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  1. Has anyone heard of the " International car forest of the last church" in Goldfield, Nevada? I couldn't find it in this thread, but I apologize if I missed it and it has already been posted. This place beats the "Cadillac Ranch" by a mile! Lots more here: http://www.carlustblog.com/2013/08/international-car-forest-of-the-last-church.html Started by Michael Rippie. His story :http://slurvemag.com/magazine/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=835:the-international-car-forest-of-the-last-church&catid=44:fine-art&Itemid=92 Apparently built to get in the Guinness book of world records for the most cars sticking up out of the ground! I don't normally associate with the artsy-fartsy crowd, but I kinda like this guy: "From this old man’s chin grew a long grey miner’s beard. His hip was strapped with a pistol and the well-worn 4 wheeler he pulled up on had a rifle holstered to it. Upon seeing him, my first mental images were of me digging a comfy grave for myself at the behest of his gun barrel. We hit it off as soon as I told him I loved this car stickin’ out of the ground. “It’s mine and there’s more..” he assured me. I was relieved to see his guarded desert rat demeanor shift for the better."
  2. I've always been told to use eye and ear protection, along with the four safety rules, while shooting, HOWEVER, I wish I had used hearing protection as an mechanic and avid hot-rodder way back when. Loud pipes don't save lives. Loud pipes create hearing loss.
  3. I always put both fingers in my ears as a precaution.
  4. I've decided to paint smiley faces on all my guns, so that the simple-minded and politically diseased will easier understand that all my guns are friendly.
  5. She's evolved from wild and uncontrollable to cute and playful in only 8 months. The result of being spoiled rotten is my guess.
  6. I'd love to, but I don't have a truck or 4x4 anymore. Thank goodness I just got a job, but exploring my beloved desert will have to wait a while.
  7. I think they rotate every couple years. This is the gal I met the first visit:
  8. You want one more thing to feel angry about? I used to get $240.00/wk from unemployment. They have now lowered it to $200.00/wk. I got a letter explaining why. I said the reduction was due to sequestration. Of course, there are no cutbacks in the medical marijuana program or the study on why lesbians tend to be overweight. (I already know why but I'm keeping it to myself)
  9. "dealing with permanent, life-long leg muscle problems" Your legs, my back. I try to remind myself how lucky I am that I'm not 21 years old, returning from a country that hates us, with both my legs blown off. --And we are saving a place for you here in Arizona.
  10. "cave hermit mode." Precisely. Somehow, I felt things were getting ready for a change, though. You ever have a streak of bad luck that seems to go on forever? Well, starting last week, it seemed I was on a lucky streak for the first time in a year. I went shooting Friday, shot the living hell out of every bullseye, the guns just loved me, never skipped a beat. Then some guy on the interwebs and I decided to do a trade and I came out way ahead in the deal. I knew the tide was changing. Then yesterday I get the call on the job. Whats next? The president falls and hits his head and becomes a conservative Libertarian tea party supporter?
  11. Well, to be blunt, the unvarnished truth is I have been unemployed for close to a year (minus 2 short term jobs) and looking at losing my house. I've been really bi-polar, where I work to boost my attitude and confidence by sheer will, then it slowly backslides back into darkness. So sometimes I get really antisocial and withdraw from life. Fortunately, I just found a good job close to home, and I start work Thursday. So, I should be contributing more frequently as life improves. Brian
  12. I believe in ghosts, but I am skeptical of people.
  13. I visited Ruby twice. One reason it has survived to the present day is due to a full time caretaker. When I went there a few years back, his name was Moondog. No joke. And you could smell him from a good 10 yards away.
  14. If it weren't for all the things I dislike about the city, I agree the weather is pleasant. I guess pleasant weather attracts the (insert something here) I was going to type in something politically incorrect and sort of nasty. I'll just keep it to myself.
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