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The Monoville Ghost Town

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Did you have any close encounters with rattlers in Rattlesnake Gulch? 😋

Part 1:

* Nice ambiance with snowfall.

* You have smooth motion while walking. If your camera doesn’t have a built in stabilizer, that is a real talent. Herky-jerky motion tends to kick in my problems with vertigo; a common trait of so many online videos and one why I seldom watch. That and your video has little swinging around side to side, what you do have is slow and deliberate, another good thing.

* My opinion on the video being largely comprised of your long walk. If you are simply trying to give your viewer a feeling as if he/she is walking with you, then disregard. However, I would have cut down the long periods of walking into smaller bites; only including sections where you are zooming or focusing on the rock outcroppings, etcetera. If you wish to include walking, keep them brief, maybe 10-20 seconds.

* Finally, the abrupt cutoff of video and audio at the end could be faded out, then a fade in to a statement to the effect of “Stay Tuned to Part 2” would end your video. As well, titles and fade in of audio at the beginning would enhance your video as well.

Part 2:

* Cutting down the walk would eliminate the need for part 2.

* A little claustophobic and tedious in the dense willow growth.

* In my opinion, the only thing of interest was the approach of your vehicles.

Otherwise a fun subject and good video. With some editing tweaks can be a fine one.


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This is one of the cabins I'm not sure what the legal status of it is supposed to be. All land maps I've looked at indicate the area as BLM. The outside of the door had messages of people coming upon the cabin and enjoying it going back decades. Cabin had 2 large masterlocks on the door last I was there and a couple new messages asking why it is now locked if I recall correctly. There are a few up to date claims in the area, have no idea if any of those include rights to the cabin or not. My suspicion is somebody may of just claimed the building as there own. 

There are also a few Historical ranch homes lower down from this one that sadly were restored somewhat and have since been vandalized pretty bad. Broke out windows, etc. 

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