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  1. Server move still in progress, will update after completion. 

  2. I was going to migrate over to Xenforo, but after countless issues with the migration and total lack of support, I think we will stick with IPB.
  3. Another negative about Xenforo is their support is super slow, seems much slower than IPB's slow support lol.
  4. I am not attached to either, I do feel like Xenforo offers a better end user experience.
  5. But overall, it just seems like a smoother experience if that makes sense.
  6. It's seems pretty good, but there are a few things I am not sure I like. For example, the ability of members to change their usernames. I think it's nice if a member wants to change their own name.
  7. I'll probably just do a fresh conversion once we decide which to use, it's probably my fault it got messed up as I was having issues with the converter. I'll also turn off this forum during the conversion so no new content is lost.
  8. Not sure about the profile information, but I did contact support about removing duplicate members. Hopefully they can respond, and also doing a second update of the databases to get the latest post. LOL, are you able to fix that in the profile section?
  9. Yeah, it just copied over everything from here, so it's just leftovers from the old server. It seems faster and less clunky than IPB, just not sure which would be better for us.
  10. You can check out the xenforo here: http://www.exploreforums.com/forums/ Let me know which you like better.
  11. The server techs can't get any of the sites to work correctly on the new server lol, can't even get to the forums because the new server isn't compatible with suphp, so they gotta change file permissions. They are so freaking slow to respond too!
  12. They are having a lot of trouble moving things over and getting it all working, might just cancel the move as I don't want to waste any more time on the move.
  13. One consideration for IPB is they seem to have a pretty reliable and robust forum spam system...
  14. Which software do you prefer, IPB or Xenforo?
  15. Currently converting all the forums, members, etc. so we can see which you guys prefer. Personally, I think Xenforo is pretty nice, but it does lack some features such as clubs, gallery, but honestly, I don't see those features getting much use here.
  16. I am currently installing an xenforo test forum with all our data on it so everyone can see if they like it or this better. The Xenforo seems to be a much smoother platform, but it won't have a gallery, clubs, etc, but from what I can tell, those or things people rarely use. I will post a link once the conversion is done so you all can test it out and see if you like it.
  17. Wow, you don't put many miles on your rigs, I wish I didn't put so many miles on my rigs so quickly. Nice Jack, and good to see you ended up keeping it. You still thinking of getting a 4runner? Nice, I would love to get a dirt bike to explore, eventually. I gotta go check how many miles I already have on both vehicle, but they are getting up there quick.
  18. Welcome back Foster, we had to roll back to an old backup after a forum issue.
  19. Sorry for the delay, I was using the new IP to access the new server and it seems they are having some trouble getting the site configuration correct. Thanks Brenden, the new server is supposed to have continuous backup, but had I known before, I probably would have went that route and avoided the new server move. Hopefully they can get it all sorted out soon so we can get back to business.
  20. We will be starting a server move today, should be complete in about 24 to 48 hours and most will probably not notice any downtime (I hope!).
  21. Fancy seeing you here! Nice to see you back! Hope you're all doing good.
  22. Yeah, but I think we gained more than we lost in the end. 😁
  23. This is a pretty interesting case out of Dayton, Nevada. This guy and his Chevy Corvette went missing out of Dayton Nevada, and neither have been seen since! From NamUs: "Subject left note stating problems with physical condition and suggesting funeral arrangements. Subject seen driving 1969 Chevy Corvette NV655KHU." Interesting that nobody has seen his 1969 Corvette, makes me wonder if he is underwater somewhere?
  24. Haha, I was thinking of swinging by Area 51 if we went down south, but after looking at weather patterns, it's freaking raining everywhere! I am sure the Camo Dudes miss us out there, they are probably so bored! 🤣 I know what you mean, most of the discussions were missing a lot of posts and it's nice to have them all back now. Also taking a more proactive path with having continual backups, there times the server space, and a far faster processor.
  25. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, it's pretty interesting looking over all the old posts.
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