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  1. Its further than 2 hours away from me, more up to 4. My post made it sound as if I've been there, not yet.
  2. Try driving a black car on dusty road, car turned the dust color, at least the back 3rd of it did. I'm too lazy for washing and waxing myself, though I do brush the dust off, will let the rain do its thing as we have our fair share of rain. Once a year will go through a car wash.
  3. Having a V8 would certainly help in some situations, and get you out of others.
  4. Agree with you there, reason I drive a KIA, its a decent car with great gas mileage. Note to self: proof read before posting. My previous post (for = far).
  5. My dads Toyota Tacoma 4x4 off-road gets for better gas mileage than the Chevy 4x4 he had prior.
  6. Those look good and appear to have higher clearance, do they help get you further than previous vehicle.
  7. Mileage on mine adds up just going into town, it can also be an adventure on itself sometimes.
  8. Its quite alright that IPB is it. Everyone is used to it.
  9. In the end, its entirely your choice which to use. Sure doesn't hurt to get other opinions.
  10. To be honest, like zenforo more. Just one persons opinion. Most things are fixable.
  11. I like it, quite responsive. You can add all the personal information, then let all visitors, members only (hide from guests), people you follow, or nobody to view. Profile information is kinda messed up. AIM AIM ICQ ICQ MSN MSN
  12. Everyone or most have 2 accounts, original and new member. Mine for example New Member wimc1 (these could be removed) Original wimc
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