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  1. My First Sign of Summer!

    Well.....it's been a mixed bag. Killington had their LAST DAY of snow skiing yesterday!!! May was recorded to be colder than usual, the previous months warmer than usual....typical New England!! The only place I've ever known to get hit by weather from all four directions....and learned the definition of a "Back Door Front"!!!!
  2. Need suggestions for a first car

    something to keep in mind with ALL WHEEL DRIVE....is the tires. There are states that will NOT replace one tire on all wheel drive vehicles...so if one tire craps the bed, you are looking at replacing all FOUR automatically....and tires are NOT cheap!
  3. My First Sign of Summer!

    My Rhody's are blooming! The poor things are about always about three weeks behind the west coast, and I always hear about it....
  4. Congrats Braindead!!

    I'd get reported to proper authorities if I'm caught with that "stuff" in my hands!!!
  5. In all seriousness, and excuse the pun, their predictions don't hold much water. Furthermore, having been on the east coast now for 30 years, it's too much of a fragmented situation. Between bonafide creation of the storm, I've seen their predictions under estimated, over estimated...and then there's so much probability/possibility to the damn path of the storm...generally in three directions, the gulf, the eastern seaboard, and blown out to sea. Shoot, one of the worst storms we suffered here in the northeast didn't even have a damn designated name to it! You can be certain we do keep an eye on the situation as each storm is created....we just no longer believe in the year to year predictions.
  6. Congrats Braindead!!

    My secret reason for flying into Portland Oregon instead of SeaTac when I come west.....Oregon microbrews are really taking off....
  7. Congrats Braindead!!

    PBR.....??? OMG, the beverage of college kids!!! Brenden, you need desperately to come visit me, Vermont has more breweries per capita than any other state....commercial beers are a thing of the past....gratefully! Stouts, porters, lagers, IPA's, and bonafide Ales....it's all here waiting for your consumption!!!
  8. Congrats Braindead!!

    Time to send in your union dues folks....I'm hungry and damn thirsty all of a sudden!!!!
  9. Congrats Braindead!!

    .....yes, I purposely cut the quote...I wish to nominate myself as Union Steward...I will diligently uphold the standards (?) of these chuckleheads, and all dues will be forwarded to calendar events of food and beverage of choice!!
  10. Not to sound like a debbie downer, but it's a good Las Vegas bet it will be reaching our area in the next year if not two...We all had a dismal laugh when Florida was trying real hard to get people to believe they've crushed the problem....
  11. The wife is a Vet tech...the two things that have been a GREAT pain this year all ready....quill dogs and ticks~ In the northeast we've got a new concern from ticks, Powassan Virus....I'm glad I'm no longer on the railroad tracks, between EEQ and West Nile from mosquitoes, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and now this doggone Powassan, the odds are REALLY starting to stack up about being outdoors...
  12. Went to emergency room

    Again, the sad/funny thing that we put men on the moon over 40 years ago, but when it comes to health, it's almost like automotive repair ....."Let's try this..." hope they get a finger on the situation and you get back to normal...
  13. Environmental Issue Photos

    I don't want to "one-up" the situation, but Hanford Nuclear in Washington State...well, I'm a "downwinder" since 1957...and certainly there's a few of us old enough to remember the crazy tests that took place in NM in the 50's and 60's maybe? We've been suspicious about the tanks leaking for decades...leaching right into the Columbia River. If anybody has cast an eye on the project that took place on the Hudson River the last few years from the pollution that General Electric contributed to, this pales in contrast to the polluted silt behind the dams on the Columbia.
  14. My Spokane Washington...

    “I was born in the wrong generation”…I’ve heard that line more than once now. Honestly however, having spent equal time on both coasts, I think I’ve heard it more on the east coast. Maybe it’s a matter of opportunity….a LOT has happened in my lifetime…mergers into Burlington Northern, and then again into BNSF, mergers into Conrail, the “Borg” of Union Pacific as some people have called it, the demise of a transcontinental Milwaukee Road, the sad joke of a plan called Amtrak. That’s just what I can pull off the top of my head in a matter of minutes. Oddly enough, at least in Washington state, I don’t recall as many towers as what they’ve bragged about back east. Maybe it’s a matter of a combination of factors, I’m believing it’s just the fact the east coast is/was more a stinking cobweb of railroads and their tracks. So, excusing the pun, that train of thought brought me remembering Napa St Junction in Spokane Washington. Still being manned when I was doing MOW on Union Pacific, I gave myself reason to go up and see the operator about any trains as I walked the track doing patrol towards the old Coast Trading company elevator. Of course I was overwhelmed by the sophistication of handles and lights. Now it’s gone. We resign to our imaginations to think of GN, NP, SP&S, Milwaukee, SI and UP all doing business, all hustling cars to get them to their destinations. What I remember, and what I’ve seen, I can only conclude that Napa St Junction must have been one hell of a place to watch trains for a previous generation.
  15. Thanks Cyn! I really should have been more explicit....my computer wouldn't allow me to actuate the 360 "tour" pictures that were posted....It's mind boggling to know most of the areas talked about in that article. I had the honors of working with a metal scrapper when they bidded on the huge metal raw ore bins at the Mead plant. And yes, the countryside is FILTHY with abandoned homes just as the article describes....but...one scope of information that wasn't provided....Eastern Washington had a LARGE influx of German immigrants in the late 1800's, especially in Whitman County, as farmers figure it was a great area to raise crops of wheat and barley. I did NOT see in that article any mention of root cellars...I remember my Grandfather entertained one at his homestead, and I'm certain he wasn't alone. My curiosity goes into overdrive thinking about the logistics of these accommodations. It IS true that Eastern Washington frequently entertains 100 plus temps....so these root cellars have a great benefit for cold storage of canned goods, onions and potatoes. But I sure can't help but entertain the idea of emergency shelter as well remembering these things. Even the best of elders will remember that the Spokane Industrial Park was once nothing more but an oversized Civil Defense Shelter!!! I remember as a kid the HUGE C/D emblem on the side of the buildings. The other item I've always been curious about is abandoned missle silos. Washington state history REEKS of military operations....probably in the neighborhood of a dozen and half, and then there's Hanford Atomic...So I wouldn't be shocked of missile silos tucked away in the most remote areas possible of Eastern Washington. Now that we've moved on to bigger and better things, I'm certain those holes still exist....vacant...but still exist. In closing, I found it confusing and ironic how and why the Whitman County Sheriff's office takes such a bold stand. Brings it back to our previous conversation of "memorabilia"... of course I've got enough clutter thank you anyway....and I'm more than happy to leave with just photographs and footprints as we say in railfanning.