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Found 18 results

  1. We decided to head out and do some exploring today and ended up back in Dixie Valley. We wanted to try out our new Ghost Town POI, and it worked excellent. We originally planned to go fossil hunting, but the roads were too muddy, so we turned around and headed back towards Dixie Valley. I wanted to get out to Bernice, but the daylight was limited so we headed back to find the site of Dixie.   We decided to take a quick stop after noticing the following house, but once we arrive we realized the entire area around the house was flooded. They have the valve on their well opened wide up and it has created a mote around the house. We walked around but couldn't find a way in.         We hit the road again and followed our GPS POI and made it to Dixie. I suspect this was the main mine at Dixie as the mine was extensive, but extremely unstable. It was collapsing everywhere. I did not enter the mine, but here are some shots:   NOTE: The first series of photos came out weird as I had knocked the little dial on my camera one my way down into the opening, and didn't notice until after I took a few shots.   When we first pulled up we seen this:   ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >   And here are some shots inside:   ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >                                     This road here was starting to slide down into the mine, only a narrow walk way to get by.         And finally we found the site of Dixie. It was getting late, so I quickly took this photo of what appear to be cement foundations, about 5 in total around the site. Looked to be a few other things in the area, but nothing really left. Kind of a bummer, and I wouldn't classify this as a ghost town, more of a ghost town site, if that makes sense.    
  2. Yesterday we headed out to Simon Nevada ghost town. The roads leading to the town have been washed out in many locations, making it impossible for low clearance vehicles to reach the site. Most normal 4wd vehicles should easily make it IF you come in from the Mina side. It's a little sketch in some spots, but definitely worth the trip. I missed a few spots on the way, but have some more places to stop next time I head out here. There are a few buildings left, some some very dangerous mine shafts. Some cool looking ore tracks are still left as well as a building full of ore samples.
  3. I went out to Nightingale to take some photos of the ranch house. It was raining, so I wasn't at liberty to take very long to get a good set of photos, but they came out fair. We also found a pair of stone walls near another mine shaft.   The old ranch house looks to be in excellent shape, but the loser vandals have shot plenty of holes into the exterior walls. This looked to be a nice two room ranch house at one time.          
  4. I came across this one by accident while looking at google earth. I noticed some structures and then conducted some research. Miners Cow Creek Ranch is located at: 40.594778,-118.759012 and it's worth checking out if you have the time or inclination. The road get's fairly rough when you get close to the site and low clearance vehicles are not advised.   I wish I would have found this site when I first visited Tunnel Camp. I am betting it would have all been in much better shape.   There are some mines not far from here, but I didn't get a chance to check them out as it was starting to get late.       As you can see, the idiot vandals even come all the way out here to spray paint on something.         More photos shortly.
  5. From the album: Berlin Nevada Ghost Town

    Peering into the old workshop at Berlin Nevada Ghost Town.

    © Explore Forums

  6. From the album: Tunnel Camp Nevada Ghost Town

    This old outhouse looks to be in worse shape than the last time we visited, but it's still in good shape considering.

    © Explore Forums

  7. If you stand long enough in a Nevada ghost town, whispering winds may carry the voices of lost souls.   And while staying in a reportedly haunted hotel, as our group did on a recent visit, you may glimpse someone not quite there. Home to boom and bust mining towns, this state is rife with legend, lore and more than a few ghost stories.   Read more here
  8. This looks like an old mine with some buildings left: 41.30185, -118.001824   Anyone been out there?
  9. This appears to be an old mine with possible structures, or at least some walls are visible from google: 41.022428, -117.869387
  10. Thinking of heading over towards the Ely area soon, anyone have any sites that should be seen, either on the way from Fernley, or when I arrive?
  11. Today I made it out to Bullion Nevada. The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees, and the ride wasn't too bad. Here are some shots from the trip:   Here are a couple of photos of the scenery on the road to Bullion:       When we first arrive in the town site, we noticed this new vehicle. We first seen this vehicle from a distance and figured there were other visitors in the area, but when we got closer we noticed it was sitting on a stump and missing it's rear tire. It was definitely a rental car from Utah.     A series of numbers were written onto the hood in the dirt. We found a newspaper near the vehicle from three days ago. Doors locked, and nobody in sight. Were the lost and wondering the desert? We had no idea, so we checked the area and when it turned up empty, the wife decided to call the police and let them know. We would find out later that the car had been there for three days, had gone off the road into a raving, dragged out, and recovered about 30 minutes after we arrived. What are the chances?   Here are some shots of Bullion:           Some old ore cart rails:     This one looked to be a check point, but not sure.        Part 2 coming up next. 
  12. I have been calling this place Frontage Road, but I would like to organize my images and properly identify this place. Does anyone know what this place is or was? I have linked to a google map below, this gives the general area of where the Frontage Road images were taken. Any ideas?   Map Here    
  13. From the album: Sand Mountain Nevada Ghost Towns

    These places are located near Sand Mountain, about two miles away. I do not know the official name of these old sites. If you recognize them and have an official name, please let me know so I can update this topic.

    © Explore Forums

  14. Explore America: Nevada Ghost Towns When visiting Nevada, sure there's Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Reno, to name a few popular destinations. But there are also less-traveled places worth exploring. Perhaps you're looking to escape modernity and step back into a time gone by to channel the vibe of the old Wild West. Some off-the-beaten-path towns in Nevada (or more traveled throughout time, depending how you see it) are the ghost towns. Nevada has its fair share of wonderfully preserved ghost towns. These desolate landscapes and dilapidated buildings provide wonderful subjects for photographers as well. Read The Entire Article
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