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  1. .44 Henry cartridges were produced until the early 1930's. So, it might not be as old as you think. But a cool find anyway.
  2. I can not tell by the picture but does it have two (2) firing pin indentations? If it does you can be certain it was fired by a Henry rifle or a Winchester Model 1866. Without dimensional information can not even be certain it is a Henry case. Here are the dimensions for a .44 Henry case: Rim Dia = .518; Case Length = .903; Neck Dia = .434 and Base Dia = .441 (all dimensions are in inches).
  3. I found another picture of my trailer. And I was wrong about the name of the campground the picture was taken at. It is actually Lake View campground.
  4. I tried something different. It not the best picture of the trailer but it will have to do. Taken in 2013 at Twin Lakes Campground, Colorado.
  5. NV Rat, I did hit the "more Reply Options" but when the insert image window pops up I can't do anything with it. I wonder it it has something to do with the number of posts I have.
  6. It seem I cannot post a picture but I tow a Canadian military Trailer, Cargo, 1/4 Ton, 2 Wheel, M101 CDN 2 behind my Defender 90. I even took it over Imogene Pass in Colorado. Check out the off road site like I8HMUD. They have trailer section with lots of pictures.
  7. I never heard of "4 in 1" blanks but "5 in 1" blanks are the standard blanks use by Hollywood in western films. They are called "5 IN 1" because the can be used in firearms cambered for .38-40 WCF, .44-40 WCF, .45 Colt, .44 Special and .44 Magnum.
  8. If the brass found at the sight had a head stamp of "5 IN 1" then you can be certain it came from the movie. If not it is just left from someone shooting at the sight.
  9. The four and more legged (and the no legged) critters don't worry me as much as the two legged critters!
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. He has only one problem. He is constantly roaming around the inside of the jeep as we travel down the road. Worst than a kid!
  12. Buster, if there is a mud puddle within five miles he will find it.
  13. I started "exploring" in the late 1960's and up until the mid-1970's I still could find places that were still pretty much either unknown or "untouched". Now these places were in states other than Califorina. Starting in the late 1970's I found more and more people running around and more and more "NO TREPASSING" signs.
  14. Bob, Where did you see the M247 Sergeant York DIVAD (Division Air Defense) weapon system.
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