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Found 3 results

  1. Seven Troughs, Vernon, Mazuma, Tunnel Camp, Nevada - Day Trip: April 27, 2013 As time goes on, I'll post more details and photos. A synopsis of my travels today: * Met a friend - who lives in the Reno area - at Lovelock. We met at 9:30 AM. * After chatting for a time, We drove north, our original destination the ghost town of Vernon. * Aired down tires at the start of the dirt road branching off NV399 heading to the district. Visited some more. *The approaching lunch hour changed our plans to head to Tunnel Camp. * Lunch on arrival at Tunnel Camp, on the tailgate of my truck. My lunch consisted of a turkey and ham I picked up at Subway. * After lunch, we walked the camp, photographing, video. Walked entire camp, including the large tailings pile from the tunnel in the canyon. * Visited the cemetery, marked on the U.S.G.S. topo below Tunnel Camp. * Drove to Vernon. * Took route due north out of Vernon, stopped at the Portland Mine (marked on topo), the Fairview Mine (also marked), then continued on up and over the saddle and down into Seven Troughs. * A very nice drive through the Seven Troughs Range on this road. Scattered juniper stands dot the landscape. The grass was green. Lupine was blooming above about 5,500 feet elevation. We saw about a dozen antelope in the canyons between Vernon and Seven Troughs, some individually or in pairs, one group of five. * Explored the camp of Seven Troughs. * Having historic photos, I duplicated these for then and now comparisons. * By the time we left Seven Troughs, it was passing 6:00 PM. We stopped for only a few minutes in Mazuma, photographing the former mill site, the sped off. Both of us were far past due in letting our respective wives know that we were still alive, thus we felt compelled to get heading for Lovelock and a cellular signal. * Dinner at the restaraunt in the Sturgeon's Casino in Lovelock. I had a very good New York steak and eggs, with hash browns and toast for $9.77. My friend had the $9.77 New York steak dinner. * Aired up tires after dinner, then drove north and east in the darkness along I-80 home for an hour.
  2. The Hunt for Seven Troughs Ghost Town, Nevada. A Trip That Ended At Tunnel Camp. Standing in the dusty road in the center of town takes you back to another time entirely. Old buildings still standing from an era long gone by. If you dare, you can take it all in and imagine what life must have been like back when this was a small mining town. Not only is there a long history of this place, but it's also rumored to be haunted. One thing I know for sure is that it's a great place to take the family. Kids will love this place, the quite solitude makes you fee like you have time traveled into another world. If you are not use to the quiet, you may feel an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. I have heard of many stories of people having strange experiences at this location. Some believe it's haunted. We spent an entire day trying to find Seven Troughs ghost town, or what's left of it, but instead we found Tunnel Camp. This is our story. We headed out on our third attempt to find the ghost town of Seven Troughs Nevada on a nice and sunny weekend in July. We hit Lovelock NV at noon and drove through the center of town on our quest to find Seven Troughs. We drove down the dirt roads outside of Lovelock, and followed the route you see below to Vernon. Vernon is an old ghost town just outside of Seven Troughs, but there are a lot of roads here that can get you off track. Vernon consists of a cement building that I did not take any photos of last time, but if you continue on this road over the mountain range, you will miss the excellent ghost town of Tunnel Camp, but you will get to Porter Springs. Porter Springs is worth the trip, but not where you want to go if you want to visit Tunnel Camp. This was the route we took when we first missed Tunnel Camp. Of course Porter Springs is worth a visit, and it's a great place to have a nice family picnic, but vandals are quickly destroying the place, unfortunately. Anyway, after we made it two porter springs, we decided to head back over the mountain from Vernon and try to reassess our location. From this vantage point in Vernon, it's nearly impossible to figure out where Seven Troughs is located, but on a a hunch we took the following path to see if we could locate Seven Troughs: When we took this route, we were greeted with the following view: We had thought we made it to Seven Troughs, but it wasn't until later, after some research, that we realized that we had actually made it to Tunnel Camp, and not Seven Troughs. Needless to say, we still haven't made it to Seven Troughs, but we plan to make it all the way this year! Tunnel Camp is worth a visit, but you better hurry as vandals are quickly destroying this place. It's a shame losers destroy these places! So take a quick detour off of highway 80 and visit this old ghost town. Tunnel camp started in 1926 with one goal, to build a tunnel to Seven Troughs. The tunnel would be used to drain the Seven Troughs mines and to transport ore to Tunnel. But errors in the tunnel caused the town problems which it never recovered. It was sporadically lived in up until the 1970's. I has remained completely abandoned ever since.
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