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    Backwoods Beast

    Haunted Hotel: Goldfield NV

    We got a tour of the Goldfield hotel. Hope you like the video. Please like and subscribe.
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    I reposted, because I have a new link to this video. If you haven't watched....check it out! Live and respect!
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    Anna Jacobsen

    Discarded Home with Belongings

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    Good looking buck you got there. Here's some more high elevation exploring out of alpine co.
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    Exploring Captain Per Larsen's Trawler Bar was filmed by chance as I was driving by a small village. There is no Captain Larsen, the trawler is not in a hole, it is just the trawler housing. I made it up as on the day that I edit this video, I was in a silly mood, still am. I think it was a great idea using a trawlers housing deck as a bar, but it is about location, wrong place to set it up and it will never had worked. But this is the first time on a trawler for me, even if it is not connected to the boat anymore. I found it fascinating. Hope you enjoy the video :-)https://youtu.be/VK42mVHHDrg
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    https://youtu.be/iX6AZdXoFtE Hello! My new video is out on my Youtube channel. All videos filmed 4k quality.Check my other videos also there is also english spoken videos.Regards Urbex_Arttu
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    Abandoned Railway Stations