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Cliff House east of Redington, Arizona

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Last Saturday a group of us went out to visit the "Cliff House" east of Redington, Arizona. The house was built in the 1930s in a similar fashion on the ancient cliff dwellings of the past (with modern construction methods and materials). Built into a overhang under a high cliff in a deep canyon, it is a unique structure with a very interesting past. The building is in fairly good condition due to the difficulty to get to and it's remote location. Here are a few pictures of our trip. I hope to publish a feature story on this trip soon. 



Our view of the mountains on the way in. It rained off and on, giving great opportunities for picture taking. And perfect weather for the tough hike.



I think the rainbow ended at the Cliff House



The Cliff House was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!



Heading into the storms



The Cliff House



Cat-dog on the hunt for the Cliff House



How much is that puppy in the window?



Wonderful skies



Our road home


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Hey Matt, yours is the second report that I have seen of recent trips to this old house. It was probably in the late 90's that I was there for the last time. One of the reasons for the absence was that the roads into the area were gated and locked. I understood that the rancher who controlled the access would allow limited access for a fee. Is it still necessary to get his permission, or have the gates been unlocked or another access route been created?

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I do not believe the cliff house is on private property. I believe it's on BLM land. But, the "easy" access goes through the private property that Ernie mentions. And I believe he is correct about the rancher. Last time I was down there, we talked to some people who came down that route and he was charging something like $25 per vehicle (if I remember correctly). I have been to the house five times now and have never gone that way (I don't like paying for access if I don't have to). Though that route is much easier of a hike than the route I take. The second route doesn't cross any private property (or if it does, it is allowed access). Taking this route is much more difficult to get to (the road) and a much longer hike and more difficult. You have to really want to get there. But it's worth it!

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That's a bummer that the good access road goes through private property. I wonder if there are any enhanced liability issues for the rancher who charges a fee to cross his roads? Wouldn't charging a fee to use his roads open him up to some liability issues? Ed?


Are you going to post any more photos of the old house one your website Matt? I would love to see more photos of that old house.


That's a good point Bob. I bet it does, but I doubt if he's thought of that. If you get hurt stumbling down the cliff side, my guess is you could sue him because he's the one who you paid for access. And yes, I will be doing a story soon on this place with more pictures and video. Stay tuned.

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He is hanging his tail in the wind by charging people to use a road. I am sure he isn't having them sign a liability waiver, just sticking his hand out and pocketing the cashola. I wounder if the local jurisdiction knows he is running a "toll road"...:D

I would love to know the history of that place, looks very cool. Who built it and when? why? Why did he bail out of there?

Why is it the dang BLM manages to suck up everything that is cool and none of it ever hit the market for American Citizens to own a piece of their history?

Oh well. I should shut up before my blood pressure starts rising. LOL

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