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High Plains Drifter, The Town of Lago and Mono Lake last Saturday.

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The tenth shot down looks like the prow of a ship, which made me think of the prop used to film FAIR WINDS TO JAVA. It was partially filmed on the shore of Negit Island (the black island) in 1953. A model of the ship was built, about 26 feet long, as well as a model of the volcano, Krakatoa. The film included the eruption and explosion of the volcano. I recall in my days working for Mono County, (1975-1985, I lived in June Lake at the time), I remember you could see the volcano and what looked like ship rigging if viewed through binoculars when caring for the cemetery on the north shore. In those years Negit was a penninsula due to the very low levels in the lake before efforts by the Mono Lake Committee paid off and the City of Los Angeles had to stop diversions until the lake returned to a certain level that returned Negit to island status again.

Lago is also quite close to the grade of the Bodie Railroad and Lumber Company line. In the days I lived up there, you could still find miles of ties on the ground.

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