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  1. Crazy......I'm looking for 223 ammo.....pretty much sold out on the net. Anyone know a place? I could use 1,000 rounds Gonna check my local wally world tomorrow. Kenny s
  2. Lol....i wouldnt get anywhere if i obeyed every no trespass sign! I find many peope plant those signs to keep 90% of people out even though the right of way goes through their property. KS
  3. Opinion? I tend not to waste breath simply because we've been here before. Same old gun story. Lol....guess thats still an opinion.
  4. These days.......they have all given up on finding a bigfoot so all the tv shows are deep into hearing a bigfoot! Gotta keep the series going i guess!
  5. Is this where i mention that supposedly...... Bigfoot DNA exists? Crazy thing is that its gaining very little traction in the national media.
  6. Something like that.......there were actually a few!
  7. Much like religion, politics and abortion........opinions are never ending on a subject with no answer.
  8. Just went to the copper queen mine this year. Pretty cool.. Yes.....i've been underground!
  9. Geez......with the info available on your smart phone......nothing is secret....... All i can say is if you're still using a flip phone.........you're missing out !
  10. Hell........dangers are many! To say otherwise is ridiculous! Charging javelina, bobcats, big horn sheep, vagrants, land owners, bees, bear etc...... All i can say is leave a topo map at home before you leave with a dot on it or text a screencapture of where you'll be or coords. And of course .....vehicle color and model always!!! Takes a few seconds if you get bamboozled at a mine or ghost town.
  11. I'm buying a 2000 or so Honda recon from a buddy but it needs tires ,battery and a seat. Anyone have a cheap source for tires on the net or in the phx area? Thanks! Kenny s
  12. I get a creeper and roll under my rig for a visual inspection . I ride trails, offroad a bit and hit the washboard trails. You'd be amazed at what breaks loose, breaks off and just cracks! Other visuals have included leaking shocks, cracked bumper brackets, shot lower control arm bushings, broken balancer on the tranny, Broken swaybar bushings and links, snapped off strut tower bolts, rocks in the skidplates, lost skidplate bolts after the last oil change, General leaks. .....and i dont 4 wheel recreationally.....just to get to my destination. Kenny s
  13. Leaving the vehicle was plain ol'e stupid. Car most likely runs / heat.......duh! Elderly folks in az. Have driven down the wrong roads and died from exposure in the desert. Anyone watch jungle gold on discovery??? 2 guys buy a bar of black market gold in ghana africa for 1/2 of what its worth.......1 st clue! They get the gold, speed away and STOP for sticks laying in the road. They both get out WITHOUT the gold bar in their hands to clear the sticks Masked gunman jumps in the window and takes off with the bag / gold. Stupidity at its finest!
  14. Amsoil......oil charged. Unfortunately, these filters let minute particals of the oil contaminate the mass airflow sensor sensors. I have to clean my 4 runner sensor twice a year after the check engine light come on. Other than that......works well......just wash and recharge.
  15. There are an infinite number of magic elixers including seafoam and a million "coating" fluids that reduce engine temperature. If you start by purchasing a proven winner power plant.....1/2 the battle is won. IMO.....its more about fuel economy these days than engine life. Throttle body cleanings, O2 sensor changes, mass airflow cleanings and regular oil changes will keep things fresh! 100,000 miles is nothing these days.
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