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Found 1 result

  1. A week ago, after a year of research, shopping and drooling on store counters, I bought a Ruger Security-9 handgun. A 9mm semi-auto, 4” barrel. https://ruger.com/products/security9/specSheets/3819.html My gun is equipped with the optional Hogue grip (shown in photo), which I didn’t realize when I bought the gun. I paid $329 at a local gun shop here in Winnemucca, or $30 less than the Security-9 without the Hogue grip at the Reno Cabela’s. Not sure why, but when purchased with the Hogue grip, Ruger supplies two 10-round magazines instead of the 15-round magazines. I could not find anything to indicate that a 15-round magazine is incompatable with the Hogue grip. The gun store owner also had no answer. But Ruger’s website doesn’t state that the 15-round magazine is incompatable; Hogue’s website doesn’t state any incompatability, so my logic is that my plan to purchase a couple 15-round magazines in the future. This feature was one of the reasons for my purchase, so I was a bit let down. But the Hogue grip is quite comfotable. This gun is my first 9mm handgun. A primary reason I went with a 9mm is relatively inexpensive ammo costs. Walmart here in town sells Federal for 16 cents per round; Remington for a penny more. I spent the afternoon and evening after purchase getting familiar with the gun and reading the manual. I also found a Bulldog brand universal hip holster (clip + belt loop) made for semi auto pistols with 4” barrels at the local True Value, as the gun store didn’t have any model specific holsters or universals that fit in stock. The day following my purchase I went to the local shooting range, crowded even with the breezy and cold conditions with occasional snow showers and blowing snow from off Winnemucca Mountain. My buddy, who recently repaired his Thompson “Typewriter” 45-caliber semi-auto, and I took the 400-yard range. He fired far, I set up a heavy gauge cardboard fruit box weighted with a paving stone at about 200 feet. I had marked the box with rings and a center crosshair. I shot a hundred rounds at the box, both standing and sitting at the table with the gun resting on a sandbag. I got used to my gun’s characteristics and sights, putting 44 out of 100 rounds through the box; plus clearing the immediate area around the box of snow, mud and dirt by near misses. By that time, my buddy’s Thompson broke again, both of us were cold, my wrists were sore (gun recoil, arthritis and cold) and a couple vehicles were waiting for their turns. So we packed up our guns, picked up our brass and left. In the morning before practice, I registered my gun with Ruger and downloaded a .pdf of their current catalog. I noticed the availability of the Hogue grip and 10-round magazine, but didn’t realize my gun was so equipped until I loaded the first magazine and could only get 10 rounds and it hit me that I had a Hogue model. I guess I’m getting less observant as I’m getting older. I am predominately right handed. I have to shoot long guns left handed. Pistols I tend to be ambidextrous. My .22 mag revolver I can shoot left handed, but is more comfortable right. My new Ruger feels supremely comfortable left handed, though it is a right handed gun. My left hand is more steady aiming as well.
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