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Last month we headed out to 96 Ranch at night to try to capture some "ghost" photos. We went with my friend and model who did the Jeep Topless Day photos with us and her family. It was a really fun shoot. I think we got a few decent pictures. More can be seen at:









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    • By matt@expaz
      Ever been to a ghost town and had a feeling you were being watched? But nothing was there. Ever wonder if some of the old places we venture to are haunted? Maybe there's more to some of the places than meets the eye. My intern, Emily Huddleston, recently went out to an old local ranch to meet up with some of Arizona's best paranormal investigators. Here's what she found out.
      Make sure you listen to the audio recordings. Every time I listen to the audio they recorded and here the children's voices in the background (who were not physically there - at least on this plane), it gives me goose bumps.
    • By matt@expaz
      We went out yesterday for a sunset "cruise" (Jeep style) out to one of my favorite places: 96 Ranch. Sometimes people think I'm a little crazy (which isn't far from the truth) for going out on blustery days like yesterday, but sometimes those days yield spectacular results. Though, to be honest, sometimes they yield disastrous results. Luckily, yesterday was spectacular. It started out a little chilly and very windy, threatening rain. By sunset, the wind had died down and it was very nice. At first, I thought there was going to be too many clouds for a nice sunset, but the sun came through in the end. Here's some photos from our trip.

    • By matt@expaz
      A few us went out to the Rock House near Catalina yesterday. It started out a little chilly, then got nice, then ended up chilly again. After the Rock House, we did some exploring, taking the "back way" to Rincon Ranch and finally 96 Ranch. It was a wonderful trip with good friends and interesting sights.

      I love the tracks in the sand

      Aren't these guys supposed to be hibernating now?

      I love the colors. I've never seen such an orange tank before

      Cat-dog next to a collapsed building

      My favorite building at the 96 Ranch

      The weathered look

      Who let the Cat-dog out?

      Weathered boards

      Let the sun shine in

      It was a little chilly in the am so Cat-dog wore her jacket

      I didn't notice the reflections in the window until I saw the finished photo. cool.

      Almost sunset


    • By CindyN11
      Thought I would share this for those interested in purported haunts around Nevada.....
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