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  1. Sky Photos

    Thanks, . Yes, there was artificial light shining on the tree No, i use starstax if i stack but i usually open shutter
  2. Sky Photos

    A little yucca tree . . .
  3. Critters

    Very nice horned lizard shots!!! Welcome to the forum!!!
  4. Critters

    Cool cottonmouth!
  5. gopher snake.. I think..

    Its a GS and is nonvenomous. These will coil up on you and hiss a rattle sound to fool you into thinking its a rattler . They may bite but usually not and if they do there is no venom

    What? I dont see it
  7. Critters

    @braindead0 I'll see your gopher snake and raise you a jack rabbit!! Lol. (A bull snake is aka a gopher snake)
  8. Critters

    Yes, it is a gopher snake Super awesome shots btw
  9. Need suggestions for a first car

    I like nissan myself. Ive owned an xterra and liked it. The 2nd generation Tacoma i had i was not impressed with. 1st gens are awesome. Frontiers are good 1st & 2nd gens BUT On the 2nd gen watch for cross contamination between radiator & trans cooler in the early ones from '05 to '09. My 05 never got it but many do. Same with the Xterras
  10. Try cerbat, and mineral park
  11. Congrats Braindead!!

    I like carnitas, skip the bbq sause and hit it with picante sause instead and a twist of lime!! shes right lets get after them tacos
  12. Congrats Braindead!!

    TACOS!!!!! Im down for tacos!!!