying to keep stuff wet. His wife had some sort of medical problem and they finally had to get out. His wife was in the car ahead of him while he saved his old 30's coupe hot rod. I guess the windows didn't roll up all the way and in areas the embers were coming through the crack in the window then setting his seat on fire. He patted out the flames and drove, couple times drove off the road nearly getting stuck. They made it out safe, his out buildings were lost but the house survived.
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    It's adjacent to Dixie Valley. USN trains there, as do Marines. When we were there a couple of years ago, we had a nice overflight by a UH-60 on the deck. Pretty awesome stuff.
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    Thats what they are..i was a skater back in the 80's and early 90's.
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    El Polvo

    Exploring an abandoned warehouse in Nevada

    I gues thats a quarter pipe. The only way I know about itis I helped my kids build one back in the 80’s LOL.
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    Ha. Yeah she adds some pretty funny commentary at times.
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    OK cool. So they're using blanks in training or are those from some type of simunation ammo of some sort? You can definitely see the expanded crimps that wouldn't be standard ball or anything that was fired.
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    The gated mine at Hercules is easy to enter. I know this from personal experience. When you make a door, you make a way in for everyone. When you fail to secure that door, it might as well not exist in the first place.
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    Great video!! No offence but I think your daughter steals the show there. Lol fun video to watch
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    This forum is dead.

    I for one, would rather have this forum over social anything.
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    This forum is dead.

    Thought it was dead, godaddy parking page kept coming up, could tell by looking at the view page source.