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  1. Navy Reservation

    The few times I have been in that area the gate to Bravo 17 has been manned. But the electronic range area and targets north of Hwy. 50 in Dixie Valley is mostly on BLM land. And then just west of Bravo 17 is the Project Shoal nuclear test site, also unrestricted on BLM land. So there is lots to see in that immediate area. http://www.overlandphotography.us/Urban-Exploration/Project-Shoal/
  2. Navy Reservation

    That's part of Bravo 17, a live fire range for NAS Fallon. I have a few long range photos in the gallery link below of the targets at the spot you found. Photos 66, 67 and 68. http://www.overlandphotography.us/Urban-Exploration/Electronic-Warfare-Complex/
  3. Still above water... http://www.reviewjournal.com/local/las-vegas/prescribed-burn-planned-ruins-st-thomas-town-site-lake-mead
  4. Thanks Dave and I did see that the cage was gone in your video. Too bad the mill never got any attention for all those years. It looked very damaged and in ongoing collapse in your video.
  5. Dave, here are a couple photos inside the mill taken in 1971.
  6. Great video Dave! I wasn't aware of the newer mill works there.
  7. Thanks Dave! I never met Jody or the others that eventually took over the site and started to restore the buildings and I am not sure how they came to acquire the property. It seems like someone always owned Cerro Gordo including the Air Force at one time but their interest wasn't with the town so much. But they did keep an eye over it for all those years. On my visits I didn't see any signs of restoration or improvements. These photos are from 1974 and it might have been my last trip there.
  8. Dave, it appears that you and I just missed each other at Cerro Gordo in the early 1970s. I made a few trips there between 1971 and 1974. At that time there was just one care taker there. He just asked that visitors sign the guest book and donate $5 and then he allowed us the run of the place. Here are a few photos from back then.
  9. CES 2015: Best Drones We've Seen so Far:

    DJI size comp photo found on a UAS forum.
  10. CES 2015: Best Drones We've Seen so Far:

    If anyone is considering a DJI Mavic for it's compact size this looks like a good case for it. I have a couple hard cases from GPC and I really like them. DJI Mavic Pro Backpack
  11. CES 2015: Best Drones We've Seen so Far:

    Scott1 here is the info on the US UAS program... FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems I did the training on my own by reading the FAA recommended publications and reviewing UAS tutorial sites such as these... Sarah Nilsson - UAG Test Prep Rupprecht Law - FAA FAR Part 107 Besides the expense of buying a few FAA publications the only other expense was the $150 cost for the exam. FAA UAS Pilot Certification
  12. CES 2015: Best Drones We've Seen so Far:

    New review out today... Drone Buyer’s Guide for 2017
  13. CES 2015: Best Drones We've Seen so Far:

    GoPro cutting staff. Will be interesting to see what happens to their Karma. GoPro cuts 15% of staff