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David A. Wright

The Hunt for Susan Coon (Lassen Applegate Trail, NW of Rye Patch)

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Bob ought to like this one, since it's near his favorite fishing hole at Rye Patch.

The hunt for Susan Coon, who died in 1860 during after giving birth to her son at Antelope Spring. One of the few surviving original graves along the Lassen-Applegate trail. Three years later, two Unionville prospectors were murdered next her grave. One is buried yards away. Follow my quest to find the grave of Susan Coon.

A note, since this page is no longer online, an aid to seeing the images clearer is a trick I just recently learned. I believe it works on browsers other than Internet Explorer. Push CTRL + ALT to magnify the page. The formatting stays intact (except at levels zoomed far out or close in), but images and text easier to read for old eyes like mine.

RESN&GB4x4 Trips The Hunt for Susan Coon.mht

RESN&GB4x4 Trips The Hunt for Susan Coon.mht

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