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    meadmaking, blacksmithing, textile arts, welding/fabricating, fixing/breaking stuff. I also play bass, bodhran and random percussion.

    I also appraise antiques and then smash them.
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  1. Rarely bother, paint these days is very durable.. don't live in the rust belt any more... Take cars through a tunnel every now and then, not terribly often... what's funny is my job of over 20 years is point of sale and tunnel control for the carwash industry..
  2. Largish concrete structures I've found are down south, north/east of a dry lake bed...visible from the highway.. don't remember exactly where, pretty sure they were fairly modern so didn't spend much time there.
  3. Sometimes a less 'feature rich' system can be more responsive (thus smoother experience). xenforo seems to take a more minimalist approach, or it's just coded better/faster.
  4. Makes sense..... this also tells us we should thrash that forum properly... make huge posts... ad attachments... beat it up a bit...
  5. I like it... I'm not messin' with it.. The other issue seems to be that nearly all fields are duplicated, I suspect the import process setup new custom profile fields to make sure they were present.. should be easy enough to clean up however knowing which field to keep might be a bit tricky.
  6. I like the format of the 'new posts', clean and simple..
  7. And it's already got spam 😉 Looks like a some point guest account/access was enabled. Seems snappy, and works....
  8. I think the idea of mailing list was proposed at some point, I would be up for that... I'm not sure that we need the organization/graphic content provided by a forum 😉
  9. Sluggishness likely due to migration attempt bogging down the forum DB server and possible network. Suspect Bob has cancelled the move.
  10. Migration from one forum to another is difficult in the best of cases and a nightmare if there are any issues. IMO this type of move is usually better done thus: Setup new forum Migrate members, even if you can only copy name/email Announce the move advise members that they will need to reset password on the new forum (as password hashes aren't likely to transfer) Old posts will be migrated eventually. .... any other limitations, likely items like forum/post subscriptions will not translate Make current forum readonly. with prominent notice that it's readonly and the new URL Move current forum root path/domain to something like Oldforum.ExploreForums.com Now begin the old post migration... you'll have all of the users setup in old/new so mapping users ID's is possible. After all it said and done, notify users about anything that couldn't migrate and how (if necessary) recovery is done. I've done migrations from various systems over the years, it's rarely pretty but should be largely doable. That said it sounds like this was just an experiment. If that's the case: setup new forum on subdomain (xenforo.exploreforums.com) with a new/empty DB. Copy users from old to new, as a convenience Ask users to reset password on new forum and try it out.. Keep both alive until you're sure the move is worth it. Then see about completing the move.
  11. No preference on that front... last forums I setup I used Simple Machines Forum. Tons of mods available, lots of options for blocking bots/spammer..etc.. The developer community is very active as well.
  12. I've used xenforo in the past, should suit our needs fine... I'll give it a thrashing when it's ready...
  13. Just remember that a backup never restored/tested... is not really a backup. My hosting provider claims to backup as well, I don't rely on it at all. If any of my sites go down I can restore them quickly and host them anywhere without involving my current hosting provider.
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