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    Writing, researching, photography, family history, hiking, bike riding, the paranormal. I spent 5 years running a professional paranormal investigations team while living in the UK with my British husband... https://apireloaded.wordpress.com/. We were the first team to conduct an official investigation of a former prisoner of war camp in the UK.
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  1. Just letting you all know that I MIGHT be a spy. Over the past two months I have met and spoken with TWO Russian women. Oh, and Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Duke of Kiev, was my 30th great-grandfather, so I MUST be a Russian spy! ;) You have been warned!

    1. DesertFog


      Awesome!  Female Russian spies are hot!  And very deadly.

    2. dery


      :lmao22:Yeh, their accent is hot too.  

    3. CindyN11


      Awwww! Looks like I have found my "safe space!" :beer:

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