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  1. Quick Road Condition Question

  2. Has anyone been on the road from Imlay to Rabbit Hole recently? A friend is taking a group out there, and was just looking for some current road conditions. He and the rest are prepared and experienced, he's just trying to avoid backtracking, if possible. My recollection is that road is always in pretty good shape, but we had quite the exceptional winter, so it merits inquiry!
  3. gopher snake.. I think..

    The only dead giveaway in your picture (to me) is the head - it's not triangular. I can't see the tail, and I can't make out the back markings clearly enough (though they don't look to be diamond in shape at first glance).
  4. Bigfoot - Yes, No, Maybe?

    Our scientific hubris is our species' own worst enemy, supposing that through methodical inquiry and study, we have somehow managed to catalog all macroscopic lifeforms of any importance, and that anything beyond what is 'known' must simply be either a falsification or a mistake. Extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence, but lack of evidence does not equate to lack of substance. Considering what we knew about the world 1 century ago, our scientific compendia have grown by leaps and bounds. But an increase in knowledge should not suggest that the knowledge is now exhaustive. For a more grounded comparison, look at the periodic table at its inception c.1870 v. the periodic table of 6/1/2017. Bigfoot may very well exist - I cannot answer definitively, so I leave the question open in my mind, to receive more evidence and information. Also, if I see one while hunting, my goal is to put 150 grains of lead through it's vitals, drag it home, and become the most (in)famous human of our time. "You want proof? There's your proof."
  5. Might be explorable..

    Is that an adit (roughly parallel to horizontal) or are you looking down an inclined shaft? Hard to tell from the image.
  6. Hey Bob, been busy with work, SAR, the new baby, etc. but I finally have some free time coming. If you want, I can get my core drill squared away and meet you out there. If you point me at some "likely" spots, we can take 10 foot cores (2", I don't have the 3" arbor handy) until we hit brick. Power will be tricky, but I have a genset on loan to me for a project that got put on hold anyway. My truck can pull it. Just let me know where to be and when to be there.
  7. View from the top of Nightingale mine

    Gracias. I won't be out there, if at all, until late June. And at that rate, it may wait. I have recon to do for our group trip in September - mostly figuring out the condition of various roads and figuring out what's accessible and what's not. This weekend would have been nice, except I'm in training all day Saturday. That's exactly why Tunnel Dog One exists - to see what you can't see, and go where you can't (or don't want) to go! I'm still waiting for several roads to re-open in Alpine County so I can hit some sites up there. It's killing me!
  8. View from the top of Nightingale mine

    Hrm. Tunnel Dog One would be perfect for the vertical shaft. I may have to get out there before the weather gets too hot. Is the shaft 'fenced' off with t-stakes and barbed wire? The stakes make things easier, giving me opposite or nearly opposite hard points to tie in the main guide rope and pulley system. If not, I have rebar. Of course if the vertical shaft looks passable, the next step is to rig up and rappel in for a look-see. I think I need to re-tie my Purcell's first though, since I don't have a mechanical ascender (and prefer to not have one at this point).
  9. Please Keep in Your Thoughts

    Terrorists may not know fear, but they know numbers. When the probability of success, which is often determined more by body count than anything else, is low, they seek other targets. The UK has virtually no civil liberties to suspend any more. If you read up on their laws and policing methods, it's effectively a benevolent totalitarian state at this point. This country is not far behind - perhaps a generation, maybe less. That's why it's hard to know who they should turn the guns on first - the terrorist assholes or the government assholes. Decisions, decisions.
  10. Environmental Issue Photos

    Nuke waste is problematic, too. But it's another topic where the media acts like a bunch of dimwits, and the public lacks the basic education to understand *anything* about radiation, radioactive decay, and the impacts on the body. Case in point - the media will crow for hours about uranium isotopes with their half-lives of anywhere from 4.5 billion years, to 700 million years. They scream about the radiation danger and how we're all going to have 3-headed babies, etc. Yet uranium is arguably more toxic as a heavy metal. But if you start talking about decay modes, helium, alpha particles, and ionizing radiation, the media no longer wants any part of it. They can't sell facts and information - they can only sell hype and fear. The same nonsense is ongoing with the whole Fukishima thing. Apparently, the whole of the Pacific Ocean should have been a glowing, toxic, radioactive stew 5 years ago, then 4, then 3....wait...it still isn't. Does bioaccumulation of radioactive isotopes exist? Absolutely. Do 'half-life', 'background', and 'cumulative dosing' mean anything to the media? Of course not! Don't confuse the issue with facts and that science-y stuff!!! MATH IS HARD!! It's tough living in a world where the idiots are in charge.
  11. Maybe I'll get a drone after all

    Gee, sounds almost like the typical response, by rational people, to gun control. Funny how that is. For posterity: "Ahead of Friday's ruling, the FAA told the appeals court that "it would threaten the safety of the national airspace system" if the court nullified the registration requirement." Translation: "This takes away an excuse to be an even larger, more-bloated Federal bureaucracy!! Waahh!" However, this ruling does not change one thing I think is true - the Courts, at all levels, are corrupt and lack integrity. As a "Branch" of government, they are as tainted as the rest.
  12. Environmental Issue Photos

    Yeah, I think I am saying you shouldn't be upset about oil spills, pipeline leaks, or fracking (which has gone on in various forms for nearly half a century). Those are the natural and likely consequences of human industry, regardless of the precautions taken. Measures are available to reduce the chances of such things, but when you involve humans in any endeavor, there will be an imperfect record. The public is too stupid, too uneducated, and too wrapped up in the world of "popular" entertainment to have even the most basic grasp of the complexities of most things around them, the same things which make daily life and our standard of living (nationally and globally) generally possible. Therefore, by eating up what the mainstream media passes off as 'news', they somehow expect complex systems to function perfectly all the time, and then abhor leaks, spills, releases, or other forms of contamination. The truth is pretty far from the accepted 'understanding'. A single oil refinery is a complex machine, with a multitude of industrial controls, human-drafted policies and procedures, and layers of government/political oversight, interference, and direction. Yet refineries in compliance with all the policies and laws, and with state-of-the-art controls, still experience accidents. While we can continue to try and do better, to come up with ever-more creative and useful methods to avoid accidents, the expectation that technology will save us from all accidents is unfounded. So to be sad/upset/angry about that is really unproductive and not helpful. What is helpful is understanding problems and applying novel, practical solutions to those problems. But then government tends to get in the way of that. As far as blaming business, that's old hat. It doesn't wash.
  13. 40 Mile desert was what the overlanders dealt with before hitting Black Rock. It's all fairly well documented, and I think Trails West (?) has markers along the route.
  14. Environmental Issue Photos

    Here's what I don't get. You drive 2 tons of steel, wearing items made out of, or through the use of, steel, to some location and have an Emotional Moment about the natural and likely consequences of mining the iron used in that steel. I am perplexed.
  15. Environmental Issue Photos

    How is iron an environmental issue?