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We are headed out to Juab County to check a few old mining complexes - we'll post our results and photos when we return!

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Had fun, in Juab county! These are the two pictures I took. I didn't go near these buildings, got nauseated as soon as we pulled up.  Not a good vibe there. More pictures to come. -Carrie


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We got home late so we will download pictures from the cameras in the morning, then upload a few more here. The first area we had planned to visit, though closed down for over 15 years, is still posted with very threatening signs, so we didn't tempt it!

Our next stop was a mine which lasted until 1956, reopened in 1962, then shut down again in 1975.  All that's left is concrete foundations and two water tanks. In spite of shooting into the sun, the mine's name can be read on the tanks.

From there, we moved on to the next area we had checked out on Google Earth; a head frame and buildings which looked to be accessible - wrong! Completely fenced off, with roads blocked with berms of large rock and gravel.

We had one last area to check and though the road had looked blocked on Google, we thought we could still get some decent photographs. Surprisingly, the barricades had been removed and we had access to the site.

The head frame is completely intact and the winch house is accessible. The most fascinating thing about this mine it that it used flat, woven steel cables instead of the usual round cable.

So much for a short post!

Anyway... We will get some pictures up in the morning.

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