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  1. California Explorers - New Taxes in California

    We are stuck here for a few more years. My Mom is 85 and won''t go. I promised my father on his death bed that I would make sure she was OK and take care of her home. I will honor that promise, but I want out of here in the worst way.
  2. I would be interested, only an hour and a half over the hill. Right now my focus is pretty local, but we hope things improve.
  3. How Many Miles Are On Your Explore Rig?

    Thanks Bob. We will take all the prayers we can get. They were supposed to leave on their "Make a Wish" foundation trip today...it was postponed, again. We have a big trip to the desert coming up in mid May. We are all sut praying he stabilizes and we can take him n that trip. Not much compared to what he was supposed to be doing, but at this point...
  4. How Many Miles Are On Your Explore Rig?

    Not many, but with a sick boy in the family we haven't been out much. Can't believe he was diagnosed 2 years ago. Hoping to go around the 18th of next month but Dawson's health isn't stable... If he is able we want to make a bang up trip of it.
  5. Dream Car? Off Topic...

    My number of dream cars would only be limited by the size of my wallet and my warehouse, LOL. I still have my first vehicle, 1956 F100 custom cab shortbed, first time around had a 390/C-6 combo, drove it until 1983, I have been restoring it for 20 years. the suspension is almost done, it is being set up for a 460 and an overdrive automatic. I plan on doing a stroker kit to take the 460 to 521, pump gas compression, EFI and AC. I have a 40 Ford my Dad and I built, it is a family heirloom that will go to my son. I would like to add a 34 Ford 3 window Coupe, a 1969 427 4 speed Corvette, a 70 Challenger 440 4 speed, a 69 or 70 Mach One Mustang, a 72 Chevy C10 truck, and a few more that change almost daily. I do have the gasoline illness, but I come by it honestly, Dad was a dry lakes racer after WWII, he was a hot rodder til the day he died.
  6. My Creepy Dolls & Clowns Phase

    Creepy is right. How did we get from the Bozo of my black and white TV childhood to these "creatures" passing for clowns? I guess if ya need to get over it you are doing the right thing Cindy. I dunno...I will just avoid them.
  7. I have been reading for years about people looking at a big $ rebuilds on a Diesel pickups after the long term use of a K&N air filter. Thought about the folks here, who, due to the nature of our interests, are out in the ding weeds and pucker brush, and thought I'd share. my experience for your review. I started using K&N Gauze filters a long time ago on very expensive go fast engines, and that use migrated to street vehicles and the quads and such. in 1997 We bought a brand New Yamaha Banshee for our eldest son, and I helped him do a mild build on it for the sand. I taught him to be extremely OCD about maintaining the thing, and he was (I checked behind him). One weekend we were prepping for a trip and I happened by when he was servicing the air filters. I ran my finger in the rubber intake tube and was surprised to find a bit of dust....not good. I went around and checked every rig we had with those filters and found my Wife's 300EX Honda also showing signs of very fine dust infiltrating the intake system. I went out to the shed and pulled all the stock filters out of storage and put them on. Then, I went over to the sand rail, which had a 368 Chevy stroker in it, and pulled the velocity stack and K&N filter. Not as bad as the bikes, but I could feel and see a fine sheen of dust when rubbing my finger inside the stack. Scared the heck outta me. Could have been very expensive. We caught it in time and all was well, but as you might imagine I yanked that filter too. When I had a chance I did some checking. I always followed the instructions when cleaning and never used compressed air to dry the filters after cleaning, so it was not a matter of improper service. I washed the filter off the rail and oiled it, and noticed very small pinholes in the gauze. When I did the same to the Banshee the holes were more numerous and bigger. Same with the 300. These filters were all less than 5 years old, and had all been serviced regularly....so I came to the conclusion that the gauze was deteriorating, and I shelved the whole K&N program, going another direction. I told my friends to look at there K&N equipped rigs, and a coupled of guys with turbo diesel trucks had some serious wear issues...We kept the info flowing and son enough no one in our group was running K&N's anymore. For years, when I owned a Ford 7.3 Diesel, I ran Donaldson Air Filters and NEVER found any indication of dust in the intake tract, and my Blackstone Oil lab tests always came back good, no contamination from the intake side. In the last couple of decades the explosion in popularity of turbo diesel trucks and the "bolt on Cold Air" kits being offered the number of people running K&N's or a like filter has caused a lot of people a lot of misery. Granted, some of it is due to users improperly maintaining the filters, or not maintaining them at all, or over oiling, etc, but on the gear head forums you see people with gas powered fuel injected engines having sensors screwed up by filter oil, and general filtration failures. The big hit has been in the turbo diesel community, and there are any number of owners out there that have wound up spending a lot of $$ repairing a "dusted" turbo, or, worse yet, a engine that has succumbed to the particulate contamination and suffered a loss of compression, and loss of the engine.... The aftermarket has spent a lot of money convincing people that the factory intake systems on their rigs are junk, but the truth is in many cases unless you get into the area where you are doubling the factory HP numbers the factory intake is just fine. In the Cummins powered pickup world the Turbo Diesel Registry, (TDR) is the go to source for testing and legit info on all things, and the factory intake is quite effective on the HPCR 5.9 and 6.7 engines. Recently, a guy claiming to be an employee of K&N has stepped forth and acknowledged that his company's products have a less than stellar reputation in the enthusiast community, and he asked for input, and any K&N experiences we wanted to share with him. And boy he is getting it. When asked what the enthusiast community wanted it was communicated to him that filtration levels consistent with factory components but less restriction, which, obviously, is a request he cannot deliver on. He stated they are researching improved filter media, but that we are asking for a quantum leap in technology. It was pointed out to him that this is exactly what K&N claimed they were bringing to market 30 plus years ago. I appreciate him stepping into the hurricane, and hope he finds it. Me, I won't be running K&N on anything I own....you guys might think about it with your stuff...
  8. Where Have You Lived?

