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Post up your flowers. Please remark rather they are wild or garden and if you know, the name. 
Below are wild desert flowers. The blue ones most people step over while looking for wildflowers 
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Inspired by recent interest here about crawling and slithering critters, thought I would start a "post them" thread

This little guy here is very common here.
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There seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding public BLM land, mining claims, and public access to BLM Land on YouTube.

I have to answer the same questions over and over again, and I thought it would be a great time to educate the public on public land. I will just link them here to this thread when they say something silly about public BLM land.

Feel free to jump right into the conversation.

I will attach different documents to this thread, and if you have any more to attach, please do so.

The most common misconception I see on YouTube regarding BLM and Mining Claims is that owning a mining claim (unpatented), makes it private land. Here was a comment from this morning:


As many here already know, owning a mining claim and paying the small annual fee does not grant one exclusive access to the land. Here is a quote from the attached BLM document, that you can also find here:

To put it another way:

The next misconception is that a mining claim owner can keep people off their land. Again, according to the BLM:

BLM Mission Statement:

Patented mining claims are no longer public land. Once they are patented, they become 100% private land. They do not show up as being owned by the BLM.


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