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Lucky S Mine in California?

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I poked around Reno a little last year to find some good locations, Gold Hill was interesting but I must have missed the really derelict gold mill because I found a few galleries of that this winter and need to go back there now.


I love the Ghosttown website that has sometimes good sometimes scant info on ghost towns in America.  I noticed Lucky S Mine sounds like a gorgeous and well preserved place but I have a weak car with no 4WD.  Wondering if anyone has been here and has any recommendations for proper getting in and out? Sounds like it has a fair number of potentially dangerous mine openings so it's a little more advanced than my usual tourism :D

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If i may link a few things it sounds and looks great, a bit out of the way but the views alone seem worth it to me!


It's in Plumas county: http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/ca/luckysminingtown.html


These directions and coordinates seem to be the most accurate: http://forums.ghosttowns.com/showthread.php?16272-How-to-get-to-the-Lucky-S-mine-a-guide&p=34414&posted=1#post34414


It sounds as though there are at least five remaining buildings currently and some danger due to open mines!  I don't know how well the places has weathered the recent drought and fire seasons but it seems someone from the Ghost Twon forum visits fairly regularly

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A little late but I figured... so yes lucky s is a fantastic place to visit. It has 7 buildings still standing, but the 4 in the back are really the only ones you’re able to explore. The road to those is to the left of the mine when you’re driving in. 

Depending on your car you can make it up the road, it’s a maintained logging road with some washboards and pot holes but nothing too terrible.  (Given you go during the summer) when you get to the mine though, you should probably walk in to the back houses (where the “hotel” is) it’s not far, and the road has become tore up over the years.

There used to be more cabins in a valley right under the back houses, but the moonlight fire sadly destroyed them. 

But the way that site told you to go, is definitely not the way! So because of flooding and landslides that road is besically gone. You’ll want to go through Taylorsville take a left Nelson st then left north valley rd then a right north arm road. Then go on breadsly- grade (that’s the dirt road) it’s on the right. you go all the way up straight until you hit a wooden sign on the side of the road saying Lucky s and taylorslake, make a left at that sign. Follow that for a little, then look to your right, you’ll be able to see a cabin where you’re supposed to turn! I don’t recommend GPS or anything go ask a local if you need down at Young’s or the tavern!! Good luck happy adventures!

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