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  1. Can't stop watching those videos! Super interesting. 

    1. Chad Felipe

      Chad Felipe

      OMG that Jefferey Kirkwood video was stunning. great work! sad story. love the research and follow up.

    2. EWU CREW

      EWU CREW

      Thanks Chad! 

  2. hello. that photo is from Seneca ca. which was an extremely small gold rush town of only about 10 people. I'm not sure who owned it. but I visited this town about 5 years ago and couldn't find a soul in it. each house actually backs up to the mountain and has a mine shaft built into it. I'm not sure if anyone still goes there with the intent to still search for gold but to my knowledge it still there. we plan to go back up there in the coming year so ill definitely be stopping there.
  3. Hi everyone and thank you. I am new to this but have been fascinated with urban exploring and lost world exploring for years. I'm 45 now but was introduced to some exploring when I was about 12 by my dad and uncles in northern California in a tiny gold rush town called Seneca ca. there was a population of like 10 people at the time and some of the hillside homes had collapsed down the ravine and we would visit it each year to find old artifacts and other items from a different time. that has always stuck with me and ive dreamt about that location quite often. now I'm in the rabbit hole on an almost nightly basis looking at your guys' awesome vidoes! we are very interested in doing some exploring in a safe legal and respectful way. theres seems to be nothing more fascinating than a location that seems to be frozen in time. any help or advice would be amazing! Thank you
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