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  1. Zzyzx is a neat place. Usually classes are in session so just check in at the office to let them know you are wandering around. Zzyzx Like Dave said, and Amboy even has a new website up. The cafe at Amboy was one of my regular stops for lunch when it was still open in the early 1970s. A friend of mine was the principal of the school in Amboy and the other few small schools at Essex and Needles. Visit Amboy I have stayed at Nipton several times under the old owners. Another perfect place to base out of for day trips in any direction. I haven't been there to see it since the new owners took over but from the photos it looks like they have cleaned it up, added a more regular restaurant and added some neat funky art things. Photos of Nipton are 56 to 60 and 141 to 146 in the gallery below... Nipton
  2. What Dave mentioned, photos 88 to 108 in the gallery below show things east of Tecopa. And photos 1 through 21 in the same gallery show Ibex which is a short drive southwest of Tecopa... Tecopa area And aerials of the Tecopa area items in the gallery below, photos 6 to 37... Tecopa aerials Shoshone is a perfect place to base out of when exploring that area. The small town has everything one needs for a multiple day trip. Cafe, market, bar, gas station and motel. It's a great base for day trips out to the south end of Death Valley and Silurian Valley which has cabins scattered throughout. Shoshone
  3. I really like the tires Bob. They are the Les Schwab Back Country MT Traction. It's my third set of tires from Les Schwab and never got a flat.
  4. Perhaps while we are waiting for the sever to get up to speed we can implement one of these to get posts out to the members faster...
  5. DesertFog


    I was just able to log in. Are we back to Fifty First Dates??? This forum must have a tube out, it's running very slow.
  6. Bob, should I ever have to replace the 1999 Wrangler I would replace it with a 2006 Wrangler with the inline 6 4.0 engine with auto trans. The TJ has proved itself bullet proof. I have a search on Auto Trader and there are many very clean low mileage 2006 Wranglers available for a good price.
  7. 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport. 192,603 miles. It hasn't even hit it's half way point yet...
  8. Perhaps Bob has been spending too much time at Area 51 and we are just time traveling with him. Slowly back away from your keyboard... " There is nothing wrong with the forum. Do not attempt to adjust the settings. Bob is controlling the transmission. If Bob wishes to make it louder, he will bring up the volume. If Bob wishes to make it softer, he will tune it to a whisper. Bob will control the horizontal. Bob will control the vertical. Bob can roll the image, make it flutter. Bob can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, several days, weeks, months or years, sit quietly and Bob will control all that you see and hear. There is nothing wrong with the forum. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – The Outer Limits of Bob’s Updated Forum!"
  9. And now I am back to my old login. This is starting to feel like 50 First Dates.
  10. Still above water... http://www.reviewjournal.com/local/las-vegas/prescribed-burn-planned-ruins-st-thomas-town-site-lake-mead
  11. Thanks Dave and I did see that the cage was gone in your video. Too bad the mill never got any attention for all those years. It looked very damaged and in ongoing collapse in your video.
  12. Dave, here are a couple photos inside the mill taken in 1971.
  13. Great video Dave! I wasn't aware of the newer mill works there.
  14. Thanks Dave! I never met Jody or the others that eventually took over the site and started to restore the buildings and I am not sure how they came to acquire the property. It seems like someone always owned Cerro Gordo including the Air Force at one time but their interest wasn't with the town so much. But they did keep an eye over it for all those years. On my visits I didn't see any signs of restoration or improvements. These photos are from 1974 and it might have been my last trip there.
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