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  1. Definitely sad. Reading through a couple of the stories on that same incident, it seems like he played with fire a few times and got out by the skin of his teeth. Personally, you will never catch me in a tube. I have the utmost respect for those explorers, but it's not my thing. Drowning in the dark in a big drain is like the worst. death. ever.
  2. I like this one. Brian has THREE SITES, Vanishing North Georgia, Vanishing South Georgia, Vanishing Coastal Georgia, and he always amazes me with his new posts. Really beautiful stuff.
  3. The domain is now working. http://GhostTownMagazine.com
  4. If you ever go back looking for an article you saw a couple days ago, you can see back issues by clicking on 'archives' right next to the date on the magazine homepage.
  5. I went ahead and went full bore with this, but we're going through domain migration for the next three days... until then, this is the link: https://paper.li/GhostsofNA/1424976071
  6. Hi ghost town friends. Just dropping a note to let you know we've launched GhostTownMagazine.com, a DAILY, hand-curated collection of the best content from around the web on ghost towns, abandoned places, and the North American roadside. Whether you're into urbex or rurex, there's a little something for everybody. I've always been kind of surprised that nobody really did a ghost town magazine on the web, with all the content that's out there. So hopefully, this is the start of something new. I hope you'll check it out. New content daily. http://www.ghosttownmagazine.com or http://www.ghosttownmag.com
  7. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. All good information. Wind and cold I can handle.
  8. Greetings all, it's been awhile. My friend and I are considering a trip to photograph a few spots in the southwest in February or March... possibly Rhyolite and some other places. I've looked up some weather/climate data and I have some pretty good information to go on, but I'd really like to hear from anyone who might have some feedback. February and March don't seem to be particularly rainy or inclement... is there a monsoon season I should be aware of? Maybe that's a foolish question for the Vegas area, but I lived in Yuma once and they had a very active monsoon season early each year. Anything else I should know? Thanks in advance.
  9. I don't share your cynicism about the Federal government, and I think it's silly to believe that in an era when everyone has a camera in their pocket that the government could somehow impose a fee on everyone. Your final statement tells me as much as I need to know about your point of view. I think it's inflammatory. It's fear-mongering. An attempt to motivate people to VOTE a certain way based on a rumor, a hypothetical, or an exaggerated supposed threat to our freedom. You're anti-government. I understand that, acknowledge your right to believe that, and I know you're not alone. I am not anti-government. I've seen a lot of super-conservative rhetoric on these pages over the last few years, and I've done my best to avoid the discussion because I'm in the minority here, but since you addressed me with this anti-government response, I felt it necessary to respond. Thank you.
  10. Wow! What an awesome place to explore. Hope you had a lot of fun.
  11. Great stories about the plane crashes fellas. Good reading on a Wednesday morning. Anything that's abandoned or seldom seen by human eyes is fascinating to me, and belongs on this forum!
  12. This is something that will never happen. It's unenforceable number one. Some idiot came up with the idea, some other idiots let it get out before they put the kabosh on it, which is what's gonna happen anyway, and then the media picked up on it. News directors saw a sensational headline, which is the number one thing every news outlet is looking for these days because it generates clicks, and BOOM. Viral story. This will never happen.
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