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  1. No. Not much in Memphis. Unless you want to see the places like Graceland or Beal Street which might be historic. However they are not ghosttowns. I lived on Normal Circle back in highschool. If you know how to go urban exploring you can quickly scope out and explore vacant buildings no matter how familiar the territory.
  2. Welcome to explore forums jbd. We are a friendly bunch here on EF. Feel free to start posting when you please. Hope to see you around.
  3. Welcome to explore forums. We are a friendly bunch here on EF. Feel free to start posting at any time.
  4. Critters

    Another hyla cinerea.
  5. Critters

    Amazing shots in your first post Laurel. Welcome to explore forums.
  6. Critters

    Another yellow belly water snake and southern leopard frog.
  7. Caduceus, welcome to explore forums. We are a friendly group of ghost towners and explorers and would love to see you as an active member.
  8. Critters

    I'll call a piscavorus for two hundred. Not good at poker. So I'll start low.
  9. Van Slyke Castle

    This time of year, it looks like the local anurans and insects would draw me to their nightly concerts. Not that it's any thing new to a southern swamper, though I know a good concert performed by my owners any time.
  10. Critters

    Here are a couple local cats in my apartment complex that ocasionally stop in. These two love Netflix documentaries and FloridaMemoryRadio's Latin program. They are one of my neighbor's outside cats. The one with the bow guards my door so he/she is not camera friendly.
  11. Need suggestions for a first car

    Normal Xterra's are great when it comes to basics. This comes from personal experience with my dad's. It survived a few excursions through coastal scrub and savannah with ease. However we never left the well defined and kept dirt/sand roads. 4wd/Awd Xterras I have no experience with. Let alone any other 4wd/awd vehicle. I'd like something I can dig myself out of an abandoned gopher tortiose burrow or armadillo hole in. Once overgrown they can sometimes be covered with weeds.
  12. Need suggestions for a first car

    The water depth up to 2 feet without current. That includes coastal floods too. Anything that does not have current I'd be driving through. Moving water is out of the question. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-car-driving-through-a-ford-with-water-splashing-from-the-wheels-17441455.html http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-car-driving-through-a-water-filled-ford-crossing-a-stream-on-a-country-89872133.html So 3 feet capabilities to be safe.
  13. Bigfoot - Yes, No, Maybe?

    I don't believe or disbelieve there is a big foot. I have never seen one. However, nor have I seen a living dinosaur or an extraterrestial from any of the earth planets that have been discovered in recent years. Think of the term evidence like this: before Isabella's desperate search for more capital from the Orient, the scientific fact was that the earth was flat.
  14. Bigfoot - Yes, No, Maybe?

    Or in the case of a skunk ape, there is the wet, tannic acid stained, and pruned feet that are often hiding in the same clear, coffee colored water and surrounded by thick hammock mixed in with prairie and savannah that is often too hot for any human to survive once lightning strikes a tree. That can be conflicting evidence in itself to the untrained crytozoologist. See my post above about me being identified as Herman Munster and a skunk ape.
  15. Welcome to EF Troy. I lived between Marietta and Okefenokee(Weeks my family were on vacation we spent paddling throughout the Georgia side. Me and my two sisters were paddling there before we could swim. With a pfd on of course). Now my older sister married our cousin's French student who is an air force leo and has a 10 month old they will be doing the same to in a couple years. We already got her some kiddy field guides including crocodile snap which we got from the swamp. She is already analyzing them at the level I was at 3 years old.