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  1. I live quite a ways from pavement and washing vehicles is crazy. When i lived in the city my truck was hand washed and waxed about once a week. Now, my trucks were just washed a few days ago when it rained. Otherwise . . No. (Both are now a muddy mess)
  2. It may have happened when Bob was changing servers. Glad you found your way back anyways.
  3. Welcome!! I have a brother that was a lifer, he served 25 yrs in the Navy.
  4. We are all good. We got limited data crap. (Oh no but they dont FAP anymore.)
  5. when’s the big move? Mañana, Thursday? 

    1. EWU CREW

      EWU CREW

      Hopefully today, but it appears to be taking a little longer than usual to get it completed. How's the weather down there? I seriously need to get out of this snow! 

  6. Yo El, where you been? I hope you and the family are doing okay! 

    1. El Polvo

      El Polvo

      Yeah, my son is one of the few survivors of the whiple surgery. He is cancer free and doing good.  My wife doing good. 

    2. EWU CREW

      EWU CREW

      Awesome to hear El, that must be a huge relief to you and your family! Great to see you back again! 

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