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  1. Quick Road Condition Question

    I was out there after winter and it was in decent shape, there was still snow on most of the road when I was there though.
  2. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Next time you come up this way, let me know and we can meet up and find some places to explore.
  3. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Nice video Brian!
  4. Welcome @Caduceus
  5. I love those old photos, puts it all into perspective.
  6. Awesome photos, crazy how all of that has disappeared.
  7. Critters

    Nice shot @Laureli! Welcome to the site.
  8. Looking forward to the photos.
  9. I haven't seen any new videos from you in a while, hope you are doing well.
  10. There looks to be a cool abandoned mine right next to Rhyolite. I will message you a few ideas, but be careful as I have not had the chance to check these out. Sounds like a cool photo idea, I hope you post both of them if you're comfortable doing so. Sounds like a fun trip.
  11. I might have some places worth checking out, but not sure what things you want to see (mines, ghost towns, buildings, etc.). Once you reply to Brenden I will have more of an idea of what to look for. I haven't been to any of these places yet, so I won't be able to give you any information about safety, roads, etc.
  12. Thanks Brenden, I think you're 100% right, a dedicated off road rig would probably be best. How are you liking your new bike?
  13. gopher snake.. I think..

    That's a good sized gopher snake.