    Born in SoCal. Left about two weeks after graduating from High school, moved to Rocklin for College, but was up in the hills every weekend. Been up in the hills for a long time. Next move, for reasons already discussed and more, will be east into a Free state. Nevada, Arizona and Texas are under consideration.
  9. New Ruger Precision Rifle

    Ed I have only a few I've never fired, they are family heirlooms I inherited from my Father, and they will go to my sons. Other than those few, I am with you, they were built to be used. Someday, if we are sitting around a campfire, I will tell you the story of a very special Model 70 30-06 Spr.
  10. Caught a "Catfish" Need Advice

    Sounds like a mess to me. If he is as screwed up as he sounds I wouldn't count on his cooperation if you decide to "out" her. Tread with caution in this kind of soil, Cindy.
  11. Yessir Desert Dog, that is close. For close to 15 years Bernice has been on my list. I am in agreement, however, that this past winter hasn't done the roads out there any good at all. We want to camp out there in the valley someplace and us the Side-by-Sides to get up into the Canyon proper. Getting the 5th wheels and trucks close is the challenge we have.
  12. New Ruger Precision Rifle

    It is, from what I hear, a grind to travel. I wouldn't do it competitively at that level. I already have enough expensive hobbies and don''t want to push it that far. There are a lot of 6.5 Creedmore fan boys out there, you probably didn't have too much trouble offing it. Regarding the Dixie Valley thread, will let you know next time we go by. Spent a lot of $ at Harmon over the years. Always very nice to us.
  13. Caught a "Catfish" Need Advice

    Cindy this is one of those deals that just sucks. Did your friend ever file charges against her for any of the capers or stunts she pulled in the past? Is there any record documenting her activity as criminal in nature with a law enforcement agency, listing him as a victim, in the U.S.? As I see it there might, and I say might, be grounds for a "Theft by other means" complaint, in this case based on her yet to be proven intent to defraud, but getting a D.A. to file on this isn't a high percentage deal. I see someone either at the enforcement level or the DA labeling this as civil i nature and walking away from it. The bottom line is that prosecuting this woman is going to be extremely expensive and time consuming, and getting her here is going to require the Feds, and the RCMP, and involve a program normally reserved for major felons with big big $$$ and or bodily injury cases hanging over them. The mortgage on the house is going to be a point of interest, but I don't know how the cops will want to play this. Again, I see "Civil" getting stamped on this, but he should try. If, and it is a big if, the victim wants to share his information with the local RCMP post doing so might be an option. IT would seem to me that if I was a cop and had someone who was pulling cons like this living in my jurisdiction I would want to know. If he is truly the victim of a crime, a felony, then I would want to know. He could try to file an information report with is local cop shop, then forward a copy of it to the local RCMP post, along with a cover letter that he would be happy to talk to a Mountie if they have any questions or want further info, and give his contact info. He may also want to talk to a lawyer about filing civilly on her and the options I threw out. He needs to understand that doing so won't guarantee anything, he has a long trip ahead of him in the system, and getting a judgement is one thing, but getting the $ is another. He should certainly talk to the attorney about making a move to have her removed from the deed via a court order. Pardon my inherent distrust and suspicion of folks, but it makes me wonder if her move to Canada had as much to do with wanting to flee the U.S. due to other activity she may have pulled as it did her new love and life with the man she is now with....just makes me wonder... If you re getting the feeling I think this is a giant cluster, you are right. She knows what she is doing, and he is on the losing end. The good guys don't always win. This guy doesn't sound like he has his head screwed on very well either. FWIW... Arch.
  14. Wood racetracks, Drivers who had courage in droves. Cool find. I just hate seeing these tho. I did a lot of dirt tracking, and racetracks are too few and far between.
  15. Been out there a few times, we would love to find a safe and legal place to park our RV's out there in striking distance of Bernice, but a lot of work n Google Earth hasn't yielded any good options. I think the next time the family drags me to Sand mountain I need to take the truck and recon the area where I see some apparently active ranches and perhaps ask.