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  1. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Sounds like a plan, might be October before I get out that way again. Your latest tunnel/mine video, that is looking awesome. Must have been nice to get out of the heat too.
  2. Another visit to Rhyolite

    It really does, could easily be there almost all day just looking at everything. I rushed through it this trip but will take my time next time. First time I spent about 2-3 hours taking photos, this was about 1.5 hours doing mostly video. Need to find a better way to see the screen in bright light too, most of that was done blind.
  3. Another visit to Rhyolite

    Thanks! Wish I had spent even more time there walking around but had to get on the road, maybe next year. I got to look at some things I missed my first visit and that was really the main thing.
  4. Visted last year but missed seeing a few things. Now being there again, I keep seeing more and more things to look at for next time lol. This video is of the area I camped in and bits of Rhyolite. Was really fun camping there and will probably do it again.
  5. I'm actually back from the trip now and did drive along that old railroad grade Tried to get some GoPro video but only got 2 minutes before the battery died, forgot to charge it after taking some time lapse sequences. Starting to edit stuff from the trip today.
  6. Hoover Dam was a bust, no firearms allowed lol. Guess I should have read up a bit more. The security check had it posted, got up there and let them know, they were about to check my capped truck bed anyway. Turned around and continued on my way. Next trip I'll leave the fun stuff behind.
  7. No worries Bob, not going to take any risks in the truck I'm driving. Not nearly as capable as my Toyota but it is a 4x4. Yes, I'll be sharing some trip photos and video after I return
  8. Abandoned places like buildings or old mine sites, maybe have 4 hours each day to waste on the way. Yeah, up 95 then on to 80 to head back into California. I'm going to be camping 1 night out near Beatty but by the looks of things, I'll be getting there the heat of the day lol so I'm in no rush. The next day I'll probably be up really early, get stuff done in Rhyolite then head north. Going to be stopping at Hoover Dam for a little bit for some pictures too. My dad was photographed sitting on one of the stone walls there Arizona side 50 years ago and I'm going to try and recreate that shot. If you don't want the sites public, just shoot me a private message.
  9. Anything of interest and easy to get to besides Rhyolite between Kingman AZ and Reno NV? Got a little bit of time to burn on the way home from AZ on US-95.
  10. Need suggestions for a first car

    Well for me, it's use what you need to get through a spot in the road/trail. If I've been traveling miles in 2wd and get to a small ditch crossing and slip, a flick of the switch will probably get me through. If not, then it's time to pop it in 4wd. Plus, 2wd locked you can have some good fun on snowy roads
  11. Maybe I'll get a drone after all

    Problem with the Spark at the moment is no transmitter, but there is one coming out. It uses your phone's WiFi right now, really limited range. Spark seems more like a fancy selfie camera but it is pretty cool you can control it with gestures.
  12. Need suggestions for a first car

    Not very often for both front and rear. Like if I'm going through the snow and feel the truck slowing, I'll flip the rear one on. Once it starts slowing again, the front goes on. If the truck slows yet again, well the winch or shovel comes next lol. In the dirt or rocks, it's mostly just the rear locked in when needed. I don't like going in mud too much but it's similar to using them in the snow.
  13. Need suggestions for a first car

    Yes, solid front axle and I think the change over year was 86. I did the install myself front and rear, not sure how difficult or if it's possible on an IFS setup the way I did it, never looked into it. Steering feels like stock till you hit the switch to engage the locker, then depending on terrain it's just a little heavy or really heavy. That's why I went with a selectable locker front and rear, don't always need it. Some places I used to have to put it in 4wd can now just go through in 2wd locked. Even having a rear locker makes all the difference in the world.
  14. Need suggestions for a first car

    Toyota 4x4 with a manual transmission but I'm biased. My old '83 has always got me home even though I've blown a head gasket twice, brake master went out, radiator blew, alternator stopped charging, drive belts came off and the starter quit. I've taken it in mud, snow and sand, wouldn't be afraid to jump in it right now and drive across country. Extra bonus is the TRD electric lockers I put in on the front and rear axles. In my area, Toyotas are the most popular 4x4 for actual off-road use by far.
  15. Congrats Braindead!!

    No real name for my IPA yet and Pliny the Elder will be drank like any other good beer Bottling and kegging probably Friday.