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  1. Critters

    crap now it's a competition!!! And cool, wasn't totally clear on bull/gopher snake....
  2. gopher snake.. I think..

    head definitely did not look like rattler, and no rattles or sign that rattles may have existed..... next time I'll get better pictures...
  3. How much time and what are you looking for? Interested in rock hounding at all? Most of the locations I have are rock hounding related.. taking 95 all the way to 80 then to Reno? Or swinging over earlier than that?
  4. It's awesome... been riding with a few other locals, went up to the lagomarsino petroglyphs this last Saturday... passed a group of 4 unimogs...they'll go anywhere just maybe not fast ;-). I'm still building up stamina... off road riding means a lot of standing on pegs, imagine 4 hours where 50% or more of your time is spent doing body weight squats.... I come back from these typically my quads are sore for several days... every time I go out I bounce back a little faster. So far the only thing that turned me around was a 2 track trail that turned into a single track mountain bike trail winding down the side of a fairly steep hill.. If it didn't appear to keep going for 10 more miles, I might have tried to use it to get to a better road.. I was also on a 'lunch' ride so needed to get back to work at some point ;-)' That being said, I learned to ride in the dirt.... and I think my unicycling experience helps with balance as well ;-). It works for me....
  5. gopher snake.. I think..

    I presume you agree with the gopher snake assessment? He was about 2' long total... hope he made it outta the road...
  6. Maybe I'll get a drone after all

    Most of the WIFI drones I've seen are very insecure and can be taken over easily, not a problem if only using in the boonies however something to be aware of.. the tools to take over drones are readily available...
  7. There are two electronic sway disco issues, first if they tend to not connect/disco unless the vehicle is absolutely level. In the case of the JK it'll simply give up, you may have to hit the switch and the rock the vehicle side x side to get it to work. The other issue is the motors seem to jam up really easy. IMO if you need to disco you'll likely be getting out to air down anyway so manual options may be just as good. If you're lifted it's even easier to get under and disco, lots of options for that. IMO if at all possible having something designed for off road is often a better choice, trailer in the off road rig (atv/utv/built jeep). If you're into 'do it yourself', and not in a hurry perhaps start monitoring CL, you might be able to find an older Jeep that someone has built up properly already..
  8. Mountain goiter

    Nope, I was on the top of a mountain.. using cheap point and shoot... ;-)
  9. Need suggestions for a first car

    Your list of needs IMO calls for very different vehicles... mostly the 'swamp' part... how deep are we talking? A subaru is a good option for AWD, for 4wd I'd keep an eye out for any mid/mini trucks with 4wd, older Frontiers were very well made.. Tacomas and 4-runners are popular, so much that the used prices may be more than you want to deal with. If you can find an Isuzu Trooper or Trooper II those are very good options. Do you have access to someone with mechanical skills (or have them yourself)? If you do, I'd suggest looking for older/cheaper.. it's your first car.. plan on beating it up and learning some mechanical skills while you are at it.... I would recommend being careful about off roading alone, until you get the feel for your and your vehicles capabilities. Find a local 4x4 club, join the forum..and ask questions. Regional information can be very important in this choice, the terrain you have there is very different from what we have here. Also local pricing variations, local off road club should be able to help you find a good deal.... and you might meet folks who are willing to help you learn some mechanical stuff as well.
  10. Well, like everything in the world.. it's about what compromises you can handle. Jeeps have their good points and bad points. I think the new JK wranglers are pretty well sorted out, the aftermarket options are of course insane. Storage space and towing capacity are very limited in wranglers, the 4 door has more room and can safely tow a bit more however you also pay for that with more weight and a larger turning radius. Some of the nicer sounding features like the Rubicon electronic disco sway bar, don't work very well at all. And they seem to spend too much time trying to confuse everything with all the darned whacky special editions they have now. And AFAIK they haven't bothered to fix some of the core problems like using the wrong bolts for the track bars and control arms.... pretty much everyone replaces them. And forget about used for the most part, 100% of the lifts I saw on used Jeeps for sale were installed wrong and typically junk..look up 'death wobble' on youtube for why you want to be careful of lifts. Used Jeep sellers typically think they are worth a fortune as well. If you want serious off road capability in a road worthy vehicle it'll end up costing. Our Jeep isn't built up much, full coverage skid plates, sliders, sway-loc front sway bar, 31" LT tires..just basic stuff to harden to improve our odds of coming home safe. Probably added $3k + my time installing and that was just to make it adequate ;-). As long as you don't mind the gas mileage, it's a good vehicle for around town as well... the size and turning radius make parking a breeze.. My wife doesn't mind driving it (vs. the RAM 1500..).. The motor is great, gobs of power... oil changes are super easy (cartridge filter on the top of the engine) well proven engine that's been around for a while.
  11. Congrats Braindead!!

    eww....tasty big gulp size...
  12. Congrats Braindead!!

    That looks like a Pepsi ;-)