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Nose Art - Planes of Fame in Chino

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Thanks, Matt and Bob. I have a lot more photos. We were provided with media vests so we were actually allowed on the flight line and the runway to take photos, as well as in the hangars where they repair the planes. Planes of Fame have asked us to do a monthly feature about them in our magazine, and they are going to sell the magazine from their gift shop. They are currently arranginf clearance for us to go up in the planes and take aerial shots :)


Here is a photo of me, looking windblown in my so sexy media vest, with Staff Sergeant Sidney H. Zimman, USMC, who flew a Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber, participating in the Air Battle over Rabaul. Also included is a photo of Sid in his Dauntless, showing us how the guns worked.



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Awesome, Cindy.

I went to that when it was in Anaheim, CA. (1970's ?) it was "cars of stars and planes of fame" I believe it was near the "Hollywood wax museum" too. That was cool.

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Bruce was my uncle. He was one of the greatest artist I’ve ever known. All he ever wanted was to be famous, & I thank you all for making that happen for him. My grandmother, his mom still lives with us in garden valley ca. She is 92 years young. Still has her license. Little scary if you ask me. Please, any photos you have of Bruce, his art, or his life please share with us. My Facebook page is Matthew Crandall, gardenvalley ca. Please share what you have. The longer he’s gone the more we realized how much we missed of the true son, uncle, brother, & friend. Please help us keep his art alive.  


                    Bruce’s nephew,


                                                    Matthew Crandall,     P.O. Box, 701, gardenvalley ca, 95633...            

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