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665 front.jpgThe Historical Baker Mansion in Altoona.jpg
The Blair County Historical Society was once the home of prominent Ironmaster Elias Baker and his family. Actually, that was the only family that ever lived there.
The "Greek Revival Style" home was built in the 1840's after Mr. Baker took over full ownership of the Alleghany Furnace. 





Mr. Baker and his wife (Esther "Hetty" Woods Baker) had 4 children: David Woods Baker, Sylvester Clinton Baker, Anna Woods Baker, and Margaretta Baker (who died in infancy). 

~ Hauntings of the Baker Mansion ~
Mr. Baker was said to treat those he employed at the furnace poorly, as well as servants in the family home. While his wife always stood by his side, the children despised their father and the way he controlled their lives. The Baker Mansion is said to be haunted by the family and servants who lived under his rule... many sightings of the unhappy restless souls have been seen roaming the halls. 
The Ghost of David Baker
David attended the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Upon completion, his father expected him to join the family business... David wanted no part of being under his father's control and instead opted to move to Princeton, NJ where he began working for the US Coast Survey. His disobedience created friction in the family, & when David married Sarah Schoonmaker Tuthill in 1846, the Bakers were not present. David and Sarah were blessed with a daughter  born August 21, 1852. They named her Louisa Woods Baker. 
On September 6, 1852 David was working on the Hudson River, aboard a steamboat named "The Reindeer." A terrible explosion from the boiler injured and killed many people. David was badly scalded, and died the next morning. When Mr. and Mrs. Baker received word, they immediately headed to be with him. By the time they arrived on September 7th, he had died and his grief stricken widow was planning a funeral and burial in Princeton. Mr. Baker 
demanded his son be sent to Altoona, against David's dying wishes and pleas from his daughter in law.  Mr. Baker got his way, as always. 
When David's body arrived in Altoona, the ground was too frozen for him to be laid to rest... and it was kept in a coffin in the basement until spring. Sarah took Louisa and headed for her native country of Sweden, knowing it was the only way to escape Mr. Bakers control now that David was gone and she had the only Baker grandchild. Sarah eventually became a well known author of children's books. 
As for David, he can occasionally be seen or heard wandering the mansion, angry at his father for refusing to honor his dying wishes, and forcing him to return to an unhappy home - even in death. 
The Ghost of Anna Baker
The haunting of Anna Baker is probably the most famous ghost of the Baker mansion. When she became a young woman, she fell in love with one of her father's employees. After the two became engaged, Anna was excited to tell her parents. Her father became enraged and forbade her to ever speak to the boy again. She declared that if she could not marry the one she loved, then she would never marry at all... and she never did. Anna lived a lonesome life and died in the mansion when she was old. Visitors and employees claim to have seen a woman in a wedding gown wandering about the home.... some neighbors even claim to have seen a woman dancing in the moonlight of the front lawn.... in a wedding gown.

Other ghosts said the haunt the mansion include Sylvester Baker, who like his sister, never married... most likely knowing that no one would ever be good enough for his father. He died lonely and of old age in the mansion. The maids quarters are supposedly haunted too, by something or someone giving negative vibes. Many people claim to get a bad feeling or chills when they enter, and have also heard a child in the room.  

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